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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Issue #45 is the forty-fifth issue of the Adventure Time comics. It contains the additional story "Finders Keepers," written by Dave Scheidt and illustrated by Jess Smart Smiley.


Special one-shot issue! Finn and Jake get trapped in a time-looping mirror maze![1]


Finn and Jake are at a place called the Tent of Amusement, which looks like a carnival tent. They find it to be an obvious trap, considering the dangerous area it's in, but go inside because they're heroes. They are welcomed by a cirus-esque wizard, but they don't fall for his facade and deem the tent to be an evil trap. The wizard presents them with a house of mirrors, but Jake tells him to stop with his lies. Finn tells him to leave, but is interrupted by the arrival of Abracadaniel, Punch Bowl, Mr. Cupcake, and Tiny Manticore. The four of them excitedly go to the mirrors, tickets in hand. Finn says he and Jake have to get them out, but Jake is worried that it's part of the trap. Finn says they still have to go and asks for two tickets. The wizard says they already have tickets, which suddenly appear in Finn's hands. Jake exclaims that they never bought tickets. Speaking cryptically, the wizard tells them that "All of time is happening at once. You only choose to perceive it in sequence." As Finn and Jake go in, they are only more confirmed about the evil.

They call out for the others in the dark, only to fall down into a cave. They land in front of a strange door and enter it. From this point on, the comic takes a format showing what currently happens below mirrored panels happening in the reverse order of events. Jake looks up and doesn't see their reflections in the mirror, but then Finn sees them. The door also locks shut. They suddenly see all of them together in the mirror side, but Jake notices no one else is there. Finn guesses that the mirror is showing them clues and that they need a key, which Jake states is obvious. The Jake from the mirror side stretches through and yells at the two to be quiet. Finn thinks the mirrored selves might be from an alternate reality, and Jake tries to ask them for help, but is ignored. They walk further into the cave and find Tiny Manticore, who realizes the mirror puzzle trap and tells them that a monster is in the next room. Finn asks him why he and the others came to the tent, and Tiny Manticore replies that the others basically invited him to have fun.

They enter the next room with the monster. Punch Bowl is hiding behind a rock in fear, but no one sees him. The monster hits Jake in the face, but Finn defeats it with a mace from the mirror side. In the next room, Abracadaniel is trying to cast a spell. Jake greets him, accidently breaking his concentration and making him unable to cast it again. They then see the mirror side is on fire. Abracadaniel says the mirror side isn't real, but sees he was wrong when Finn tosses their mirror selves a fire extinguisher. Seeing that the fire extinguisher disappeared, they try to think of something else. Abracadaniel tries a spell, only to start flames in the room they're in. They quickly leave.

In the next room, they find Mr. Cupcake, who seems to be having fun. Jake tells him their mirror selves are caught in a fire. Mr. Cupcake finds the mirrors less amusing, to which the wizard responds. Jake says they'll come for him next, but the wizard talks using time-related clues, which annoys the dog. Finn opens the next door so they can save their mirror selves, but they end up in the previous room where the flames have grown. The fire extinguisher from before drops down, and Finn puts out the fire with it, understanding that what appeared in the mirrors happened at different times. They are now it the future. Moving forward, Finn complains that the mace he got earlier smells bad from the monster's guts. Jake says he should give it to his past self to beat that monster, so he does. Punch Bowl also rejoins the group.

They think they might be in a sort of time loop, which the wizard laughs about. Jake refuses that and they go to the next room, which has the door. The wizard says time never ends and they will always see the future here, but Finn thinks there's a way out. He tries to think, but his and Jake's past selves are too loud, so Jake stretches through and shushes them. Finn remembers that all time exists at once. Just like with the tickets, he says that he always had the key, and one appears. The door is unlocked and everyone sans Finn and Jake exits. Confounded, the wizard tries to congratulate them for solving the puzzle and learning a lesson. Finn tells him there wasn't a lesson; he just wanted to trap them in a time cave because he's evil. Jake says they're going to tear down the tent an put him in wizard jail, and they slam the door behind them.

Back-up story[]

Finders Keepers[]

Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, and Peppermint Butler are camping at night by a lake. Peps is standing at the water's edge while everyone else is by the campfire. Finn and Jake are about to roast marshmallows, but Bubblegum yells at Finn to not eat them, as they work for her. The marshmallows are actually alive and scold him. Annoyed, Finn goes to sleep, and Jake follows. The next morning, LSP yells at Finn to return something to her, but he doesn't know what she means. It then turns out that he, Jake, and Bubblegum are also missing something each. Peps sees footprints that go into the lake. Finn asks everyone what was taken, but all of them (Finn included) are too embarrassed to say. Jake says they should just go find their missing stuff. Peps tells them that the thief lives in the lake, so they decide to check. Finn isn't sure about going into a gross lake, but Jake splashes him by cannonballing. Upset, Finn jumps in, too. They swim into a hidden cavern where a lake monster is hoarding stolen goods. Finn fights the monster and defeats it with a rock. Later on land, Finn and Jake have brought the monster with them. They tell the others that he stole stuff that the owners would be too embarrassed to report. The monster apologizes and tries to explain himself, but Jake shushes him. Everyone reclaims their things: LSP's green salsa from a date with Brad, Finn's roller blades, Peps' knives, and Bubblegum's baby blankie. The monster is about to leave, but Finn denies it. Jake tells him the lake cops are coming to take him to lake prison. Since the cops are in duck boats, they are coming slowly, so Finn offers the monster a soda as they wait. It also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 4.


Finders Keepers[]


  • When Finn starts thinking near the end of the comic, Tiny Manticore strangely disappears, though it is assumed he escaped with everyone else.



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