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Adventure Time Issue 15 is an issue of the Adventure Time comic book series. It is a standalone issue featuring a showdown against Magic Man.


A STAND-ALONE ISSUE LEADING INTO THE NEW ARC! A PERFECT JUMPING-ON POINT FOR NEW READERS! Join Jake the Dog and Finn the Human in this totally topsy-turvy take on the land of Ooo! The best all-ages series of 2012 continues!


Finn and Jake (in Jakesuit) jump in front of a large group of princesses and are hit by a spell cast by Magic Man.

Five minutes earlier, the princesses of Ooo are gathered at the Princess Tea Party. The princesses converse, and Lumpy Space Princess tells a few of them about how Melissa has been arguing with her lately. She asks them if they have friends they love but can't stand to be around sometimes, and a voice off panel tells her they know just how she feels. The voice turns out to be Magic Man. Princess Bubblegum asks him what he wants, and tells him to find another tea party to crash. He sees the word crash as an inspiration for a spell and starts to cast one. He summons a herd of Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephants, and they storm through the party.

On a nearby hill, Finn questions Jake about why they were not allowed into the party. Jake tells him that he knows the rules, princesses only. They continue to talk until they see the elephants. Finn is confused, as he believed the only Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant in existence was set free by them to explore the world and his emotions. Jake notices that the location of the tea party is on fire. To get there faster, Jakesuit is used.

Back at the party, Princess Bubblegum continues to scold Magic Man, as Water Princess attempts to put out the fires. Magic Man then casts a spell to stop Water Princess' powers, as Lumpy Space Princess rants about how he burnt her lumps. Finding her voice annoying, Magic Man casts a spell to remove it, but Finn and Jake jump in the way, the spell hitting them instead. Magic Man leaves and the princesses rush to Finn and Jake. After seeing that they are still alive, Finn and Jake attempt to speak. The Princesses are shocked to discover that the spell was real. However, they soon discovered that they can still speak through the use of emoticons. The princess tell Finn and Jake to go home and rest while they devise a plan to get Magic Man to restore their voices.

At the Tree Fort, BMO is excited that they are speaking in pictures, as he is the best at emoticons. The trio make sandwiches, and practice fighting a dummy dressed up as Magic Man. Princess Bubblegum calls Finn and Jake through BMO, and tells them they have created a plan and to meet them back at the High Tea ceremony. They arrive and tell them the directions to Magic Man's house.

At Magic Man's house, the princesses tell Finn and Jake their plan to use each princess's skill set to set traps for Magic Man. However, he overhears and threatens to sell Finn and Jake's voices to jerks that will get them in trouble if they don't leave. Lumpy Space Princess comes up with a new plan, and the group leaves to discuss it.

Sometime later, Magic Man is reading in his house when Bubblegum calls him outside to meet the new "friends" they brought with them. To Magic Man's surprise, the "friends" they brought are actually "kick-butt weapons and junk." Magic Man casts a spell to turn the weapons into snakes but, to his amazement, fails. It is revealed that Finn, Jake, and Muscle Princess are on his roof, and the large group of armored princesses are actually a thought being "spoken" by Finn and Jake. PB tells the fake Wildberry Princess to use her Wildberry Punch (shooting a rocket propelled bomb shaped like a berry) on Magic Man's house. At the same time, Muscle Princess punches a hole in his roof. In fear of his house being destroyed, he gives Finn and Jake their voices back. Princess Bubblegum tells Magic Man that she hoped he learned a lesson, but he tells her that all he learned was a new way to deceive people. Finn and Jake thank the princesses as they go to the Candy Kingdom for free snacks.

Later that evening, Finn and Jake are at home and ready to go to sleep. After Finn blows out the candle, Jake calls out for him. He speaks a picture of a heart, and Finn does one back, revealing they can still speak with images.

Back-up story

Give Us Back BMO!

"Give Us Back BMO!" is a backup comic by Jeremy Sorese.

The Candy Kingdom is about to celebrate the rising of the Sugar Star and Princess Bubblegum uses BMO to download a map of all known universes to help track the star. This pushes BMO to go past his limits and he goes into defensive mode, causing him to rise into the sky, surround himself with a protective cloud of energy and robot guards. Finn, Jake and Bubblegum go to stop him and Bubblegum comes up with a plan to use the world's longest licorice rope to pull the energy away from BMO and into generators. However, this will cause BMO to lose his stored memory files, but he will still remember his friends. Jake is against this plan because he will lose the four seasons of "Mrs. Brambleton's Tranquil Inn," but he gives in and they pull the energy from BMO. Luckily for Jake, BMO remembers the end of the Jake's show. Some of BMO's energy was saved in the gem in Bubblegum's tiara, making it glow, and Finn flatters her by saying that they haven't missed the rise of the Sugar Star.

It also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 5.


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