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One of the few times Ice King has no conflict with Finn and Jake

This page describes Ice King's relationships with other characters in the Adventure Time series.



Ricardio was revealed to be Ice King's own sentient heart in "Ricardio the Heart Guy." It literally left his body to pursue its own agenda. It seems to share the same passions as the Ice King, including the fixation on marrying Princess Bubblegum. Naturally, the Ice King is desperate for Ricardio to return to the inside of his body but Ricardio has no empathy for the Ice King, even beating him up and throwing him into a dumpster to die. Without his heart, the Ice King is virtually, but not completely, helpless, and will likely die without it after a time. In "Lady & Peebles" Ricardio escapes once again taking Ice King's internal sinews to fashion a body without regard for Ice King's well-being. Ricardio also calls the Ice King "Simon" in the episode "Lady & Peebles, revealing that Ricardio somewhat remembers Ice King's past life.


S1e15 Imagination Neptr

Neptr in Ice King's imagination zone

Ice King first interacted with Neptr in "What is Life?" when Finn tricked the Ice King into zapping Neptr with ice lightning so that the robot could become fully functional. After this, Ice King explained to Finn that, in zapping Neptr with his Ice Powers, the robot became infused with the Ice King's "private particles." To his mind, this made Neptr his "son." As a result, he wanted Neptr to choose between him and Finn. Neptr showed affection for the Ice King, calling him "papi," but chose to stay with Finn, whom he calls "creator," in order to serve his original purpose of throwing never-ending pies.

The Ice King and Neptr interacted with each other again in "Mystery Dungeon," where they worked together to escape the eponymous dungeon, along with Tree Trunks, Shelby, and the Earl of Lemongrab. In the episode, it is shown that the Ice King no longer remembers who Neptr is and had mistaken him for BMO. However, by the end of the episode, the two appear to have reestablished a relationship, with Neptr trying to cheer up his "papi."



In "Play Date" Finn and Jake invite Abracadaniel over to hang out with Ice King because they were tired of babysitting him. It was an immediate friendship. They were seen hanging out in a very childlike form, even admitting to the fact that they were now best friends. Additionally, they are seen doing normal sleepover things, such as putting on a show/play, and sneaking around the house after everyone else had gone to bed. Later in the episode, they mess with Finn's Demon Sword and then release Kee-Oth and then threatens to kill them unless Finn returns his blood to him. After Finn returns the blood he kidnaps Jake mistaking that he is Joshua then releases them. After they head over to the Ice Kingdom revealing that it is rebuilt after Flame Princess burned it down in "Frost & Fire." It is also apparent that they are still extending their time together, and may even still be seen with each other in future episodes.

In "Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe ," Ice King and Abracadaniel are still close and go on a road trip together to create a new school of magic.  Ice King even lets Abracadaniel use his crown to create an ice road for the bus they are using when he becomes too tired to use the magic himself.  Ice King is also shown to be close to a number of other misfit wizards and magical creatures, including Ron James , the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving , and Little Dude .

S5e40 IK playing BMO with Abracadaniel

In "Friends Forever", it revealed that they are no longer friends. Ice King is now currently keeping him captive in his house and it is not likely for them to be friends again. While they are not seen being friends again Abracadaniel is seen at Ice King's Fionna & Cake book reading implying that they do not have a major problem with each other. 

Gunter and the other penguins[]

S1e3 penguins touching ice king

Ice King and the Penguins.

The Ice King's moodiness in life is expressed toward them. He will portray paternal feelings towards them, often referring to himself as "daddy" in the third person, and can even be understanding to their childlike antics, such as when Gunter was breaking bottles in "Still." However he also treats them as slaves, often seen yelling, abusing, and in "Five Short Graybles" he threw several of them in the garbage and marooned Gunter on a drifting iceberg for his own selfish reasons. Though annoyed, Gunter came back, so the penguins seem to be quite loyal. In "Princess Monster Wife" they are also shown to act in fear of Ice King. He even said, "clap harder or I'll smack your buns." In "Reign of Gunters," he is the only one who could stop Gunter from causing terror in the Candy Kingdom. Sometimes, Ice King can do favors for the penguins, as he allowed them to lick his tears (except for Gunter, who Ice King states has a low-salt diet), as seen in "Five More Short Graybles," and dance for their entertainment in "Another Five More Short Graybles."

