The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Issue 18 of the Adventure Time comics.


Finn begins his battle with Hook Crook and tries to cut off its legs, which re-attach to its body. Finn attempts to revive Jake and Ice King to no avail, but is able to make Ice King's body freeze Hook Crook solid. Finn resuscitates Jake and Ice King and then breaks Hook Crook into pieces. They find Hunson Abadeer's treasures among the ice shards and all they find in it a basket of fries. Disappointed, they close the chest only for a giant skull-shaped portal to burst out of the ground and Ice King remembers the final and deadliest dungeon: Lich Land.

It's revealed that while Simon and Hunson were having a dungeon meeting when the Lich appeared out of nowhere and then suddenly three weeks had passed for the two. While Hunson suspected the Lich did something to the dungeons but Ice King never bothered to look and forgot about it. Finn and Jake want to go in and destroy everything evil he finds there to make sure the Lich's influence is gone forever and the Ice King reluctantly comes with them.

When they arrive in the dungeon, Finn finds himself in a strange place where his body has been changed and Jake is a regular dog. Jake runs off and begins to dig a hole and with Finn's help finds the Lich's skull and destroys it. The skull explodes and reveals that Finn has won an amazing warrior helmet. Elsewhere, Jake and a smaller Finn have arrived back to Tree Fort where BMO is waiting with milk and cookies. Jake tries to stretch but finds that while he can't, Finn can. They rub it off as a side effect of the portal and go eat the snacks and Finn claims to have used his stretchy powers to find and destroy the Lich's spine in a swamp. Then Princess Bubblegum comes by with a cake made of Dog snacks. Elsewhere, Ice King arrives alone in a prison cell and to his joy he finds Betty, hing to a wall by the Lich's ribcage and limbs. He frees her and the two have a romantic embrace.

It is then revealed that the three are experiencing hallucinations while the Lich's minions march through the portal.

Back up story

Publish or Perish

Finn and Jake are looking for spies around the Candy Kingdom and find Why-wolves plotting to have Bubblegum join their ranks. They capture them and take them to Bubblegum where they claim they never intended to bite her but wanted her cooperation to help them author a paper to help them get tenure. She agrees and they write a science paper and present it to scholars at the Ivory Tower. However, the Why-wolves reveal their plan to become scholars by turning everyone in the tower into Why-wolves. After Finn and Jake stop them, it's revealed that Princess Bubblegum may have planned for this to happen so she can test out her new "transformifging serum."


Publish or Perish



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