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Issue 22 of the Adventure Time comics.


"Finn and Jake find themselves in a sticky situation when Princess Bubblegum's experiments searching for the origin of life...specifically, her life...go horribly wrong, overcoming the Candy Kingdom! What sour weapon can the boys find that can overcome something so primordially sweet?"


Finn, Jake and BMO run into the gum covered Candy Kingdom, having been chased there by living gum. They attempt to fight it, but it goes straight past them and engulfs a fleeing Starchie. Starchie gets out of the gum with pink eyes and a pink mouth and says he's fine, Jake grabs Finn and runs off in another direction. He explains to Finn that he noticed Starchie wasn't speaking in the third-person anymore and that the gum changed him somehow.

In the underground Science Prison, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are racing down a hallway from a giant glob of gum. They run into a room and weld themselves in.

Finn and Jake make their way to Princess Bubblegum's castle, but they run up to more brainwashed Candy People. They attempted to sneak past them by having Jake use his stretchy powers to make sunglasses to cover their eyes, but Peppermint Butler demands that they take them off and all the Candy People attempt to make them eat the gum. But they are able to escape into Princess Bubblegum's room where they find a note written by her on a map to the Science Prison telling them how to get there.

In the Science Prison, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum try to figure out what to do as the gum is swarming outside and they don't have the materials in the room to make a large flamethrower to destroy it and even if they did destroy it, it wouldn't help the brainwashed Candy People. Bubblegum is about to reveal a personal secret to Marceline when they hear a knocking at the door. Thinking it's Finn, Bubblegum opens the peephole and it's revealed that Finn and Jake have been taken over by the gum and have brought all the brainwash Candy People with them.

Back up story

Grocery Time Part 2

Billy defeat the Ham-Pire and his hoards, buys the ice cream to save the party, but as he returns to Birthday Kingdom he learns that they found some in the back of the freezer. It is reveal that it was Joshua reading this tale to a baby Finn and Jake with the moral of you can never have too much ice cream.


Grocery Time Part 2



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