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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Is That You?" from season 6, which aired on November 25, 2014.

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[Episode opens to Tree Fort with Finn and Jake singing Prismo's Ritual in the background]
Finn & Jake: [singing Prismo's Ritual] ♪Fallen ally, fallen ally, home now in the sky. Fallen ally, fallen ally, a single tear we cry.♪
Finn: ♪A truer friend, there was none.♪
Finn & Jake: ♪ And Prismo was his name.♪
Jake: ♪An artisan of pickling, and now just one remains.♪
Jake: ♪And now just one♪— [crying noises] I can't do this, man! I-it just can't be over!
Finn: Hey... We can put it back in the fridge, if you want.
Jake: No, these picks were made by our friend to be mouth-loved!
[Jake walks over to the pickle jar while making kissing noises, then suddenly stops]
Jake: We have to honor his memory with a final taste of his genius. [picks up pickle jar] Get ready for the dream ritual.
[Finn bangs gong, they start humming and then burst into dance]
Finn & Jake: [screaming] Prismo we love you forever in our dreams!
[Finn and Jake start chanting]
Finn & Jake: [screaming, getting progressively louder] Pickle rama, pickle rama, pickle rama, PICKLE RAMA!
Jake: Finale!
[Jake stretches into a large ball shape and juggles food items with several hands while they hum. Jake stretches his tongue down to the pickle in the jar, and eats it. A blast of light explodes from the jar.]
Finn: Whoof! What was that?
Jake: Quick, to bed! This has to be the last thing we think about!
[Jake grabs the jar, and they run off to bed]
Finn: Hyup! [jumps into bed]
Jake: Okay... dream! [closes eyes]
[Screen fades to black, cut to Tree Fort at day time]
Finn: [mumbles] Aughhh! [Finn sees thorn in hand, sits up panting] Whoo! Crazy dream, man. Prismo was definitely in it, but—Jake?
[Scene cuts to Jake's bed, with only the pickle jar in it]
Finn: You up already?
[Finn walks to window, sees Jake re-enacting the burial of the Everything burrito]
Finn: What the...
Jake: [grunting] Whup! Oof. [crying] I love you, Everything Burrito.
Finn: Jake, why are you pretending to dig up Everything Burrito?
Jake: Huh, what?
Finn: Hold on, I'm coming down.
[Jake explodes into dust, Finn comes running out of the Tree Fort]
Finn: Jake, you gotta hear my dream, I—Jake?
Jake: [re-enacting teaching the Dancing Bug to dance] Hey, man, you're shaking it all wrong!
Finn: What the jump?
Jake: [points at ground] Shh. Let me show you how.. it's... done!
[Music starts playing, and Jake dances]
Finn: Jake, are you sleepwalking?
Jake: No, I'm showing this— Whoaaaa! [Jake explodes into dust again]
[Finn screams]
Finn: Wake! [slaps himself] Up! [slaps himself again] Tunk... I'm not dreaming!
Jake: [appears in Tree Fort doorway] You made an oath. Okay.
[Finn screams, turns to look at Jake]
Jake: Nah, I'll just stretch into a tree.
Finn: [running towards Jake] Jake! I saw you explode. Something messed up is haps, bruh.
Jake: Pshhh. Please, not even. [folds arms]
Finn: No, man, you blew into chunks over there! [Finn points backwards, Jake looks surprised]
Jake: Uh, because Kee-Oth was right there! A-and there were traps! I didn't have no blood this whole time, so I'm totally out of it. Uuuuuhhh... [faints]
Finn: Jake, this already happened. C'mon, man, stop freakin' me out [kicks Jake, who then explodes into dust again]
Finn: [coughing] Ugh, Jake dust!
Jake: [distantly] ♪ Bacon pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes
[Scene cuts to kitchen where Jake is re-enacting making pancakes]
Jake: [while Finn climbs up behind him] ♪ Bacon pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes ♪
Jake: ♪ Take some bacon and I'll put it in a pancake ♪
Jake: ♪ Bacon pancakes, that's what it's gonna make ♪
Jake: ♪ Bacon pancaaake! ♪
Finn: Dude, what is the deal?
[Scene cuts to various sections of the Time Room]
Jake: [zooming in on him] Dude, what is the deal?
Prismo: [appearing from the right] Huh hmm huh hmm huh hmm. I can't wait to get this batch of pickles to Jake. He's totes gonna bust a pipe when he gets hit with the cumin and the undertones of sage that come in later. [disappears]
Jake: [exasperated] Prismo, I'm right here! Where you going, bro!? [runs off]
Jake: [calling out] Wait up, man, how're you alive!? [Prismo pulls a brick back in the wall and appears for a brief second after Jake passes by] Finn and I saw your old man host body get destroyed by the— [gasps]
[Jake's path ends at the scene where the Lich kills Old Man Prismo]
Jake: [shocked] The Lich?!
