The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Issue 28 of the Adventure Time comics.


"With one answer, there is always a million questions. Finn and Jake find themselves out of one problem and into another. It looks like it’s going to be a race to the finish as our heroes discover what it really means to be a friend, and learn something about themselves along the way."


The Ghost Destroyers rush in the Princess Bubblegum's castle and their leader, Anti-Ghost Princess, proceeds to impress the princess with her skills in ghost equipment and lets her work the ghost capturing apparatus, capturing Jake. She almost captures Finn but he causes the to apparatus jam and accidentally causes a cascade failure in the containment unit, releasing every ghost the Ghost Destroyers ever captured.

Princess Bubblegum doesn't see anything but Anti-Ghost Princess explain that ghost are invisible a lot of the time while being cryptic about why she knows a lot about ghosts. Princess Bubblegum realizes that there isn't an Anti-Ghost Kingdom and inquires about Anti-Ghost Princess' past. Anti-Ghost Princess reveals that she is, in fact, Warrior Princess, the former Ghost Princess. She explains that after she and Clarence went to the 50th Dead World, Clarence abandoned her for all the other ghost girls and she was bullied by all the other ghost since she was the only nice ghost ever. So she escaped 50th Dead World through sheer force of will and vowed that no ghost would ever walk the land again and become an expert in ghost hunting.

Jake reunites with Finn and explains that all the ghosts that are escaping are all super evil jerks and they go try to stop her while Princess Bubblegum and the Ghost Destroyers try to come up with a plan. Finn and Jake try to punch a ghost that harassing citizens but find that even if they make themselves solid, the other ghosts can make themselves intangible. Princess Bubblegum tries to use the remaining ghost capturing equipment, but now the ghost know how to jam the equipment and free the ghost from the other containment units. Anti-Ghost Princess is ready to give up, but Princess Bubblegum has another idea. She presents her Omega Protocol, a single use, last resort that will temporarily turn the entire Candy Kingdom into good ghosts to fight off the bad ones. Finn and Jake write on the cotton candy on the floor to try to tell her that they're ghosts now and this won't work since they just tried this plan, but she doesn't read the whole message. She convinces the unsure Anti-Ghost Princess to go along with the plan since she is Warrior Princess and the Candy Kingdom is going to war and they activate the Omega Protocol.

Back up story

Jelly Wars Part 2

Finn joins the Strawberry Jelly Kingdom after being promised treasure, vegan taquitos and princess phone numbers. Jake shape himself like Finn and goes to joins the Grape Jelly Kingdom for the same deal. On the battlefield, struck blows reveal that neither side is filled with different flavored jelly but both are filled with custard. Now knowing that they're not different the soldiers decide to end the war.


Jelly Wars Part 2

  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Grape Jelly Filled Princess
  • Strawberry Jelly Kingdom soldiers
  • Grape Jelly Kingdom soldiers



Comic preview pages and panels

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