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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Issue 19 of the Adventure Time comics.


The TOTALLY MATH adventure continues with Finn and Jake, everyone’s favorite human and dog duo! Will the guys find a way out of their dungeon despair, or will they have to settle for hanging with some tops blooby skeleton dudes? Only one way to find out, Candy People![1]


Finn is happy about his new helmet but decides it's time to leave and attempts to go through the portal, but finds he cannot and Jake attacks him. Finn runs into farmhouse where Finn's mom reveals that this is all an illusion made by the lich and tells Finn to stay there with them while the Lich kills everything, including him. Finn escapes and remembers how he was able to defeat the Lich last time with love, he sings a love ballad and this is so repellent to his fake mother that she throws him out of the fantasy.

Finn finds himself in the real Jake's fantasy and explains what is happening. The fake Finn in the illusions turns into a monster and grabs Finn while the fake Princess Bubblegum threatens Jake. Jake tickles the monster, causing him to step on the fake princess and before it can crush them as well they sing another love ballad that cause it to throw them out of the fantasy.

The duo now find themselves in Ice King's fantasy, where they find Ice King and Betty building an ice castle. They find the Ice King refuses to believe that this is fake and when they finally do convince him, he's perfectly happy to go along with the illusion, because he was finally reunited with Betty. This forced Finn and Jake to sing another ballad, but this time it's about how this Betty isn't the real one and force Ice King to see reality and the illusion was dispelled, much to Ice King's sadness.

The trio now escape the illusions and find themselves in front of the Echo of the Lich. The wraith mocks the trio, especially Ice King who belittles as a senile old man who is losing all his memories, has no friends or loved ones and will die alone. However, Ice King is able to ignore the insults and distract the Echo long enough for Finn to throw Jake in its skull for him to blow himself out to shatter it.

Having finally gotten past all the dungeons, they finally get to the prizes. Jake receives gets a mailman's outfit, Finn gets a new sword, and Ice King finds a small heart shaped gem that fits perfectly in his crown. Ice King then flies out of the dungeon with Finn and Jake in hand, with Jake commenting how his stomach hurts. (He ate a lich minion last issue, believing it was a cake in his illusion.)

Back up story[]


Ambitreacherous by Andy Hirsch. Finn and Jake are led to believe the other has been kidnapped, but they both end up appearing at a two-headed centaur's birthday. It also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 3.





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