The Lich: Wake up.
[The Lich shakes old man Prismo awake]
Prismo: Wa—Wait, I've changed my mind—[gasp]
[Prismo is off from the walls—his dream self dies.]
Jake: [watching from above] Wait, why is this happening? It's like a rerun of the worst junk.
[The Lich kills old man Prismo and is subsequently crystallized by a Citadel Guardian and is taken away with Finn and Past Jake holding on]
Jake: [while watching the above] Lich life-sucks Prismo's dream host, eliminates Prismo forever. Ugh, it's mad gris bro. And then the Space Police, or whatever they're called, show up because boppin' Prismo is a cosmic crime. I remember feelin' like someone had peeled a layer away from my brain, and my reality was no longer anchored to any point of reference, and I had to fight to keep from being crushed under the weight of an unforgiving new paradigm of ultimate reality. So cool, man. So why am I seeing this again?
[Jake makes his way from the ledge to the edge of the space hole]
[The Time Room disassembles, several blocks at a time and then a path appears in front of Jake]
Jake: Uhhh, that's cool...
[Scene jumps back to a bored Finn at the Tree Fort]
Jake: Uhh, that's cool, but do you know what's really cool? Tough guy contest! [flexes bicep] Whoo-hoo! [Does a spin and poses] Tough boys!
Finn: [groans]
Jake: Come on, man! Tough Guy contest me!
Finn: [while Jake continues his re-enactment behind him] Okay, seems like all of Jake's remanifesting themselves, [turns to viewer] but as soon as I break their history it creates a paradox and Jake explodes.
Jake: [turning to Finn] Whoa, Finn, how'd you get over there? [explodes into dust]
Jake: Finn, when I die my individual Earth consciousness is going to go all over everywhere while Glob tallies my deeds.
Finn: [confused] What?
Jake: I'm going to all around you [starts turning into a tree], in your nose, in your dreams and your socks...
Finn: "in your dreams?"
Jake: Yeah, that's what I said, in your dre— [explodes into dust]
Finn: All this striz happened when Jake and I tried to preserve Prismo's pickles in our dreams, something must have changed when we went to sleep!
Finn: [zooms out to the still messy room] So, ugh, I just got to hope that Jake tries to do the pickle ritual again. So I can re-enact it with him. Exactly the way it happened, maybe?! Geez!
Jake: [re-enacting Prismo's ritual]♪ Fallen ally, fallen ally, you're home now in the sky.
Finn & Jake: ♪ Fallen ally, fallen ally, a single tear we cry.♪
[Scene jumps back to the Time Room]
Jake: I guess I'm headed towards that door..
Prismo: Dude, I get out of relationships because I don't want to have a discussion about what we're gonna to have for dinner every night! [more distantly] 'Cause when I'm alone...
Jake: Hehe, all these dudes and their lady problems...
Prismo: That's right, Prismo is nothing but the dream of a wrinkly old man.
Jake: What if the whole world was just some goof's dream? Man, that would be stupid. Whoa!
[Camera pans out to reveal that Jake has entered a large room with a floating bed in an alcove on the far side]
Jake: Rrrm, wait a minute... What is this!? This couldn't be a...oh Grod! [looks under the bed] Permanent, opposing, industrial-strength, magnetic bed! [looks at the side] Hand-hewed from a single tree [looks at the bedspread] Oh, man! Look at this mattress! [gasps] What is it? [sniffs] Smells like a blend of cashmere... [sniffs again] Mohair, silk and wool maybe... [touches the blanket] The thread count on this is in the thousands! And it's filled with... [sniffs] Down feathers of a baby griffin! That's illegal! [Turns to nightstand] Glass of milk... This feels like a trap designed by some kind of sick genius!
Jake: Well... [gulps milk and gets in the bed] hats off to you sir or madam, your trap was a success!
Jake: Oh my blahs! [tears up] It's like I'm getting Eskimo kisses from an army of angels! [Starts crying and suddenly falls asleep, snoring]
Prismo: [Suddenly appearing] Oh, dang, I'm back!
Finn & Jake: [still re-enacting Prismo's ritual]♪ Prismo we love you forever in our dreams! ♪
[Finn and Jake start chanting]
Finn & Jake: [screaming, getting progressively louder] Pickle rama, pickle rama, pickle rama, PICKLE RAMA!
Jake: Finale!
[Jake stretches into a large ball shape and mimes juggling food items with several hands while they hum. Jake stretches his tongue down to the table (there is no jar), and mimes eating a pickle.]
Finn: Whoof! What was that?
Jake: Quick, to bed! This has to be the last thing we think about!
