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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time #3 is an issue of the Adventure Time comic book. It features part three of a four-part story featuring The Lich.


Algebraic! Don't miss Finn, Jake, and all of their friends on their biggest adventure yet! Trapped by the dreaded Lich, the guys gotta stop all of Ooo from being sucked away forever - and rescue a bunch of wayward Princesses. Luckily, no one does adventure - and looks cooler doing it - than Finn and Jake! The Cartoon Network sensation's brand new comic is the hot new series you can't afford to miss! Also includes "BACON FIELDS" and "THE RIDE OF SIR SLICER!"


Just as the Lich sucks up the entire Earth into the Bag of Holding, Finn and Jake emerge from the hole they made in the bottom of the bag and attack the Lich in space. However, Finn and Jake aren't able to do much before being sucked back into the bag. Jake shape-shifts into a jet and attempts to attack the Lich before being sucked back to the bag. Finn then proposed that they form groups. Jake was paired with Ice King, Finn with LSP, and PB with Desert Princess and Marceline. They all fail and are sucked back to the bag. 

Finn then proposed that Desert Princess creates sand clones of Finn and Jake, and Ice King should do the same with snow. Finn then orders PB to command the clone army while LSP tells the clones the reason they are going to beat up the Lich, and Marceline will fight alongside Finn. Finn and Marceline then go out of the bag and insult the Lich while the sand and snowclones mob the Lich. Jake then comes out and rips the bag, releasing Earth while flinging the Lich towards the sun. As Finn and Marcy celebrate, they are shocked to see that Ooo is missing.

Backup Stories

Bacon Fields

"Bacon Fields" is a backup story for Issue 3 written and illustrated by comic artist and Adventure Time crew member Michael DeForge. It also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 1.[1]

Lumpy Space Princess visits the Breakfast Kingdom and eats a piece of bacon growing in a field. Breakfast Princess reveals to Lumpy Space Princess that the bacon she ate was the habitat of tiny Breakfast Organisms who are now homeless. While their home regrows, Lumpy Space Princess decides to take care of the Organisms and carries them back to Lumpy Space. LSP sets the Breakfast Organisms on a lumpy patch. However, LSP is worried that predators will eat the organisms so she covers them with lumpy dirt to hide the savory scent. Months later, LSP shows Breakfast Princess how the organisms are coming back. They found out that the organisms' personalities have changed and is confusing the other microbes.

The Ride of Sir Slicer

"The Ride of Sir Slicer" is a one-page backup story by Zac Gorman, which also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 1.[1] It shows Sir Slicer going on a journey to find and make fun of Finn.


Major characters

Minor characters

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In "The Ride of Sir Slicer"


  • In the scene where Ice King and Desert Princess are making sand and snow versions of Finn and Jake, you can see the Snail on top of a snow version of Finn. The Snail also appears on the same snow Finn when they escape the bag to fight The Lich.
    • In the same scenes, you can see a small sand Finn next to Princess Bubblegum.
  • This issue contains another message written in a Pigpen cipher by Marceline. (The first such message appeared in issue 1.) When deciphered, it reads, "It's nice to have a friend you know is always down to rap with you - Marceline." To see the known letters of the cipher, see the main comic article.
  • Finn references a scene in the animated short where he meets Abraham Lincoln. Finn says that just like Abraham Lincoln said in the past and on Mars, you need to believe in yourself.
  • The plane Jake forms into is supposed to look like a Grumman F-14 Tomcat.
  • Finn and Jake say "What's up, jerk?!?" This is a reference from Bugs Bunny's quote, "What's up, Doc?"


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