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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Issue 23 of the Adventure Time comics.


"Will Princess Bubblegum be able to stop her creation from spreading, or is already too late for the Kingdom of Ooo?! With the Kingdoms Heroes under it’s influence it leaves Marceline and Princess Bubblegum in a race again time as they try to find a way to not only save themselves, but everyone else in Ooo!"


Finn and Jake have been taken over by the Gum that's swarming the Candy Kingdom, and Princess Bubblegum believes that "she" won't stop until "she" has covered the entire world. Marceline wonders how Princess Bubblegum knows the gum's gender, and as the banging gets louder she convinces the princess to tell her what she knows about it.

Princess Bubblegum relays the story (with improv dialogue from Marceline) of how she woke up one morning several years earlier and wanted to have a child to succeed her as ruler. Not having the time or patience to raise a child of her own, she decided to inject her DNA into other Candy People, which failed completely. After removing her DNA from the Candy People, she decided it was best to go alone and used her scientific skill to create a child from gum. The experiment was succeeding until Princess Bubblegum gave "her" a Candy Heart.

The story is interrupted as the brainwashed Finn and Jake are able to break through the door. Marceline is able to transform into a monster and subdue the two into test tubes while Princess Bubblegum re-welds the door shut. Bubblegum is able to x-ray the two, and she discovers that the gum has worked its way into their brains, which is a problem as Princess Bubblegum knows nothing about brain surgery.

At that point, the Gum finally breaks through the door, and Finn and Jake break out of the test tubes. Marceline turns into a monster, grabs Princess Bubblegum, and bursts through the castle walls. They find that the Gum has spread all across the land, except for one place, Castle Lemongrab, where the Earl of Lemongrab is waiting for them.

Back-up Story

Booty and the Beast

Wretten and Illustrated by Jen Bennett, Colored by Emily Warren, Letters by Hannah Nance Partlow.

FionnaCakePrince GumballLord Monochromicorn, and Marshall Lee are in a forest looking for a concert that has "wild songs and booties." They find it with a boy band performing. However, the boy band is using their music and booty shaking to enchant the audience and steal their energy. Cake and Lord are enchanted as well, leaving Fionna and Gumball. Gumball thinks they can lure the fans away by singing and shaking their butts, but this doesn't work. Marshall Lee then starts singing the same song the band is singing, making Gumball realize that emotion is part of the spell. Marshall Lee gets upset over his mom wearing and ruining his shoes, breaking the spell over everyone. When his mother shows up, he gets more upset and turns into a monster, scaring everyone away. Fionna then sends his mom back to the Nightosphere. She also shows him his shoes on her feet, accidentally poking a hole through one.

Band's Red song

You are my dream...
Your the Prettiest thing I've ever seen...
I wanna make you my queen~
Red, you make me wanna scream!
I'll never give you away, keep you with me 'til the end of days
Without you i'd lose my head, because you are my~

Marshall Lee's Red Song

All those "I Love Yous" I wish I'd said
Red like My Heart, Red like a Rose-
Red like The Curtains Waiting to close~
Red like this wound that keeps bleeding
despite all of my Demon Healing~
You took my Red, stretched it outta shape
until all that's left in My heart was hate!
Tell me whyyyyyyy~
Tell me Mom why'd You take my Chucks~
wore them with your mom feet
until they were bitter Husks~
How could you?
They were my favorite!
You Ruuuinned Themmmmm!

It also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 3.


Booty and the Beast


  • Lord Monochromicorn's morse coded dialogue in the back-up story translates to "HECKYAH!"



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