The imagination machine is an imaginary control panel that controls Jake's imagination in the episode "Rainy Day Daydream." Jake imagines it to turn off his imagination, so that he and Finn do not get killed by it. However, after Finn turns Jake's imagination off, Jake becomes very dull, and his imagination machine ceases to exist as well.

Realizing that Jake needs his imagination, Finn goes into his own Imagination Zone and imagines the lost imagination machine, along with Bellamy Bug and a lyre player. Finn pulls the lever, but a mischievous fairy pushes the hyper drive button. After telling the fairy to "take a hike," Finn puts Jake's imagination back to normal.


  • The machine consists of a switch and two buttons. The switch is used to turn Jake's imagination on or off, and the two buttons include the hyper drive button, which causes Jake's imagination to reach maximum capacity, and the normal button, which turns Jake's imagination back to normal.
  • "Jake's switch" is written above the switch, and "To turn his imagination back on" is written below it.
  • When Jake's imagination is in hyper drive, his head swells, and he loses control of his imagination. He afterwards states that he could see his mother, Margaret, unclothed.


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