In "Come Along With Me" Ice King was reverted back to Simon after being digest by GOLB. In addition, Ice King's crown was reset to its essential form and granted its first wearer their deepest truest wish. Gunter picked up the crown only to turn into a being similar to Ice King (The Ice Thing), implying that was his deepest truest wish similar to the relationship between Gunther the Dinosaur and Urgence Evergreen. Gunter, however, became a very silly and friendly version of Ice King, implying that Gunter viewed him in a mostly positive way. In the final montage, Gunter (Ice Thing) is seen at Marceline's house along with Simon, implying that the two still talk to each other, their relationship may be that of friends or they can possibly have a father-son relationship, as Gunter was the pet of Simon when he was the Ice King.

Island Lady[]

In "The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita," Ice King washes up on the shore of an island, later revealed to be the Island Lady. Having chosen to move on from Bubblegum, Ice King stays on the Island Lady and builds himself a house from the materials on the Island Lady. Due to the time Ice King spent with the Island Lady, the two have bonded as friends.

With the two having similar problems (the problems being their love interest not spending time with them, even though Bubblegum is not Ice King's girlfriend), Ice King and the Island Lady are seen talking about this matter. Due to both's interactions, they inspire each other to break up with their love interest. According to Ice King, the Island Lady was as much as an inspiration to him as he was to her.

Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving[]

Ice King first meets the Ancient Seeping Magic of Life Giving in "Mystery Dungeon" as he drags Tree Trunks, Shelby, Neptr, and Lemongrab in a dungeon where he resides. Ice King hoped that the magus would bring his characters from Fionna and Cake Omnibus to life but was disappointed when the book itself was given life. When the magus woke up Ice King was angry with him and he then flew away. 

In "Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe!", they go on a road trip together along with many other wizards and seem to be friends with each other. Ice King starts to call him "Life Giving Magus" rather than "Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving."

S6e13 Ice King and Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving

In "Friends Forever", Ice King invites Life Giving Magus for some "wiz bliz". Later in the episode, it's revealed that Ice King was using him to create inanimate objects to be Ice King's friends. At the end of the episode, they share a mutual friendship with Fionna and Cake Omnibus. However in "Bespoken For" they appear to have become true friends as Ice King calls him to tell him about his upcoming date with Betty Grof and the two go to Wizard City to get Ice King a bespoke suit.


Jerry screenshot simon fionna medium 2

Simon on an adventure with Fionna.

Fionna is the gender-swapped version of Finn thought to be created by Ice King for a series of fan fiction novels he has written involving adventures of her and her cat Cake. While generally fan-fictions, Ice King has generally turned himself into a Mary Sue character where Fionna is madly in love with him and the duo go on adventures together while confessing their love for each other. This usually earns him creeped out looks from others, because of his disturbed nature.

While his "creation", Ice King has obsessed in believing that Fionna is real and is willing to do anything to bring her to life; even attempting to bring a book of his to the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving, who in turn brings the book itself to life instead of creating a living, breathing Fionna. Regardless of the setback, Ice King continues to believe that Fionna will be brought to life someday, all the while being called "delusional" by everyone. He also has a secret room with ice statues of her and Cake along with hundreds of fanfictions deep in his castle.

After being cured, he no longer wanted anything to do with his past of Ice King especially Fionna & Cake stories. When he sought to revive Betty, he unintentionally brought Fionna to his world. Because of his depressed state, he believed he was hallucinating and she wasn't real. She also didn't think much of him, until they were all sent to Prismo who explained everything. Simon was shocked to discover from Prismo that Fionna and her universe were not fiction but an alternate universe hidden in his subconscious. Fionna also cheered Simon up from his depression to save him from Scarab. It was because of her that he gained a desire to become Ice King again to stop Scarab and to bring magic back to her world, so it wouldn't be destroyed.

Afterwards, it is apparent that he now regards Fionna as friend, as she now takes his advice seriously. Simon also told a lamenting Fionna that she is not to blame for anyone getting hurt and their mission will succeed. His words brought a smile to her face, and he gave Fionna a fist bump, having come to see her as a friend.

Their closeness is more emphasized when Simon confided in her his history with Betty, with her calling it sweet. When Fionna saw how miserable he was as Ice King, she grew to genuinely appreciate Simon, and grows increasingly conflicted about letting him become cursed for her sake, going as far as to hide the crown she found until it seemed to be the only option left to them. However, he was willing to risk this to give her world a chance. When Simon learns that her world was attacked by Scarab, he attempted to put the crown on but she insists Simon not put on the crown, even if it meant she and her universe were destroyed, showing that she valued Simon's life as much as her own. After Simon finds closure with Betty and returns to Ooo, and after Fionna's world was no longer under threat, it is shown the two would remain in touch via text, even when universes apart.


