The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Issue #43 is the forty-third issue of the Adventure Time comics. It also features the story "Open Mic" by Shawn Steven Struble and Ben Sears.


Finn and Jake break into Party God’s yacht to try and clear their names![1]


The comic begins with the headlining story in the newspaper: Finn and Jake have been arrested for the destruction of Peppermint Butler's tower and his apparent death. They are now in the dungeon per Princess Bubblegum's sentence. She and BMO are on the other side of the bars. She tells the duo that they should talk to her whenever something seems wrong. Finn tells her they didn't do it, but she replies that she has recordings of their threats. Emotionally overwhelmed, she leaves for a thing she has to do and tells BMO they can stay with her. BMO pleas for them to tell what happened, but Jake says they can't say what they were actually doing (because of secret agency reasons). Saddened, BMO runs off crying.

Finn and Jake know that Peps is still alive and are upset they can't tell anyone about their spy mission. They also figure that the King of Ooo's Phase Two is sending the bear army to ruin everything. Marceline then appears from the wall, startling them and revealing she overheard them. She asks why they don't stop the king. Finn says there are a lot of bears, but thinks that whatever is on the Olyphaunt Drive might help stop them. Marceline tells them that the king will probably be at Party God's Party Benefit that night, where the most powerful and coolest people will be. She not-so-accidently drops her party pass, wishes them luck, and flies away in bat form. She heads to Bubblegum's room and tells her that the party will get much more interesting. Just as Bubblegum  asks what she means, a Banana Guard barges in and states that Finn and Jake escaped (Jake grew too big for the jail).

Later, Finn and Jake sneak onto the Party God's yacht where the party is underway. Finn's magic hat disguises him in a tuxedo, but Jake tells him that it won't disguise his face. There are too many types of people to match and he will be recognized. Jake then comes up with an idea and wraps himself around Finn's head. Bubblegum and BMO are also in attendance, but Bubblegum finds the purpose of donating money for other parties silly since Party God can just use his magic, and mentions that Peps used to handle these things for her. All of a sudden, everyone's attention is drawn to Finn, who is wearing Jake as a cupcake head. He gets a snack from a waiter and eats it, briefly exposing his face and surprising a candy person. They see Party God and King of Ooo come from inside the yacht, hearing that the drive is in a secure area that requires the king's handprint. Bubblegum averts her eyes from the king and tells BMO to do the same, or else the king will sleep on their couch. BMO responds they only have friends' couches, only to remember their friends are fugitives. Finn tells Jake they need to get into the secure area. Jake tells him to go to the king, as he has an idea.

Finn acts chummy towards the king, who obviously doesn't recognize him. As they are about to shake hands, Jake covers Finn's hand with part of his body, then gets a good grip on the king's hand. After their awkward encounter, Finn runs inside. He asks Jake what he did, and he says he copied the king's handprint. Finn then runs into a scary-looking guard and nervously asks him where the bathroom is. The guard points out the bathroom, which is right next to the secure area. Finn thanks him and asks if he's going to patrol, to which the guard says he has to stay at his post. Finn apologetically punches him out. With the handprint copy, the duo enter the area and see the drive. They quickly look at its contents before anyone finds them. However, they find on it that Peppermint Butler has done business with the King of Ooo, shocking them both. A preview for the next issue shows the king enacting Phase Two, and bear soldiers are rowing boats to the yacht. Jake also comments on how a flash drive that looks like an olyphaunt has a lot of memory, while Finn freaks out about Peps setting them up.

Back-up story

Open Mic

Ice King and Gunter are walking to the theater where an Open Mic is happening. Lumpy Space Princess finishes her recital, and Peppermint Butler introduces the next participant as Root Beer Guy, who recites his poem. Ice King asks Peps if he can go next, but Peps tells him the list is full and points to a sign that says sign up ends at 7:00. Later, Peps gets a water from Princess Bubblegum (who is working as bartender). Ice King tries to sneakily grab the list, but Peps slaps his hand away. Ice King begs Peps to let him share his poetry, saying it will be great, but Peps says he can't do anything to help. Angry, Ice King shoots icicles all over the area, damaging the sound system as well. Everybody else leaves disgruntled, and only Ice King and Gunter remain. Ice King then recites his poem with Gunter as the only audience member. The poem relates to Ice King's loneliness. It also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 4.


Open Mic



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