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The Insect Audience played three part of the audience in the episode, "Sad Face."

Notable Audience Members

Insect Father (a)


Insect Father (a) was the father to insect daughter and the husband to insect mother. He is seen wearing a yellow long sleeve shirt. He can be seen booing Blue Nose at first but then cheating when Blue Nose begins to stand up to the other bugs.

Insect Mother


Insect Mother is the mother of Daughter Insect and the wife of Insect Father (a). She is seen wearing a hat with a flower in it along with a white necklace looking object around her neck. Like her husband, she boos Blue Nose at first but later on cheers him when he stands up the the oppressors.

Insect Daughter


Insect Daughter is the daughter of Insect Father (a) and Insect Mother. She is seen wearing a pink bow on top of her head. At first, she is seen crying at Blue Nose but later cheats him on after seeing him stand up to the circus crew.

Insect Father (b)


Insect Father (b) is the father of Junior. Unlike the other notable insects, he is wearing no clothing. He seems to be oblivious to the fact that the other insects being eaten is not part of the show, and thus falsely reassures his son that it is. Later on when Blue Nose stands up to the circus crew, he asks his son if he is glad that they stayed for the second show.



Junior is the son of Insect Father (b). He can be seen wearing a backwards, blue baseball cap. He is seen frowning when the insects are eaten, but smiling when Blue Nose stands up the the circus crew.


They all appear to look small, ant-ish, red, and gray insects.


Their personalities revolve around reacting whatever is happening during the circus. Some are shown to be completely oblivious to when events aren’t part of the show.


  • They almost appear to be Ants, but this has not been confirmed, and they are missing some details to the ants that we have seen in the past.