F&C S1E5 What

Simon on an adventure with Fionna and Cake.

Cake is the gender-swapped version of Jake thought to be created by Ice King for a series of fan fiction novels he has written involving adventures of Fionna and her cat Cake. After being cured, he no longer wanted anything to do with his past of Ice King especially Fionna & Cake stories. When he sought to revive Betty, he unintentionally brought Cake and Fionna to his world. He was surprised at summoning Cake but gave her a communicating collar and asking where she heard his favorite song from, unintentionally scaring her. She also didn't think much of him, as after they were all sent to Prismo, Cake saw his past as Ice King and stated he went from "fun wizard" to a "sad loser", to his annoyance. Afterwards, it is apparent that he now regards Cake as a friend. Cake even clung to Simon for protection in the Winter world, while attacked by Scarab.

Love interest[]

Betty Grof[]


Simon and Betty

Betty Grof was a human woman revealed to have once been the fiancée of Simon Petrikov, who would much later become Ice King. She and Petrikov had a very committed relationship until Petrikov obtained an enchanted crown, which gradually began to alter his mind and body. When Petrikov put on the crown for the first time, something he did terrified and angered Betty and caused her to leave, as evidenced by Simon saying that "she looked at [him] with such contempt." Simon never saw her again, and he records on video his desperate wish to regain his sanity so that she might one day return to him. It is not known if she was killed during the Mushroom War, though most likely due to Simon's note in "I Remember You" saying that he and Marceline may be alone in the world after the apocalypse of the mushroom bomb.

S5e48 BettySimonkiss

Simon & Betty Reunited

In the episode "Betty," a briefly restored Simon creates a time portal to go back and apologize to Betty. He encounters her shortly after he has put on the crown and is terrorizing his "princess" with his ice powers. Betty is astonished to learn she had left Simon but realizes the reason he never saw her again is that she jumped through the time portal to be with his future self, which she does. After defeating the anti-magic creature Bella Noche, whose neutralizing of the Ice King's crown had turned him back into Simon (and left him dying, since the ice crown's magic kept him alive but insane for all those years), Betty briefly watches the restored Ice King from a flying carpet before heading off, determined to find a way to turn him back into Simon without his dying from lack of magic. It is clear that Betty still loves Simon and is devoted to him, but he is unable to remember her in his Ice King form. Betty began to study other magic users in an effort to cure Simon, but an incident with Magic Man "You Forgot Your Floaties" made Betty become corrupted with Magic Man's powers making her lose her mind in a similar fashion as Simon did when becoming Ice King.

In "King's Ransom" Gunter becomes kidnapped and Ice King is left with a ransom letter. Ice King, Finn and Jake go find Gunter's kidnapper and Ice King is asked to give them his crown. Ice King finds out that Betty had kidnapped under and took his crown. Ice King was stunned by Betty and nearly recognizes her but stops short of remembering her named and just calls her "beautiful." Betty however had altered his crown which led into "Broke His Crown." Marceline and Princess Bubblegum went to Ice King's castle for dinner only to notice that Ice King was acting crazy and possessed. They go to PB's lab and connect a VR device to the crown allowing the to "see in the crown." In the crown, the conciseness of every wearer is uploaded which included Gunther, Santa, Sveinn and Simon Petrikov himself. The inside of the crown was constantly glitching out and the group goes to find that is was a disembodied head of Betty causing the glitches. Simon speaks to Betty hoping she'd snap out of the trance she was in which worked and the two share a kiss. This was not technically Betty, but rather a magical A.I. created from her magic.In order to fix the crown, the Betty A.I. would be deleted from the crown. However, she remains albeit with a glitched face. Simon doesn't mind and says he never could stop thinking about her as they kiss.

