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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Issue 27 of the Adventure Time comics.


"This special arc with guest artist Jim Rugg continues!! Finn and Jake might have finally met their match, but what will happen with it turns out that the match isn’t a match at all? Things are getting crazy in the land of Ooo and it looks like our heroes might need someone to save them this time around."


BMO is freaking out after seeing Finn and Jake as ghosts until Jake uses an override code to make it think ghosts are cool. They decide to use their new ghost bodies to spy on Ice King and scare him. They find him practicing with Guntor on how to go on dates. Ice King cannot see or hear Finn and Jake because of their ghost powers, but he can see BMO spying on him and invites him to join them, which it heartily accepts. Finn and Jake first attempt to scare Ice King by making scary noises but he dismisses it as a draft from the window. The second attempt is throwing some pots and pans around, but Ice King decides to make the best of it by using his Ice Powers to catch the pots to boil eggs. Realizing how helpful they're being, they decide to go to the Candy Kingdom to help the citizens.

At the Candy Kingdom, they use their ghost powers to splash a puddle out of a candy lady's way... only for it to splash on a bunch of pedestrians. Since the crowd can't see the duo they blame the candy lady and angrily carry her off. They then try to help an sprinkled donut with his baking, only for him to run away screaming at the levitating baking goods.

They then try to help Princess Bubblegum by helping her turn pages on a book she's reading. She panics, thinking that invisible monsters have gotten past the tower's defenses. She locks her room down and deploys cotton candy to try and see where the monsters are and Finn and Jake try to mold it into a statue of Finn to try to tell her who they are, but that fails because it makes her think that there's a ghost of a monster in her room. She tries to call Finn, but he left his cellphone back at the ghost chamber. She then calls in a new group called the Ghost Destroyers, who come chomping at the bit to prove themselves by destroying every ghost in the tower.

Back up story[]

Jelly Wars Part 1[]

by Eric M. Esquivel. In the Jelly Kingdom, Ice King starts a civil war between the Grape Jelly Filled Princess and Strawberry Jelly Filled Princess. Strawberry Jelly Filled Princess gets Finn and Jake to join her side of the conflict.(Continued in Issue 28)(Both parts also appear in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 3))


Jelly Wars Part 1[]



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