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"In Your Footsteps" is the seventh episode in the fourth season of Adventure Time. It's the eighty-fifth episode overall.


A bear befriends Finn and Jake, but what are his true intentions?


Finn is skydiving in the air with Jake in his backpack. Finn pulls the ripcord (which is Jake’s arm) and Jake then shape shifts into a parachute. Finn and Jake land safely on the ground. Finn greets Princess Bubblegum and the Candy People once they safely reach the ground. After Finn and Jake were done dancing, Finn said that he would go get some food.

Jake meets a Bear and tries to introduce himself to him, who does not understand Jake. The Bear then tries to eat some of Finn’s peanuts, but starts choking. Finn hits the Bear’s back with the Enchiridion and the Bear spits out the peanuts he was choking on. Everybody then continues dancing. After the party, when Finn and Jake are walking home in the dark, the Bear follows them. They go back to the Tree Fort.

Jake is listening to music when Finn shows that the Bear copies everything Finn does. When Jake tries to get the Bear to copy him, the Bear pushes Jake away. The Bear then repeats Finn by saying "Sweeping weak." Finn suggests that the Bear spend the night in the Tree Fort in the bathtub. Jake wakes up in the middle of the night when he hears a noise. He sees the Bear dressed up as Finn and dancing. The Bear continues to repeat "Hey, Princess Bubblegum! Hey, everybody!" while snapping, just like Finn did in the beginning of the episode. When Jake tries to prove to Finn that the Bear was impersonating him, the Bear is sleeping. Finn says that he believes Jake but that the Bear is not hurting anybody, so it is fine. During the next morning, Finn, Jake, and the Bear are eating cereal at the table. Finn then says that he has to go pick up BMO from soccer and tells Jake not to eat the Finn Cakes (cupcakes that look like Finn). The Bear ended up eating all the Finn Cakes and Jake records the whole thing. When Finn and BMO come back, Finn first gets angry at Jake for eating the Finn cakes, but after Jake explains that the Bear ate them, Finn gets angry at Jake for just letting it happen. They both discover a note that says that there would be a party in the forest at night, supposedly hosted by Finn.

Finn and Jake then go into the forest and see the Bear, disguised as Finn, partying with Princess Bubblegum and the Candy People. Finn tells Jake that he and Princess Bubblegum never went steady when Jake tells Finn that the Bear is stealing his ex-girlfriend. Jake then convinces Finn that the Bear never really liked Finn, and that the Bear just used him. Finn rips the Bear’s mask off and tells him that the jig is up. The Bear runs away, crying. After Princess Bubblegum explains that nobody actually thought the Bear was Finn, Finn runs after the Bear and apologizes. He gives the Bear the Enchiridion and tells him that he can become a true hero. The Bear climbs up a mountain and goes into a cave. The Snail emerges from the shadows and asks if the Bear brought the book. The Bear presents it to the Snail, who is still possessed by the Lich.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • It is revealed that BMO plays soccer.
  • When Jake sweeps the title card music plays.
  • The snail appears twice in this episode. The first time is while Finn and Jake are partying and the second time in the end scene.
  • When the bear begins to climb the mountain, there appears to be some sort of trap coming from a smaller cave at the base of the mountain.
  • When the Bear is riding the bike, two ruined buildings can be seen among the woods.
  • The two cups of punch that Finn brings to the table have the words "Starchy up" and "Simmun Bun" written on them.

Episode connections

  • Jake said that Princess Bubblegum was Finn's ex-girlfriend. Finn replied that they "never went steady."
  • When Finn opens his backpack to give the Enchiridion to the bear, a comic book he was reading near the end of "Marceline's Closet" is seen.
  • This episode is foreshadowed in the season 3 finale "The Lich.", and begins set up for the finale of season 4.

Cultural references

  • Jake says, "Why can't you grok that?" The word "grok" comes from the book Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein, and is a Martian word that means to thoroughly understand something with the completeness of being.
  • The scene transition between the bear eating Finn cakes and Jake relaxing bears a strong resemblance from the 1936 classic Looney Tunes cartoon "The Blowout."
  • The title card resembles the scene from the film 300 where a young Leonidas is about to engage in a battle with a wolf.

Storyline analysis

  • The promotional art depicts BMO playing soccer against other MO's while Candy People cheer on. The scene was not shown in the episode, but it depicted BMO after the soccer match.
  • In the episode, the Bear is seen wearing a hat like Finn's. This shows that he may have many hats, and changes them when they are in poor condition. This also may mean that he does not wear the same hat he did when he was an infant, and has had many since.

Production notes

Title artwork from the original short.

  • This marks the first time the Snail actually talked. This is due to its being possessed by the Lich. He is voiced by Pendleton Ward instead of Ron Perlman, who voiced the original version of the Lich.[1]
  • This title card bears a strong artistic resemblance to the title card from the original theme song from the pilot episode.
  • BMO's soccer jersey number changed three times in the production of this episode:
    • In the promotional art, BMO's jersey number was 0.
    • In the storyboards, the number was 42.
    • In the finished episode, the number was 12.


  • When the first party starts Peppermint Butler, Cinnamon Bun, and a Candy Heart guy are not there; when the bear is choking and Finn saves him, the three of them are seen in the crowd.
  • There were no rocks near the table when Finn and Jake go sit down after they got tired of dancing, when the bear shows up rocks can be seen.
  • The color of a Candy Ball guy that is behind Cinnamon Bun gets darker after Finn tells everybody they can all go back to their dancing.



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