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Ice Thing (formerly known as: Gunter) is the future ruler of Ice Kingdom (in the storyboards of Graybles 1000+ referred to as "Ice Thingdom") and is introduced for a short time in the episode "Graybles 1000+," chasing Cuber as he was trying to escape Ooo. The Ice Thing lives in what was the Ice Kingdom, but now seems to be in ruins.

In "Come Along With Me", it's revealed that Ice Thing is the transformed version of Gunter, who wore Ice King's crown and fused with it. In the episode's ending sequence, Ice Thing gets married to Turtle Princess


The Ice Thing's body is what seems to be a flying beard with an ice blade as a nose and a mouth with jagged teeth, and the sides of the beard as its wings. It seems to have ears/eyebrows that are lightning-bolt like shaped, and it has two of the three gems from the Ice King's crown. The missing gem's notch serves as the Ice Thing's only eye, and its appearance clearly resembles Urgence Evergreen's, a consequence of the crown's jewels.


  • In the episode "Temple of Mars," the second trial shows how the Ice Thing is changing all the numbers in the equation. The equation might represent Simon by Betty trying to fix the equation. The Ice Thing could represent the crown as it tries to make the equation (Simon) incorrect.
    • Its name is also a pun on "Ice King."
    • Ice Thing doesn't have the third gem of the crown; it is first shown in the episode "Skyhooks II" that it falls off, but later in "Come Along With Me", it is shown to be part of the ring of Turtle Princess, and a similar jewel is embedded in one of Gibbon's eyes around one thousand years in the future, as shown in Come Along With Me's intro sequence. It is likely to be the Ice Thing's missing jewel, as it is identical to it. It also happens to be in Gibbon's right eye, and the missing jewel is the crown's leftmost gem.
  • Gunter put on the crown and wished to become Ice King similar to how Gunther (Evergreen) used it and wished to become Urgence Evergreen.


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