The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time Issue 13 is an issue of the Adventure Time comic book series. It features part three of a four-part arc featuring Ewlbo.


CRITICS ARE CALLING ADVENTURE TIME THE "BEST SERIES OF 2012!" The latest issue of the hottest all-ages comic on the stands now! Join Finn and Jake as they work to save BMO from a magical going INSIDE THE GAME!


Finn, Jake and Marceline discover that the virus that has infected BMO has infected all the robots in Ooo. For some reason all the robots have gathered around an abandoned military base and BMO begins to get an unknown system update and begins to reboot. This update allowed Ewlbo to install himself into BMO and all the other robots and remove their personalities, effectively killing them.

Because they're outnumbered they can't fight the robots off and they don't want to destroy them in hope that there's a chance to save them. They decide to try and hack the robots and go inside the military base and see that the power still works. Marceline reveals that before magic became popular, she studied computers and is able to hack the virus code. After finding an oddly named program file, goggles fall from the ceiling and when they put them on they are transported inside the computer mainframe and meet a software version of Randall N. Byron, the creator of Ewlbo.

He explains that over one thousand years and twenty-three years ago he was born and one thousand years and two years ago the world ended and between that time he wrote computer programs. He was most interested in games a wrote a self-replicating code that "seeks out games and gives you better dudes" and it made his video game characters stronger. After the first Mushroom War the code spread from system to system trying to survive until it got to the military base and  met the Omega Algorithm, military grade software designed to destroy whatever target system it's installed into. After Byron's program attempted to infect the Omega Algorithm it adapted to the program and fought it for two weeks and then merged with it, creating a new program that "systematically seeks out and destroys better dudes" and BMO was infected when he dug up Super Guts Punch 3 and wirelessly spread it to other systems.

Randall decides to merge with Ewlbo in hopes of controlling it but the Ewlbo virus is able to overwrite him and confront the trio in a giant amalgamation body made of all the robots in Ooo.

Back-up stories

The Devilish Devourer of Delicious Delicacies

"The Devilish Devourer of Delicious Delicacies" is a backup comic by Josh Lesnick. It also appears in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 1.[1]

A giant eating monster is coming dangerously close to the Candy Kingdom, so Jake turns himself into a burger and lures him away.

The Princess of Rad Hats Part One

"The Princess of Rad Hats" is a two-part backup comic by Chris Schweiser. Part Two is featured in Issue 14. Both parts also feature in "Sugary Shorts" Volume 1.[1]

After Finn and Jake defeat the Millineuromancer, the Kingdom of Rad Hats that the monster had tyrannized makes Finn it's new princess. This forces Finn to perform royal duties like picking out carriages and going to the monthly princess meeting.


In "The Devilish Devourer of Delicious Delicacies"

In "The Princess of Rad Hats" Part One


  • BMO's previous uptime of 4748.15 days is equal to exactly thirteen years.
  • When Finn, Jake and Marceline enter the computer mainframe, the scene parodies the 1982 Disney movie Tron.
  • The date of the war stated by Randall, 1002 years ago, is inconsistent with the date of the war implied by the episodes "Simon & Marcy" and the "The Comet", which would place this issue approximately 998 years after the war.
  • Lady Rainicorn's dialogue in the first back-up story roughly translates to "Ah... Honey, I'm sorry... But you're really delicious!!"



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