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Two Ice Penguin Monsters appear in "King Worm" in Finn's dream, as characters Ice King made up; in the storyboard, they are referred as Penguin Demons. They are both made of a bunch of penguins. They both return in "Reign of Gunters" as a result of Gunter stealing Ice King's Demonic Wishing Eye. Due to the green hue of the Wishing Eye's magic, the Ice Penguin Monsters appear green instead of the classic tuxedo penguin style. Possibly, Finn's dream was a premonition for what would occur in "Reign of Gunters."


  • The Ice Penguin Monster is an enemy in the game, Break the Worm, but varied in two different colors.
    • The green-colored Ice Penguin Monster attacks normally.
    • The purple-colored Ice Penguin Monster attacks just like the green-colored Ice Penguin Monster, but it can shield itself. To break it, Finn must jump and attack at the same time.


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