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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Issue #41 is the forty-first issue of the Adventure Time comics. It includes the back-up story "Dad Olympics" by Phillip Jacobson.


"New story arc! Peppermint Butler is one of the most mysterious dudes in Ooo. When he approaches Finn and Jake to recruit them for the secret agency he runs, they've just gotta join and see what's going on!"[1]


Allen flies to the Candy Kingdom castle to wake up Peppermint Butler, but he is already up and dismisses him. After getting dressed and preparing tea, Peps hears a thump. He assumes it's Allen again, but it turns out to be a hitman, who has come for revenge after one of Peps' agents destroyed another hitman in his guild. Peps feigns not knowing what he means, then magically traps the hitman inside a painting.

Peps brings the tea to Princess Bubblegum, who is back in her surveillance room. It turns out that Lemongrab is sneaking into houses again, but she doesn't think it's right to arrest him yet. She thanks Peps for the tea, and he leaves to attend to other matters. He later rides a motorcycle to the Forgotten Castle. He climbs some stairs, but they crumble underneath him. However, he is saved by Agent Double "O" Candy Bar, whom he came to meet, from falling into a gelatinous cube. Candy Bar tells Peps that the Olyfaunt Drive is with the bears, and Peps asks why he didn't retrieve it. Before Candy Bar can answer, there is a bang. Peps asks if Candy Bar is sure he wasn't followed, and Candy Bar says it's just a dungeon beast. Suddenly, Finn and Jake break through the wall on a skeleton, accidently knocking Candy Bar into the gelatinous cube.

Peps gets upset at the two, saying that the Candy Kingdom is now in danger. They apologize and Finn suggests saving Candy Bar, but Peps decides to invoke "the  Oopsy Conscription" instead. He assigns them to his secret service to complete Candy Bar's mission. Finn thinks they should try to save Candy Bar, but Jake says he'll get pulled into the cube. Peps adds that he was disposable and his objective is what's important. As they leave, Jake assures that Candy Bar will escape the cube eventually, but Finn in unsure because of the skeletons also in there. In town, Finn comments on the secret agency, but Peps tells him not to speak of it in the open. They come across Jake Jr. in a car, and she assumes her dad got a job as a sidecar to Peps' motorcycle (because he's turned into one). Jake tells her that they're on a spy mission, but she doesn't seem to take him seriously. She then teleports away because she hates traffic. Peps reminds Jake that the mission is top secret, then says he would like to run experiments on Jake Jr.'s teleportation power. Jake threatens to destroy Peps if he does that, and Peps says he was kidding.

Back at the castle, Peps activates a secret entrance that sends Finn and Jake to the headquarters for SWEETS (Secret Warriors Eliminating Enemies & Other Tricky Situations). He shows them a hologram of the Olyfaunt Drive, an important artifact Candy Bar was to retrieve. Why it's important is classified. He tells them that they will have to go to the Darkest Wood and can't bring swords. Instead, he gives Finn a special watch that shoots explosive lasers that double as distress beacons. Peps also gives Finn the Hat of Popular Glamour. While it looks like his regular hat, it allows him to take the form of the current group majority. Peps is about to give Jake something, but Jake demonstrates that his powers make for good disguises already. Peps tells them that their mission is to recover the Olyfaunt Drive from the bears without getting caught. He also discreetly puts something in Finn's hair. As the pair leave the Candy Kingdom, Finn muses they may have to "shut down" Peps for his lack of oversight and accountability.

Later, Finn and Jake are in the Darkest Wood looking for the bears, which Finn assumes are in a cave. Jake stretches above the trees and shows Finn a city run by the King of Ooo with the bears as his subjects. The king has the Olyfaunt Drive and says that they're ready for Phase Two. A preview for the next issue is pretty much an homage of James Bond films. Lemongrab is also under Starchy's bed, but Starchy doesn't mind.

Back-up story[]

Dad Olympics[]

by Phillip Jacobson. In an outdoor stadium, the first ever Dad Olympics is starting. The announcer introduces the teams: Princess Bubblegum and her candy golem "father" (which she says counts), Marceline and Hunson Abadeer, and Jake and a hologram of Joshua. He asks about Flame Princess and Flame King, but PB says they don't count. The announcer also points out the spirit squad, composed of Ice King, Gunter, and an unhappy Finn. Finn is upset at not being able to enter without a dad. Ice King feels similarly, saying he doesn't have anything in his life that even resembles a child, which Gunter takes offense to. Hologram Joshua says that Finn and Ice King could make a father-son pair, so the two decide to compete together. They manage to win every event, including racing, wrestling, and ice sculpting. PB presents them as the first-place winners. Gunter, mad about Ice King not seeing him as his child, throws the sword from their ice sculpture at PB. Thinking Ice King did it, Finn and Jake beat him up. Upset, Ice King leaves with Gunter. Back at the Ice Kingdom castle, Ice King doesn't understand what happened and tosses his medal, which hits Gunter. He sadly puts a photo of him and Finn on the picture of him and the penguins, saying he'll have a son one day. He then tells an annoyed Gunter to "get out of Daddy's chair." It also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 4.


Dad Olympics[]


  • This issue references the events of The Cooler, in which Bubblegum pulls the plug on her surveillance system. Here, Peppermint Butler comments on her original abandonment of said system.
    • This also references the episode You Made Me, where Lemongrab was sneaking into the candy people's homes and watching them sleep due to loneliness. This time, he just hides under the bed asking existential questions.



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