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"Ignition Point" is the twenty-second episode in the fourth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundredth episode overall.


Finn and Jake sneak into the Fire Kingdom to get Flame Princess' scented candles, and end up discovering a plot against the Flame King's life.


The episode begins with Finn and Jake at Flame Princess's house. Jake asks if Flame Princess is ready and she responds yes, so Jake farts in a bag while Flame Princess shoots it down with a flame disc. Finn finds it awesome and he excitedly says it is his turn, so he burps in a bag and then Flame Princess shoots it down by shooting flames out of her fingertips. Flame Princess laughs at this and says to them that they are full of "magic air" in a funny way. Jake farts, which makes Finn say "gross!" and slap him.

Finn looks over at Flame Princess, who seems distracted, and asks what is wrong with her. She responds that their "magic tricks" make her feel sad because she had left her scented candles at the Fire Palace. Jake says that she should go back to the Fire Kingdom to grab them, but Flame Princess is still angry at her father for locking her in the lantern for so long. Finn says that they could go get the candles, which Flame Princess agrees to, but tells them to avoid being seen her dad as she does not want her father thinking that she needs anything from him. Out of no where, Finn and Jake hear a farting noise and when they look behind them they notice a rock is moving with Flambo underneath it. They are both surprised and Jake whispers to Finn that he thought Flame Princess was the one who was farting. Finn asks Flambo to cast Flame Shield on them which he does.

As they enter the Fire Kingdom they go up into a window which leads to Flame Princess's bedroom and see and small stack of candles on a nightstand-like rock. Jake says they smell like an old lady's bathroom which Finn finds offensive, but Jake says they remind him of his grandmother who he loves. As they start collecting the candles they hear a voice outside the door which Finn listens too and looks under the crack of the door. Finn realizes the two people are plotting to kill Flame King, Flame Princess's dad, and he learns that one of them has a voice that hisses (evaluates the s in his talking) and the other has an untied shoelace. He learns that they plan on killing him with ice, which would be more painful than water.

As Finn and Jake walk out of the room, down a hallway, to find the two conspirators, three flame people come so they disguise themselves as a photo hanging on a wall. As the flame people play around with Finn in painting form, he starts to run out of oxygen and the three flame people run off to go to "snack time" which makes Finn happy. They hear one of the conspirators down the hall and follow it which leads them to an air vent which they climb into. With Jake's hearing they walk around in the air ducts and Jake falls down a hole which leads to another part of a duct. When Finn falls down, he lands on his face and asks Jake why he did not catch him and Jake responds to it with to tell him next time.

As they continue along they hear the hissing voice which they follow it into the kitchen where a chef is preparing food. They land in a vat of blueberries and they chef confuses them with blueberries due to the Flame Shield spell turning them blue. His hissing voice turns out to be a snake on Finn's shoulder and the chef says that he is going to chop them up because he still thinks they're blueberries. Finn and Jake run away where they meet a crowd of actors and pull two of the actors away with Finn whispering, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" They disguise themselves in the actor's costume and after learning they are in a play in front of the king and everyone in the Fire Kingdom they devise a plan in which they would pretend to be conspirators and Finn would have an untied shoelace and Jake would say -s whenever he spoke.

As the duo carries on throughout the play they notice a guy looking suspicious and continue to do it, but soon Flame King catches them and orders them to be executed. They learn the executors are the real conspirators and yells out, "Naked babies! Naked babies!" to get the crowd's attention which he then reveals the executors to be the conspirators. Flame King unmasks them to reveal Torcho and Furnius, his brother's children, whom he thought were extinguished. He orders them to the "punishment room." Finn and Jake learn that Flame King had killed his brother in order to take the throne. Finn then asks if Flame Princess is evil, to which Flame King replies yes. However, Finn then asks "if she hanged out with someone good then could she be good" and Flame King again replies yes. As Finn and Jake get out of the Fire Palace Flame King has a concerned look on his and says to himself, "Good?"

Finn and Jake arrive at Flame Princess's house, who is now asleep. Finn sighs adoringly and Jake lights up her candles using her hair. They then leave, but Flame King's face erupts from the candle's fire and whispers multiple time into Flame Princess's ear, "evil, evil, evil!" before disappearing due to Flame Princess waking up with a surprised and scared look on her face.


