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Issue #40 is the fortieth issue of the Adventure Time comics. It features the back-up story "Axe Before Taking" by Jake Wyatt.


It's a special interactive, one-shot issue! Magic Man plans to use the reader to help beat Finn and Jake, but can our heroes turn the tables? Features a special short written by debut writer Henry Leo and Matt Fraction (Hawkeye)![1]


A ball is being held at the Candy Kingdom, and Princess Bubblegum greets the Duchess and Duke of the Fancy Egg Folk, who arrived by blimp. The Duchess says it's nice to meet kind people after living under protection of the Ostrich Mother. She explains that the Ostrich Mother laid their entire race, with a new Fancy Egg Person born every ten years. PB remembers making that ostrich, but the Duchess presses that nothing came before it. PB tasks Finn, Jake, and BMO with guarding the blimp, as every single Fancy Egg Person is in it. They are fragile, and if one of them breaks, an international incident could occur. The Duchess said they would understand and would just be sad.

PB warns them of owlbears and leaves them to their duty. They are suddenly interrupted by the appearance of Magic Man and don't want any of his mean pranks. Magic Man claims he doesn't plan on pranking and wants to do something nice. He gives the three a choice of seven possible wishes: turn the rivers into soda, give shoes to all the cows, a volcano of crows in their bed, two jet skis for Jake, a secret guide to expressing difficult feelings for Finn, turn BMO into a horse, or a cost effective public transit system. They ask for a moment to discuss among themselves. Finn and Jake aren't sure if these wishes are meant to mess with them or not, while BMO really likes the thought of being a horse. Tired of their "ungratefulness," Magic Man leaves and talks to the reader, asking them to pick a wish to grant.

Finn, Jake, and BMO decide to choose and deal with it, but see that Magic Man is gone. However, they fail to notice a parliament of owlbears flying overhead. One of them, Clumsy Dave, falls onto the blimp and goes inside. Magic Man talks to the reader again and says that he felt which wish they chose. He decides to make it harder for him to guess, mixing it up a little. As Finn, Jake, and BMO wonder if Magic Man already granted a wish, they get a call from PB, who asks them if any owlbears disturbed the people on the blimp. Finn says they didn't. Magic Man still thinks his wish game is too easy and mixes it up more. After ending the call with PB, BMO picks up a noise from inside the blimp, identifying it as an owlbear.

Magic Man mixes up his wishes even more so he can't guess, but decides to just not grant any at all. Meanwhile, Finn, Jake, and BMO panic about the owlbear on the blimp and hurry to get it before anyone finds out. In the process, they wake up the youngest Fancy Egg Person and take him back to bed. Clumsy Dave is startled by his reflection and runs in, threatening the little egg. Magic Man, not showing any concern for the situation, is compelled by the reader to grant their final choice: a volcano of crows in Finn's bed. The crows fly from the tree fort and hit the blimp, worrying PB and the egg leaders. Fortunately, the impact causes Clumsy Dave to miss the egg child and fall out of the blimp.

The Fancy Egg Folk are safe and Magic Man returns slightly dazed. Finn and Jake rebuke him for granting a wish they didn't ask for and almost knocking down the blimp. Magic Man tells the reader that they would thank them if they could, and Jake questions who he's talking to. A preview for the next issue has Finn and Jake spying on a dining bear couple. After the ball, Finn and Jake find that Clumsy Dave fell into their bedroom and that the crow volcano is still there.

Back-up story

Axe Before Taking

by Jake Wyatt. Princess Bubblegum enters Marceline's house and asks if she's up. Marceline asks why she's here, and PB responds that they're tuning the former's axe bass for practice. Marceline goes to get her bass, but gets enraged when she sees that someone took it. She starts rambling about what she'll do to the thief, but is stopped by the sound of PB adjusting her tuning apparatus to track the axe's demonic signature. Marceline still wants to get revenge, but PB prefers a just restitution. They search through many places, eventually coming to the Temple of Tones. Marceline asks the musical monk who greets them if anyone there stole her bass. He says they didn't take it, but they did tune it. Marceline demands it back, but the monk says the ones who brought it already left with it. PB then sees that the signal leads back to Marceline's house. They get back and find the door open. Marceline is ready to hurt the thief, but she and PB discover Finn and Jake putting the bass back. She asks why they took it, and Finn responds that they decided to get it tuned for practice. Jake adds that they got noodle, too. Marceline and PB berate them for taking something without asking, and Finn promises to never do it again. They then have music practice on the roof. It also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 4.


Axe Before Taking


  • When Magic Man makes the volcano of crows appear in Finn's bed, the Blade of the Defender is seen in the room. This implies that Finn and Jake retrieved it after Finn threw it into the ocean in the previous issue. However, this is disproved in Issue 59.



Comic preview pages and panels


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