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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Issue 35 of the Adventure Time comics.


"It's the end of an era... the last ADVENTURE TIME issue featuring the Eisner Award-winning team of Ryan North, Shelli Paroline, and Braden Lamb. It's your chance to say goodbye, and experience an adventure you'll never forget."[1]


Finn, Jake, Marceline, and Princess Bubblegum are in the forest. Marceline had promised to write a song about Finn and Jake's adventure, but all they're doing is watching bugs wander around. They head back to the tree fort where BMO and Ice King are playing chess and go inside. Lumpy Space Princess suddenly arrives, declaring something horrible happened, drawing their (and Party God's) attention. She reveals that someone stole the star-shaped jewel from her forehead.

Everyone comes out, but not before LSP, Jake, and Ice King get into a brief argument about corn. They ask LSP to tell them everything she knows, but she refuses, claiming them all to be suspects. She decides to question each one of them for their alibis. After having set up an interrogation site in the forest (and putting an eyepatch over the hole in her head), she questions BMO first.

In the style of a detective noir, BMO tells their alibi. They received an invitation from Bubblegum to a secret princess meeting held yesterday. While there, they met Lamprey Princess and heard what may or may not have been someone pulling the star out of LSP's head. Finding this information unhelpful, LSP flips the table and calls for the next person. PB chastises her for investigating her own friends and gives her alibi. She called all the princesses of Ooo to a meeting to propose an arrangement where kingdoms pool their adventurer resources for mutual benefit. Everyone applauded and nothing bad really happened. LSP notes that she wasn't in PB's alibi despite being at the meeting, and PB has trouble remembering seeing her there. PB leaves and tells LSP to ask someone else for corroboration. LSP flips the table and calls for the next person again.

Finn and Jake then come to give their alibis. Having heard about PB's event, they snuck in disguised as princesses to act as secret security. They don't remember the things PB said, but they did see LSP, who still had her star at the beginning. Then they saw Wyatt stealing the snack table. They chased him outside, and he brought with him a skeleton army. After getting the snacks back, Finn and Jake ran into LSP. She said her head felt different and asked if her star was still there. They were confident it was, not even bothering to look at it directly. LSP calls their alibi the worst and says she never saw Wyatt. They assure her that she'll find the truth and that they'll capture the culprit when she does. As they leave, LSP questions why skeletons would even eat. Once again, she flips the table and calls the next person.

Party God then gives his alibi, which is just everybody partying, although one panel shows LSP taking the star out herself in the midst of it all. LSP pushes Party God out and continues her investigation with Marceline. Marceline says she helped PB set up the hall and came back later to see how things were going. She saw Finn and Jake and skeletons outside, which LSP notes as corroboration. The skeletons were actually protesting and wanted the princesses to sign a statement reclassifying graveyards as "rad skeleton farms." Finn and Jake weren't letting them have seconds on snacks. Frustrated, LSP pushes Marceline out, expressing her dislike in their differing memories.

LSP turns to Ice King as her last hope for something sensible, and Ice King says that his wizard eyes aren't good for that. He says that he heard about PB's party and went there to meet ladies, but LSP kicked him out, saying it was babes-only. LSP accuses him of stealing her star because he was upest, but he says he went home and wrote in his diary. He reads some of the entry, which mentions her star, but she doesn't want to hear it. Ice King asks if the star didn't just fall out. LSP starts crying and says it never fell out before. She assumed that it had to be one the friends she interrogated because they left before she noticed the star was gone. She worries that it's gone forever. Ice King says that when dealing with loss, sometimes one can only tell themselves that losing it was for the best. LSP calls that advice the worst and goes searching for the star herself.

LSP looks in many places, but to no avail. Defeated, she retires to her sleeping bag inside a tree. She is woken up by her friends, who also couldn't find the star. They present her with a new star they made using different materials, which LSP instantly loves and thanks them for. Party God suggests they have a party to celebrate. LSP agrees and puts the new star in her head. During the party, she reveals that she was actually planning on throwing her old star away, and that star is seen in a bird's nest.


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  • This is the last Adventure Time comic that Ryan North worked on.
  • The start of the comic references the TV show's ending song.