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The Ice Queen wears a tiara similar to the Ice King's crown. The most notable difference it is smaller and has five points rather than only four points, but the tiara is larger in circumference at the top than at the bottom, making it opposite to Ice King's bottom-heavy crown. Just like her male counterpart's crown, Ice Queen's tiara contains her powers. Other people can use its Ice Powers while wearing it, as shown when Cake put it on and conjured a snow blast.


  • It is possible that the Ice Queen can resize her tiara like the Ice King (with his crown) If she can, then she can make her crown the same size as the Ice King.
  • It is unknown whether the tiara causes insanity (in the same way that the Ice King's crown does). Fionna told Cake not to wear the tiara because she "might catch her crazy," although Cake was unaffected after Fionna knocked it off her head. However one quick use might not be long enough to affect the user.
    • This indicates that the Ice King might know that the tiara/his crown causes insanity.