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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Issue #44 is the forty-fourth issue of the Adventure Time comics. It includes the story "Tiger and the Moon" by Colin Andersen.


Finn and Jake are pretty sure the King of Ooo's big conference is a trap and have to sneak in to stop it![1]


Outside Party God's yacht, bear soldiers are rowing boats toward it. Inside, the King of Ooo is giving himself a pep talk in the bathroom, saying that he hates the bears. Jake and Finn are spying on him while in disguise (Jake as a door, Finn as a sink). Having enough with spying, the two hurry to show Princess Bubblegum what's on the Olyphaunt Drive. Peppermint Butler suddenly swipes the drive from under a table and eats it, then he pulls Finn and Jake underneath the table.

The king begins to make an announcement about bears, which have now boarded the ship. Finn asks what was going on between Peps and the king, and Peps said the king blackmailed him. The king talks about how getting honey from a bear is dangerous because of their power and that he has trained and organized them, which worries Bubblegum. He continues that he will share the increased honey with the citizens of Ooo if they join his sales network. Bubblegum yells that no one is interested and that bees, not bears, make honey. She then states sadly that Peps used to get honey for her tea from bees he knew. Finn and Jake are shocked by this lie, realizing that Peps actually got the honey from the king. Peps confesses to them that Bubblegum would've hated to know that the honey came from the king, despite it being so good. As Peps was working on a way to get honey from the bears directly, the king revealed he had recorded the dealings and threatened to tell Bubblegum. Finn and Jake are astonished that everything they went through was for honey, and Peps makes a pun that the Princess is very "parteacular."

Being serious now, Peps explains that Bubblegum created him, and he loves and fears her like a goddess. He will do all he can for her as her butler. If she wouldn't like the honey's source, he will do whatever he can to keep her from knowing it. Finn and Jake understand and promise not to tell. Meanwhile, the king continues with his pyramid scheme, but Bubblegum calls him out on it and Party God says the party is ruined by his scam. Peps asks Finn and Jake why they destroyed his tower with the spy watch. Finn says he lost the watch, and Jake says they thought the king did it. They are suddenly met by Agent Double "O" Candy Bar, who is now partially melted. Upset at being seen as disposable, he escaped from the gelatinous cube, followed Finn and Jake, and blew up Peps' tower. Peps says he wasn't at home then and mocks Candy Bar about his failed schemes. Candy Bar says he isn't finished yet and pulls out the recorder worm Peps planted in Finn's hair. The worm grows to a greater size and shows everyone on deck a recording of the king saying he hates the bears. The bears, scorned by this revelation, turn toward the scared king, who jumps off the ship and swims away.

Party God declares the party desecrated and starts destroying it. One of the bears (the same one who made armor from Issue 42) cries out that they will have to be savage again with no king. Finn gets an idea and grabs hold of Bubblegum and the bear. Using his magic hat, he takes the appearance of a combination of the two. Pretending to be the bears' princess, he tells them to stop being savage and go home, which they do. Bubblegum tells him that the bears don't actually have a princess, so he takes the crown King of Ooo left behind and names the worker bear as the bear princess. The newly-appointed bear princess tears up at finally being respected as one of the bears bows to her. Peps says he would like to arrange a meeting for later, and Bubblegum asks Peps where he was. Finn fibs that Peps was trying to stop the king's honey scheme and they had to make it seem like he got killed. Bubblegum believes them, drops their charges, and talks alliances with the bear princess. Peps tells Finn and Jake that the Oopsy Conscription is fulfilled and that they are released from duty. He invites them to be full-time S.W.E.E.T.S. agents, but Finn says the job should go back to Candy Bar, who was in the middle of running away. Peps considers how well Candy Bar's schemes went and decides to allow it. Candy Bar thanks him and apologizes for the revenge. Peps, with a sinister look on his face, says he'll show Candy Bar the rock of chained souls on the way home.

Back-up story[]

Tiger and the Moon[]

It's nighttime at Lady Rainicorn's house. Jake goes up to his pups' room with a book and tells them that it's story time. None of the pups are interested, and Viola tells him she has a college admission test in the morning. Jake says they were born around three days prior, but T.V. reminds him that they age quickly. Frustrated, Jake tells them that they're never too old for a story with him and they will hear it. The pups relent and guess what kind of story it is, but groan when he says it's a fairy tale. Jake tells a story about a mighty tiger named Schezt Um Sheba, although he is interrupted at first by questions from Charlie and T.V. As Sheba was hunting one night, she gazed at her reflection in a pond. Then she saw the moon, big enough that she could smell the cheese. When Jake Jr. chimes in that the moon isn't made of cheese, Jake closes the book and says he won't finish, but the pups beg him to continue, so he does. Sheba was jealous of the moon, thinking it tried to be better than her. She made a rocket out of bamboo and flew to the moon to knock it out of the sky. Viola tries to ask something, but Jake Jr. shushes her. The rocket exploded and burned off Sheba's fur. She fell back into the pond, having shamefully learned her lesson. Jake asks the pups what the lesson was. After the pups guess incorrectly, Jake tells them that it's that cats are stupid. He then leaves through the window to meet Finn at a party in the Cloud Kingdom. Charlie says that fairy tale was more of a fable. It also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 4.


Tiger and the Moon[]



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