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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time Issue 16 is an issue of the Adventure Time comic book series. It is part one of a four part story featuring a dungeon beneath the Ice Kingdom.


THE FIRST ISSUE OF A NEW ARC AND THE PERFECT JUMPING-ON POINT FOR NEW READERS! It's an all-new adventure for Finn, Jake and the gang from critically acclaimed writer Ryan North! The best all-ages series of 2012 continues!


Ice King has kidnapped Lumpy Space Princess, and now Finn and Jake are fighting him in his giant Gunter ice mech. They defeat him when he distracts himself by monologuing about how clever he is. Ice King doesn't really care though, as Lumpy Space Princess is his least favorite princess. They break Lumpy Space Princess out of her cell and she calls them "true ultimate heroes." This causes a trapdoor to open, and Finn, Jake, and Ice King fall into a dungeon designed to test heroes. Ice King suddenly remembers that he and Hunson Abadeer built it as part of some master plan and that there are prizes at the end.

Ice King tells Finn and Jake they can come with him, and they are shocked that he considers himself a hero since he constantly kidnaps princesses. Ice King explains that he "rescues" princesses from the loneliness and boredom of royalty. This causes Finn to consider Ice King's point of view. However, Jake brings up Princess Monster Wife, but Ice King points out that they made her feel so bad she left forever. This causes Finn and Jake to feel sad but Ice King tells them to forget it and they go to explore the dungeon. After getting flashlights from Finn's backpack, they come across the "Hall of Just Ice," and when they enter it a monster-shaped sculpture Ice King made falls on top of them.

As they travel further into the dungeon, they eventually come across a chamber with three eyebabes, monster eyeballs that shoot ice at their enemies. Jake distracts them, and Finn is able to cut them in half. Then it is revealed that the eyebabes were the heralds of a giant Ice Queen. Finn and Jake are shocked that Ice King made a female version of himself, and he exclaims he doesn't know and he was going through stuff with his relationships when he built this dungeon. Ice Queen is happy to see Ice King but rebuffs him when she remembers he abandoned her. Ice Queen prepares to stomp Finn and Jake, but Ice King flies through her chest, causing her to break into pieces. This frees an old lady Ice King used to power Ice Queen's "secondary regality processor."

As they continue through the dungeon, Finn points out that Ice King doesn't remember much about the dungeon. Ice King explains that as you get older, you begin to lose precious old memories in order to make room for new ones. This depresses Finn and Jake. Finn asks why he doesn't just write them down, and Ice King explains he has rooms full of books that he doesn't understand why he wrote in the first place. 

They eventually come across a patch of clear ice but don't see any treasure underneath it. As they continue along, the panel expands to reveal that there is treasure under the ice and that it's being guarded by a horrible sea monster.

Back-up stories

Opposite Day

"Opposite Day" is a backup comic by Sina Grace. It appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 2.[1]

Princess Bubblegum is considering ways to celebrate Opposite Day when Ice King arrives to kidnap her and demands she marry him. She accepts the offer, much to Ice King's utter surprise and he takes her to prepare for their wedding. At the wedding ceremony, right before they become married, the clock strikes midnight, ending Opposite Day. Bubblegum ends the wedding and has Finn and Jake beat Ice King up. 

Ninja Princess

"Ninja Princess" is a backup comic by Reed, Grant, and Jai Nitz, which also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 2.[1]

Finn and Jake wake up surrounded by ninjas and are taken to Ninja Island, where it is explained that Ninja Princess has been kidnapped by Ice King. Since Finn and Jake are the only ones who defeated Ice King's ninja skills, they give them the dreaded Fire Ninja Manual to fight him. As they go to fight Ice King, it is revealed that Ice King has the book too and uses his ninja skills to soundly defeats them both, but it is revealed that Ninja Princess escaped used her ninja skills to escape Ice King days ago and avoid detection on her island since she is a royal ninja.


Major characters

Minor characters


In "Opposite Day"

In "Ninja Princess"


  • The "Hall of Just Ice" is an obvious parody of the Justice League's Hall of Justice.
  • Ice King still wears his glasses during the flashback. This is a reference to his past as Simon Petrikov.
  • Peppermint Butler is shown in the flashback with Hunson Abadeer. This could be a reference to his knowledge of the dark arts.
  • The Ninja King bears the same symbol as the ninjas from the pilot episode.



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