S7e27 Simon and Betty

Simon & Betty inside the crown

As revealed in the flashback in "Bespoken For", Ice King becomes surprised when the now wizard Betty (warped by the power of Magic Man's hat) invites him out to dinner in hopes of trying to restore him. Despite things not going the way as planned, Ice King gains a new respect for Betty, referring to her as "Weird Lady." Patience St. Pim used Betty to unleash the elemental spell which angered Ice King when he saw this. Ice King had to flee to the Cloud Kingdom while Betty was frozen in the Ice Kingdom. Ice King was inclined to rescue Betty when Finn and Jake arrived in Ooo. The group saves Betty and she vows to fix Ooo with Finn's new Farmworld Enchirdion while Ice King accompanied and helped her. Betty seemingly had come to terms with who Simon had become and Ice King clearly took a liking to Betty as well even though he didn't remember her. The two would laugh and mess around together seemingly being happy together as they had both been corrupted with magic, madness and sadness. In "Hero Heart" Ice King acts clever and heroic which reminded Betty of Simon. However in "Skyhooks II" it is revealed that Betty had planned to use the Enchiridion to go back in time and stop Simon from putting on the crown. Betty described being with Ice King was like looking into her old life through a "funhouse mirror." Ice King did not fully understand what she meant but was offended and interfered with the spell that transported Betty to Mars.

S7e21 betty & ice king

Ice King & Betty

In "Temple of Mars" Betty revealed that she was amazed by meeting Simon and that she had put on hold a six-month study trip to Australia to help Simon with his search for the Enchiridion. It was clear that Simon was very kind to Betty, but Betty did express brief regret for holding too big of attachment to him and that she should focus on herself more. Despite this, she came up with a plan to summon GOLB and use its power to finally save Simon. 

When Ice King sees GOLB emerge in "Come Along With Me", a flashback is shown of Simon and Betty before their separation. Betty is seen fixing a dish of ice cream for Simon, who tells her he is curious about GOLB after reading about him in his book. Distracted by their conversation, Simon overflows the dish with chocolate syrup. Betty jokingly asks if he would like some cherries with his chocolate syrup, and proceeds to throw the can of cherries at him. Simon is knocked out by the can which ends up in an ambulance ride, where the flashback ends. Although the flashback is shown as though Ice King were having it to remember where he knew of GOLB from, Ice King claims after it is shown that he hasn't heard or seen of the deity before, heavily implying he didn't remember the flashback.

Later, when Betty links herself with Maja as an attempt to harness the power of GOLB and is stuck in a trance state, King Man tells Ice King that he is the only one who can stop her. Ice King compares King Man's instruction to reason with her to "fan-fiction". and begins singing "Oh, Fionna" to her, which causes her to awaken and madly berate him for opposing her when she was almost "successful" in using GOLB's power to cure him. Her powerful emotions connected to Maja causes the latter to explode, blasting Ice King and Betty into GOLB's mouth.


Simon & Betty's final interaction

While inside GOLB's "stomach" (along with Finn), Betty and Simon are reverted back to their sane and non-magical forms and the two are completely reunited, as Simon now remembers Betty. When Jake is able to open a path for the three of them to escape from GOLB, Betty insists that Simon and Finn go without her. She explains that the Ice King's crown has reverted to its wish-granting state. She says she can use it to wish away GOLB, but the wish will not be granted if the crown leaves GOLB's body. Staying behind, Betty discovers that the deity is too powerful for her wish to work, and attempts another wish: that Simon will be protected. The wish causes her to merge with GOLB as one entity, sacrificing herself for Simon. As GOLB, Betty ends the entity's reign of chaos and warps away through a portal. During the montage at the end of the episode, Simon is seen in Prismo's room asking if he can bring Betty back, to which Prismo replies that he cannot. In a later part of the montage, Simon is seen in Marceline's house, making popcorn with Turtle Princess, making an attempt to move on.

A decade later, Simon fell into a depression with Betty's sacrifice, even using a magic ritual to reunite with her. However, his attempt failed and brought Cake and Fionna to the Land of Ooo instead. As seen in Prismo the Wishmaster (episode), he was sadden at seeing their last meeting, sadly uttering her name.

During The Winter King, he called Betty the love of his life.

In "Jerry (episode)", Simon regales Fionna with stories of his and Betty's relationship. At the end, he inadvertenly sends himself and Scarab to her domain.

As of "Casper & Nova", Simon is shocked that he ended up reuniting with GOLBetty and watches as she effortlessly disassembles the Lich. Simon then approaches and apologizes to GOLBetty for being unable to live in Ooo, while telling her of his new friends' plight before he attempts to put on the crown. However, GOLBetty stops him, sending his mind into Shermy while leaving his body in a semiconscious state. While Simon is in this state, she protects him from the sneaking Scarab. Simon later found himself in Shermy and realized that Betty had impeded him. He is then forced to go on a journey to get back to his body.

