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Issue #48 is the forty-eighth issue of the Adventure Time comics. It features the additional story "Flowers for Paulticore (Part 1)," written by Dale Beran and illustrated by David Hellman.


Finn and Jake learn the truth about their mysterious old friend and her connection to Joshua’s spell.[1]


Years into the past, Joshua is exploring some underground caves. He gets startled by an angry, more bestial version of himself, which calms down after his owner gives him his hat. Joshua comments that the alternate visions of reality in the cave never get boring. He scoops up some goo that shows these visions to conduct more experiments on. As he leaves, he finds an odd, little statue. He takes it with him, suspecting his sons had something to do with it. He goes back to the house, directly above the caves, where Margaret and the pups are. Joshua asks the boys if either of them recognize the statue. Jermaine shakes his head, and Joshua calls him responsible. Jake stretches to get the statue, but Joshua tells him it isn't for babies. Margaret is impressed by Jake's ability, but Joshua nervously tries to write it off as temporary. Margaret comforts him and tells him that he needs to accept Jake the way he is. Joshua says that he tries to be open-minded about the world, but it's hard. He gets cut off when he sees a baby Gata with Jermaine's head in her mouth.

Margaret pulls out Jermaine and thinks the baby crawled in through the window. Joshua thinks she is a monster and suggests leaving her outside in a boxful of apples. He then sees Jake with Jermaine in his mouth and tells him to stop. Margaret tells the babies to listen to him, then suggests they adopt Gata, but Joshua isn't so sure. After some time passes, Finn has joined the family and everyone has moved from the old city to the more familiar house. Joshua and Margaret are fighting some Thought Demons, which scare the children. After chasing them out, the parents ask the kids if they're ready for dinner. Jake says they aren't hungry anymore because the monsters were gross. Margaret decides to put them to bed, even though Finn isn't tired. Later that night, Joshua stares at the jar of goo, not having learned anything about it. He is suddenly interrupted by a Thought Demon. Not knoing how it got in, he tells it to be quiet and stop speaking his thoughts. He gives chase as it runs to the kids' room and jumps into a sleeping Gata's mouth.

Joshua is surprised that Gata's mouth seems to be a magic portal and that she didn't wake up. He decides to jump into her mouth to pursue the Thought Demon, and arrives in a dimension filled with horrific rock structures and flowing lava. He believes the Thought Demons came from this place through Gata's mouth portal, calling it gross. There is a rumble, and Joshua hears a demonic being saying that she hasn't smelled dog in her domain for a long time. She thinks someone has found Gata and her door from this world, and Joshua runs scared through the portal, ending up back in the house. He tells Margaret what he discovered, and both of them grow concerned. Finn enters the room and says he's hungry. Joshua gets startled and knocks over the statue he found in the caves, which breaks upon hitting the floor. At that moment, Scrambles the gollyzog enters the room. Joshua doesn't remember at first, but Margaret reminds him. He then remembers that Scrambles wandered into the basement of the old house and touched the goo in the cave.

Before he can continue, the demonic being, with her arm through the portal, drags Gata into the room. She says she will take over Joshua's world, eat his kids, and do other bad stuff. As she pulls herself through, Joshua grabs the jar of goo and remorsefully throws it at Gata, turning her into a statue and closing the portal. Margaret questions why the statue is in the kitchen, but neither she nor Joshua remembers what just happened. Looking at the broken statue of Scrambles, Joshua figures they had a part in the Gata statue for a good reason and thinks they should hide it in a lake. In the present day, Finn, Jake, and Gata have seen all this unfold through the goo in the caves underneath the old house. All of them are visibly shocked.

Back-up story

Flowers for Paulticore (Part 1)

Finn and Jake bring Paul the Paulticore to Princess Bubblegum. She says she doesn't know him and to send him back. Finn says she wanted him to capture a Paulticore named Paul from the Nameless Mountains. Bubblegum clarifies that she wanted him to capture her noble servant Paul the Paul-faced Paulticore; he brought a Paulticore named Paul with another guy's face. She tells them that the Parliament of Berries assembles next week, and if a Paul-faced Paulticore doesn't make the opening remarks, the lower house will strip her of her right to strip them of the sweetest 10% of their juice. She orders them to get the right Paulticore after attending her tea-sipping ceremory and formal dance. During the event, Finn asks Jake how they'll get to the Nameless Mountains in a week, as it took three weeks last time. Paul offers to fly them there, but Jake wonders why he is still with them. They free Paul, but he doesn't know where to go. Peppermint Butler comes by and tells them that Paulticores brood on peaks in the Nameless Mountains for centuries. Because they get lonely, the wait until they are defeated in combat and can serve worthy masters. After the event, Paul quickly flies Finn and Jake to the Nameless Mountains. Finn sees that Paul's face has aged and thought Paulticores were immortal. Paul says they are until they are bested by a champion to serve a noble cause. Then they live only seven days to accomplish it. (Continued in Issue 49)(Both parts also appear in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 4)


Flowers for Paulticore (Part 1)



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