[Jake mimes grabbing the jar, and they run off to bed. Jake picks up the pickle jar in his bed]
Finn: Hyup! [jumps into bed]
Jake: Okay... dream! [closes eyes]
[A ding is heard and a bright light from the pickle jar shines out and Jake disappears]
Finn: [stunned] Whoa! The pickle jar! I'm coming Jake! [jumps into the jar and gets warped away]
[Finn materializes in the Time Room]
Finn: [looking around]Whoa...Where the heck am I?
Jake: [calling out] Wait up, man, how're you alive!?
Finn: Jake!? I'm coming man![runs off]
Jake: Finn and I saw your old man host body get destroyed by the—
Finn: Jake! Don't explode!
Prismo: [reaching his arm out in front of Finn, making him stop]Finn, hold up.
Finn: Prismo! I saw you die, dude!
Prismo: Yep, I'm still dead. I'm actually talking to you from the past, I set up this plan B scenario in case I ever got croaked for reals. So if this is happening then I guess I got croaked and my pickles ran out. But Jake and I established a bro-bond that could bring me back through his dreams.
Finn: So, are you actually talking to me right now or are you pretending to in an empty room?
Prismo: I was pretending, but now I can see you.
Finn: [makes air quotes]What does 'now' meant to you?
Prismo: Uhhh...hurry up I need your help [opens wall and Finn walks through]
Jake: [Running past] Where you going bro? Wait up man, how're you alive?
Finn: So where're we going?
Prismo: You've gotta wake up Jake and then...umm, you'll see.
Finn: I'll see what, Prismo?
Prismo: Shoot, I don't know if I thought this thing all the way through..
Finn: [shocked] Whaaaat?
Prismo: Aw, it'll be cool. [nervously] It'll be cool.
[Jake snores while sleeping in the bed]
Revived Prismo: Dude, I can't believe I died. Jake I'm sorry man. This doesn't feel right.
Past Prismo: [appearing with Finn] Ok, go wake Jake up and bring him back here [Finn gives the thumbs up and runs to the bed]
Revived Prismo: Whoa, Finn, hey, are you gonna wake up Jake?
Finn: Yeah, is that gonna kill you again though?
Revived Prismo: My past self is doing plan B right?
Finn: Uh, yes. Although I gotta say that this is as rickety as yoga balls.
Revived Prismo: Yeah, tell me about it.
Finn: You tell you about it!
Revived Prismo: I think you would blow up if I did that.
Finn: Well, anyway, here I go. [shakes Jake] Hey, Jake, wake up.
[Jake groans sleepily]
Revived Prismo: I'm out. [vanishes]
Jake: [sleepily] Hey, Finn, what's going on?
Finn: We gotta bounce.
Jake: [pushing Finn away] No, bro, don't tear me away from nirvana. Wait, nooo! [falls to floor] Oof! [normal voice] I'm okay now.
Finn: Cool [leading Jake back to Past Prismo] this way!
Past Jake: Whoa! Rrrm, wait a minute... What is this!?
Jake: Prismo?! You're alive! [hugs Prismo's nose on the wall]
Prismo: Well, not yet. Finn, in a second you've gotta stop yourself from waking up Jake.
Finn: [confused] Stop my who?
Prismo: [panicked] Shoot! Hide!
[Jake flattens himself and covers Finn into the wall, fortunately Jake is the same color as the wall]
Past Finn: Think we should turn around somewhere, I feel like we're lost.
Past Prismo: No I was just stalling, don't think about it, c'mon, this way.
Prismo: THAT who.
[Finn pushes his extended tongue back into his mouth]
Prismo: But wait, Jake, that means one of your alternate reality incarnations will sleep for eternity to keep me alive.
Jake: Cool, dude!
Prismo: OK, Finn, I'm not sure what'll happen if you confront yourself. He might explode.
Finn: 'He', me or other me?
Prismo: You know what? Forget it.
Finn: Shut it Prismo, heroes risk everything for their friends. Although I admit you're more Jake's friend than mine. Sometimes you can think someone is totally cool, but you never become besties. Now I don't know why that happens, but regardless let's do this. [dashes out after his past self]
Prismo: Good luck!
[Past Finn walks up the bed to revive Jake]
Revived Prismo: Whoa, Finn, hey! Are you gonna wake up Jake?
Past Finn: [while Finn walks up behind him] Yeah, is that gonna kill you again though?
Prismo: My past self is doing plan B, right?
Finn: [tapping Past Finn on the shoulder] PLAN B!
Past Finn: [shocked] What the—!? [explodes into light and a sword appears in the center]
Finn: [grabbing the sword]This is me? This sword is me?
Prismo: Finn sword, dude.
Finn: Welcome back, Prismo.
Prismo: Thank you, Finn.
Jake: [Sticking his head out and giving the thumbs up] Welcome back, Prismo.
Prismo: Thank you, Jake.
[Sleeping Jake morphs into Old Man Prismo]

Episode ends