In "Cheers", he continues his journey in Shermy set by Betty though he has an epiphany after reading a book and reflected on how it matched their life story. Once this has been cleared, Simon's mind returns to his body and he apologizes to GOLBetty, having come to understand that while he does genuinely love Betty, he allowed her to sacrifice her own happiness for him repeatedly. When Simon flashes back to his confession to Betty at the bus stop, the vision of Betty transforms into GOLBetty after boarding the bus. After Simon gives Fionna's world to her, Simon decides to live his life with a new drive and GOLBetty sends him flying away into the void until he returns home.

Princess Bubblegum[]


One of the many times that Princess Bubblegum gets captured by Ice King and needed Finn and Jake to save her

Princess Bubblegum is Ice King's main love interest, but the relationship is one-sided. Since Finn had a crush on Princess Bubblegum before meeting Flame Princess, this made it even harder for Ice King to maintain any relationship that will last with her. Finn and Ice King would usually be seen fighting for the affections of Princess Bubblegum in earlier episodes. It seems that he also captures her more than any other princess and enjoys being near her.

In "Mortal Folly," he even tries to get her attention and marry her and even tells her that he loves her. However, after she temporarily turns thirteen, he is not interested in her. He appears to be interested in her again when she turns 18 again as shown in "Wizard Battle," where he tries to win the competition by cheating in order to get a kiss on the lips from Princess Bubblegum. In "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II," however, it has been shown that Princess Bubblegum and the Ice King are capable of being civil, even hanging out, presumably when Finn is around to prevent anything bad from happening. The three were shown wearing Christmas sweaters, drinking cocoa, and watching tapes contentedly.

In "What Have You Done?" he tries to be kind to Princess Bubblegum by making it "snow" (scratching his beard so his beard flakes fall) but instead makes everyone sick with Freezer Burn Flu. When Princess Bubblegum goes to him for help he denies it and thinks she is hitting on him, making her upset. However, she just regards him as "an old fool."

At the end of "Lady & Peebles," Princess Bubblegum creates a new heart for Ice King after rescuing him from the dungeon where Ricardio was. Although Princess Bubblegum dislikes Ice King, she does not wish for him to die and even said "please" before asking him to stop being annoying and leave.

In "A Glitch is a Glitch," Ice King "reminds" Princess Bubblegum about how she told him that she would go on a date with him if he was the last person in Ooo, but she replies that she never really said that. He later reveals that he created a computer virus that would delete everything except him and the princess. Later in the episode, Princess Bubblegum tells him that even if she actually said that, he would not be the last person in Ooo because she would be still there and starts kissing her own hand, revealing that she would rather be in love with hand rather than the Ice King.


Depressed over his feelings with Princess Bubblegum, Ice King looks at a paparazzi shot of her.

In "The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita," Ice King tries to kidnap Princess Bubblegum again when she was sleeping. After commenting on how pretty the princess looks when she is sleeping, he puts the duct tape over her mouth, causing her to wake up with a muffled protest. She rips off the tape and immediately calls in the Banana Guards, who takes the Ice King out of the Candy Kingdom. Ice King realizes, that based on her reactions, that she does not love him, and decides to travel out far in Ooo to start somewhere "fresh." Ice King describes their relationship to the Island Lady, though they actually are not, and connected with her relationship with the Party God through this. He tells her that Princess Bubblegum is so "closed off" to her emotions that she crushes the relationship so that she does not ever have to develop emotions as he thinks that he and Bubblegum have a real, romantic relationship.

At the end of the episode, he officially broke up with Princess Bubblegum. He tells her that he is breaking up with her because she treats him badly and is always away at parties, which closely resembles the relationship between the Island Lady and the Party God. However, the princess does not seem to care about this and tries to call in the Banana Guards. Irritated by her reactions, Ice King yells, "Banana Guards yourself, Princess!" in Princess Bubblegum's face and leaves, much to Bubblegum's confusion.


In "Broke His Crown", Marceline forced Princess Bubblegum to go to Ice King's for dinner which she was not happy about. Ice King referred to PB's visit as a "date" which she strongly denounced. However, she called Ice King "Simon" for Marceline's courtesy. After "Broke His Crown" PB finally forgave Ice King for kidnapping and hitting on her in the past. In "Don't Look" she pointed out that his behavior is better and she presumably assigned him to be the security guard for the Battle of the Bands in "The Music Hole." This all implied that Ice King had learned from his past mistakes with PB, however his amends with her do seem less significant than with Finn and Jake.

