The Iceclops makes his first appearance in the animated short. He resides in the Ice Kingdom, where the notorious villain Ice King lives. He also appears in the episode "Prisoners of Love," and during the opening sequence. On his Spring, Pendleton Ward said that viewers will see more of the Iceclops and that he is all over the Ice Kingdom.


In the animated short, he had a booming angry voice, and was a much darker and angrier character, though this may be because Finn and Jake promptly pelt him with snowballs on sight. In the series, he has not spoken, but is usually seen smiling and playing in the snow. In the episode "Prisoners of Love," he seems to be friendly by trying to ride with Finn and Jake, but he fails and falls in the snow headfirst.


Iceclops is a blue cyclops with snow covering his head, shoulders, and pelvic area. He has three evergreen trees growing on top of his head and even a deer in the animated short. He also has a yellow handlebar mustache and one big green eye. He is very muscular.





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