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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time #1 is the first issue of the Adventure Time comic book. It features part one of a four part story featuring the Lich and the backup story My Cider the Mountain.


It's ADVENTURE TIME! Join Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, and Princess Bubblegum for all-new adventures through The Land of Ooo. The top-rated Cartoon Network show now has its own comic book! With the show exploding in the ratings, garnering rave online reviews, major cosplayat the San Diego Comic-Con, and huge displays dominating the New York Comic Con, it's clear fandom is obsessed and 2012 is the Year of Adventure Time! Don't miss out on this new phenomenon—this first issue is sure to get snapped up!


The issue begins with Jake using his Stretchy Powers to pull a camera throughout the Land of Ooo and deciding to find a use for it somewhere. Elsewhere the Lich-possessed Snail crawls into a nearby bag and when it comes out the Snail is no longer possessed, but the Lich is free and uses the bag to suck his surroundings.

Back at the Tree Fort, Finn and Jake are practicing cool phrases to say during battle when a loud sound causes them to look outside to find the Lich sucking Tree Trunks into his bag and heading to the Candy Kingdom. The duo dons their anti-mind control jewelry and head into battle. They find the Lich sucking a swath through the planet into his bag. The Lich informs them that he plans to suck the entire planet into his bag then throw it into the sun. To battle him, Finn and Jake combine into "Jake Suit" mode, although the Lich just brushes off their attacks and informs them that them that he had already sucked up the Candy Kingdom. Then he suck Finn and Jake into the bag and they land in a desert and meet Desert Princess, who informs them that she was sucked up by the Lich also and gives them an example of her powers to control sand by making a Sand Finn clone. Finn tries to think of a way out but Desert Princess remarks they may be trapped there forever.

Meanwhile in the Ice Kingdom, Ice King is writing fan fiction when he and Gunter are sucked up by the Lich.

Backup stories

My Cider the Mountain by Aaron Renier. It's also included in Sugary Shorts Volume 1.


The story begins with Tree Trunks delivering batches of her special cider to Princess Bubblegum for Cinnamon Bun's birthday party. Princess Bubblegum tells Tree Trunks that she meant to cancel that order because she has been receiving "mysterious cider from the sky."

Tree Trunks, disappointed that her cider is no longer the best, returns to her house that night. She hears a noise in the forest and enters to investigate. She finds a small shack with buckets of the mysterious cider outside, remarking that is has a cinnamon aftertaste. The figure she followed into the forest reveals himself to be Cinnamon Bun. He explains that he is on a juice cleanse—every morning he drinks three gallons of Tree Trunk's cider and then goes for a jog. The buckets outside are where he rings out his dirty sweat rags, which the birds take away.

Later, at Cinnamon Bun's party, the guests realize what they're drinking as Tree Trunks pours her apple cider for some forest creatures.


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In "My Cider the Mountain"

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  • On one page, Ice King is seen writing a sequel to his fanfiction, in which Fionna and Cake meet Finn and Jake.
  • The comic includes commentaries typical for Ryan North located at the bottom of some pages.
  • One page contains a message written in a Pigpen cipher by Marceline. When deciphered, it reads, "Hey guys I promise I will show up more next issue - Marceline." To see the known letters of the cipher, see the main comic article.
  • In February 2012, an estimated 12,392 copies of Issue 1 were sold by Diamond U.S. to comics specialty stores, placing Adventure Time at rank 153 in the general comic book sales estimates.[1]
  • The Cover Art for Cover A was reused for Free Comic Book Day Issue 1.
  • Tree Trunks states that no one lives on the mountain but her.
  • One page shows Jake scrolling a camera through the Land of Ooo in a similar fashion as the opening theme.
  • The title of "My Cider the Mountain" is a reference to the book My Side of the Mountain.


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