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  • This episode is the 100th episode of the show in the airing order; however, Cartoon Network advertises "The Hard Easy" as the 100th episode.
  • This is the first time that Flame Princess wears a different outfit.
  • In this episode, Flambo punched Finn and Jake to cast Flame Shield in contrast to spitting on Jake in "Incendium."
  • In the hallway of the Fire Kingdom's castle, there is a painting with the Chinese character 火, which means "fire."
    • In the same hallway, there is a large painting on the right that depicts a Flambit similar to Flambo.
  • It seems that Flame King can connect fire to fire much like his daughter.
  • The title music of "You Made Me" is heard at the beginning of the episode.
  • Finn asks Flambo to cast a fire spell on them even though Jake is the only one who has been seen having Flame Shield cast on him before, in "Incendium." This means that Finn may have entered the fire kingdom before, even though he has not been shown doing so in any previous episode.
  • This episode premiered during Cartoon Network's "Night of Evil Villains," featuring Flame King as the villain.
  • When Flame King sits down to watch the play, the title card music plays.
  • The snake on Finn's shoulder could not have been an ordinary snake, because without a fire spell it would have died.

Episode connections[]

  • The Flame Shield spell that Flambo casts on Finn and Jake is the same spell he used on Jake in "Incendium."
  • Flame Princess' scented candles would be mentioned in "Frost & Fire", when Finn sends a forged to Flame Princess reads "your stupid candles smell heinous".
  • The giant lantern seen in the Fire Kingdom's castle, first shown in "Incendium," was used to contain Flame Princess and avoid a global catastrophe, as explained in "Burning Low."
  • Finn and Jake use a plastic bag from Squeez-E-Mart to hold their "magic air;" a bag from the same store was used by Lumpy Space Princess as a dress in "Gotcha!" The Squeez-E-Mart was first introduced in "Ghost Princess."
  • Finn yelling "naked babies" to get the attention of the Flame People by confusing them is similar to his strategy in the episode "Princess Cookie," where Finn screamed "Alvin's hot juicebox" to confuse one of Princess Cookie's chips.

Cultural references[]

  • Jake says "Sufferin' succotash!" which is a famous quote by Sylvester from Looney Tunes.
  • Paul F. Tompkins voices several characters in this episode. Tompkins uses the voice of his "Cake Boss" character to play the chef, and his Andrew Lloyd Webber impersonation for the theater actor.
  • A reference is made to Metal Gear Solid when Finn and Jake are crawling through the ventilation shafts, with similar music to the game also being played in the background.
  • The talk about alignments at the end references Dungeons & Dragons. In the game, changing your alignment causes experience penalties, and "chaotic neutral" is one of the nine alignments in game.
  • The part where the conspirators talk about using ice on the Flame King "because it'll hurt more" references a quote from the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves when Guy of Gisborne and Sheriff of Nottingham discuss cutting Robin Hood's heart out with a spoon: "Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe?" "Because it's dull, you twit. It'll hurt more."
  • This episode has several references to the William Shakespeare tragedy Hamlet:
    • Hamlet is the nephew of the traitorous King of Denmark who killed Hamlet's father, similar to how Furnius and Torcho are the nephew and niece of the Flame King who killed their father.
    • Hamlet wishes to establish his uncle Claudius' guilt before taking revenge on him. He hires a troupe of actors to perform a play containing a murder with very similar details to his father's assassination, then watches his uncle's reaction, similar to Finn and Jake's plan to expose the would-be assassins. 
    • Hamlet's father was killed by having poison poured into his ear, similarly someone (presumably Torcho) attempted to pour ice cubes (apparently deadly and painful to Fire Elementals) onto the Flame King.
    • A piece of Hamlet's famous "To be or not to be" speech from Act III is heard as Finn and Jake travel through the vents.
  • Flame Princess' outfit is similar to what Jasmine wears in the Disney movie Aladdin.
  • The Flame King says "Off with their heads!" which is a famous quote said by the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland.
  • The way Flame Princess destroys one of the bags at the beginning of the episode resembles Vegeta's "Dirty Fireworks" attack from Dragon Ball Z.


  • Immediately after Finn slaps Jake while they are on the grass, Finn's mouth disappears for two frames.
  • The well that was seen near Flame Princess' house in "Burning Low" is not there anymore.
  • There are continuity errors regarding the paintings on the wall of Flame King's castle.


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