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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time #37 is the thirty-seventh issue of the Adventure Time comic book. This issue features a back-up story titled "Same Math...Different Day," which was written and illustrated by Travis J. Hill.


It’s the first Adventure Time starring its new creative team! With indie all-star Chris Hastings writing and the amazingly talented Zachary Sterling on art, these mathematical adventures are only going to get more algebraic![1]


In the tree fort, Finn is woken up by an anthropomorphic rooster named Allen. He asks Jake to make breakfast, but Jake would rather sleep. Finn decides to make breakfast himself, despite Jake saying he can't cook. Finn gets the ingredients to make French toast and a cookbook, even though the little food guardian in fridge says he'll waste it. He starts trying to cook, but everything he does goes completely wrong. Jake intervenes and says he'll take care of it, but two minutes later, he has set the kitchen on fire, thinking he forgot how to cook.

Jake puts out the fire, and Finn suggests they go out for brunch. As they walk through the Candy Kingdom, Finn talks about how his new laser-shooting sword makes him a ranged warrior and more mature. Jake asks why they didn't go to the Breakfast Kingdom, and Finn says he won't put up with the lines. The restaurant they see looks like a mess, so they go on. They meet Tree Trunks, who is muttering that she doesn't know how to make apple pie. Jake starts to sense a pattern.

They meet Princess Bubblegum in an alley, and she tells them that everyone in the Candy Kingdom forgot how to make food overnight. She further says that when leftovers run out, places with prepared food will be looted. When that runs out, the candy people may realize they themselves are food. She needs to find answers before that happens. Finn tells her to be calm, as the candy people haven't figured that out yet. However, they did figure out that they forgot how to make food and begin to panic. PB goes to her lab and tells Finn and Jake to keep things under control. Jake asks if the banana guard should be helping, but two of them are trying to loot a bakery. Finn chases them off with lasers, but the baker is eating the food himself. He also stops Mr. Cupcake from eating carrots in a garden. He tries to tell everyone to stop panicking and share the food. He is suddenly knocked over by a candy person and bruises his bottom. Because he got hurt, Finn's sword won't shoot lasers, which upsets him.

Jake tells him the sword still works as a sword, but Finn thinks it's not as good. One of the Gumball Guardians then points out an army at the gates. They hear Lemongrab, who also forgot how to make food. Finn and Jake go to the top of the kingdom's wall and see not just Lemongrab's army, but also many others (including Susan Strong and the Hyoomans, the Marauders, and Ricardio for some reason). Jake calls them savages and Finn asks them why they didn't go to the Breakfast Kingdom, to which a Marauder says that it's lunch time. PB rides in on a motorcycle and tells the armies that she understands their plight. She also tells them that a cure will be ready soon, but this is actually a lie. She secretly tells Finn and Jake that she made no progress and that pretty much all the kingdom's food is eaten. Finn realizes that there is one ruler in Ooo whose army isn't there.

At the Ice Kingdom, Finn, Jake, and PB confront the Ice King, who has a frozen dinner. PB punches him and accuses him of putting a curse on everyone, but Ice King denies this. Jake tells him about everyone forgetting how to cook, and Ice King says he hasn't cooked in years, but he has a freezer full of food. PB asks Ice King if he would share his frozen food while she finds a solution, to which he asks if she would go out with him. She strongly refuses, but he still decides to share. Gunter doesn't want him to, but Ice King tells him to stop being greedy and lead them to the freezer. When they get there, they are met by a large, icy food guardian which starts attacking them. Finn complains that he doesn't want to sword fight and misses being able to shoot lasers. Fed up, Jake kisses Finn's bruised bottom, restoring his health. With a sword-laser, the food guardian is defeated.

They enter the freezer, but see that it's empty. Jake thinks they can still do something and makes a sandwich out of scraps. The others see that he knows how to make food. Jake asks if he'll have to make sandwiches for the armies, but PB says that they'll need more from him. A preview for the next issue shows Finn and Jake exploring a cave, which is actually Jake himself. Some people in one of the armies talk about what they want to eat.

Back-up story[]

Same Math... Different Day[]

by Travis J. Hill. Finn is fighting Science Cat and Shark and says he prefers this over the romantic stuff Jake and Lady Rainicorn do. Shark asks what kind of romantic stuff, and Finn calls him weird. Finn then slices their heads off and leaves. Now decapitated heads, Science Cat and Shark discuss how tired they are of things being this way. Everyday, after their heads are cut off and before they regenerate, they miss out on something fun and/or their heads get treated poorly. After recalling numerous misfortunes, they are colored green by Lady, slimed by the snail, hit on by Snorlock, and confused for footballs by Choose Goose. They vanish just before Donny kicks them. It also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 4.


Same Math... Different Day[]



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