The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Issue #47 is the forty-seventh issue of the Adventure Time comics. It features the additional story "Sick Day" by Colin Andersen.


Finn, Jake, and their mysterious “old friend” travel to Jake’s parents’ old apartment in the city to figure out what’s going on![1]


Up in the clouds, Allen is sleeping. A Thought Demon creeps up, speaking what Allen is thinking. Allen wakes up and runs from the monster in a panic. He finds Finn, Jake (taking the form of a giant robot), and Gata (piloting a mech BMO) fighting several Thought Demons. Finn asks Gata about her making BMO's upgrade, and she says she made it years ago. They drive away the Thought Demons,  and Albatross Princess thanks them for their help. Choose Goose asks Jake when he learned to fly, and Jake lies that he can when needed (he just stretched very far).

Heading back down to earth, Finn commends that Gata fits in with him and Jake, but they still don't remember her. At the Candy Castle, Princess Bubblegum is trying to help Marceline become more tolerant to the sun with yoga, but Marceline calls it dumb. The others come by, and Gata greets Marceline with a complicated nickname. She also tells Bubblegum that they just dealt with another Thought Demon infestation, but Finn says they never fought them before. Gata tells Bubblegum that Finn and Jake have a memory problem and can't remember her either. BMO interrupts that have to go charge their mecha suit at their nuclear power station. Finn and Jake are the only ones who don't know about it (or that Gata built it, as well). Bubblegum questions if the Mnemonoid wiped off years of their memories. They reply that it's only Gata and the Thought Demons they don't remember. Jake asks what the deal with those monsters is, and Bubblegum says they broadcast a person's inner thoughts. One creeps up to Marceline and nearly reveals her thoughts (about Bubblegum) before she squishes it.

Bubblegum adds that they are annoying and eat a lot, which is bad for the Candy Kingdom. She suggests doing experiments to find the cause of Finn and Jake's memory problem, but Jake says that this happened when Finn broke Joshua's statue, making it a magic issue rather than a scientific issue. Gata suggests going to their parents' old home to find clues, but Finn and Jake remember that Jermaine accidently burned the house down. Gata tells them that she actually meant the home in the old city. The three of them travel to the old city, getting far enough to see it in the distance. Gata thinks they'll make it there by tomorrow and asks Jake if he remembers any of it. Jake thinks he remembers a nearby tree, but gets messed up because trees look similar. He then tells Gata to stop pressuring him to remember things.

That night, they have set up camp, but Finn can't find any matches for the fire. Gata whistles into a tree, drawing out a scary-looking fire snail. She jumps on it, pets its belly to calm it down, and uses its fiery farts to light the campfire. Finn becomes lovestruck by this display. As Jake starts roasting marshmallows, Finn awkwardly asks Gata if she'd want to hang out. Gata laughs and tells him not to crush on her, as they grew up together. Finn apologizes and Gata jokes that he still has a thing for fire. Jake clarifies that it's Flame Princess.

Later, everyone is asleep. Finn is awoken by Thought Demons, and finds that they are coming out of Gata's glowing mouth.

Back-up story

Sick Day

Ice King has a cold and is bedridden with the penguins tending to him. He sneezes, causing ice magic to fly out. Upset that he can't kidnap Wildberry Princess now, he demands soup. The penguins give it to him, but he spits it out after one sip. He tells them that he wants the special soup Gunter makes and sends them to find him, saying they'll have to change his loincloth if they fail. The penguins hurredly search for Gunter around the castle until they find him changing the kitten's diaper. They clamor, then Gunter slaps one of them to calm them down. The penguins fetch the ingredients and bring them to Gunter, who is making the soup. He finishes and brings it to Ice King. Ice king eats some and thanks Gunter, but then he suddenly sneezes on the soup. Deeming it too cold, he tells Gunter to make another one.


Sick Day


  • This issue references "Jermaine," in which Jermaine lets Joshua and Margaret's house burn down.



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