Now that he is no longer the Ice King, he has completely lost his obsession with her and it appears they are now sociable with each other. From there on, Simon acted as a paternal figure for PB, who had never really had someone be her guardian and alleviate her off the immense responsibility she put on herself. Now she could do more of what she wanted to do and focus on her relationships, since PB mostly had to grow up early, however, continuing from there she and Simon would live together in a kind-of daughter-in-law and father-in-law relationship.Simon respects princess bubblegum calling her one of the smartest persons in ooo.

Other princesses[]

Aside from Princess Bubblegum, Ice King has shown an obsession with all the other princesses. His most common is Wildberry Princess, for unknown reasons. In "Hitman," Ice King states that Lumpy Space Princess and Ghost Princess are his least favorite princesses. This is due to the fact that he cannot hold Ghost Princess with his "love mitts." He also dislikes Lumpy Space Princess as he prefers smooth princesses, as stated in "Loyalty to the King." Although later in the episode, even when she punches in her lumps, he still rejected her so it seems he finds her personality annoying.

Now that he is no longer Ice King, it can be assumed he has lost his obsession with all of them.


Party God[]

Ice King mentioned to Party God that they both met once at one of Peppermint Butler's parties, but Party God had forgotten. Having chosen a different path, the Ice King spent quite a time with the Party God's girlfriend, the Island Lady.

Ice King was led to believe that the Island Lady should break up with the Party God because he does not pay attention to her at all and continues partying. But with the Island Lady too afraid break up with him, Ice King tried to break up with him for her. However, there is a misunderstanding, and the Party God is led to believe Ice King is flirting with his girlfriend. Thus, a fight begins between them. Ice King won the battle and took his unconscious form to Island Lady, pretending to be him and she promptly dumped the latter. Pleased, he sent the still unresponsive Party God into space.


Ice King vs. Party God Adventure Time Cartoon Network

The Lich[]

While going by Ice King, Simon encountered The Lich and was afraid of his great power. Due to the magic in his crown, he was shielded from the latter's corruptive manipulative powers. He was part of the group that formed to defeat him.

Even after years of his defeat, Simon retains fear of him, as seen when he visited a world that houses an alternate version of him and immediately warned Fionna and Cake about him. This alerted Lich who commented on him "rising" again and taunting that he could destroy him but he chose not too, as Simon realized without life that Lich was depressed that he has no further purpose. Indeed, Simon conducted a ritual, that wasn't hindered by Lich until unintentionally created a portal to GOLB/Betty. Simon later Lich followed him and witnessed his destruction.


As Simon's subconscious holds Fionna-world, Scarab deems Simon as a threat to the Multiverse's natural order and prioritize his elimination to ensure that the unauthorized universe is destroyed. Simon also made Scarab's list by causing a crossover. Simon initially wanted Scarab to destroy him to put him out of his misery because of his depression, though Fionna literally slapped him out of it. After Prismo gave them a remote to escape the God Auditor, Simon decided that he needed to become Ice King again, both to stand a chance against Scarab, who he called a bully and to save Fionna's universe.

When Simon sent Fionna and Cake back to their world, Scarab snuck up behind him and attempted to kill him (by extension Fionna-world but both ended up summoned by GOLB. After Simon was rendered immobile, Scarab tried again but was halted by Betty but he fled to the alternate universe in Simon's subconscious. Once escaping his trance, Simon was contacted by Fionna and learned from her that Scarab was wreaking havoc and tried to put the crown on to stop him but was impeded. However, he later learned Fionna was safe from him.


Finn and Jake[]


Finn kicking the Ice King

In the beginning, Finn and Jake were Ice King's enemies (animated short, "Prisoners of Love," "What is Life?"), but already in "Prisoners of Love" Finn says "I don't know how to help you!." In "Ricardio the Heart Guy" they make the first alliance.

In "When Wedding Bells Thaw," Ice King almost kills Finn and Jake by mistake, but then he asks them to throw him a "man-lorette" party. Later, when Finn and Jake sabotage Ice King's wedding ceremony, through certain complications he ends up accidentally temporarily marrying Jake.

In "What Have You Done?," Finn and Jake free Ice King, which makes him think they are his friends, and then they pretend to really be them. In "The Eyes" Ice King disturbs them so much that they threat to kill him and in "Loyalty to the King" they three are opponents again. But from "Mortal Recoil" on, Ice King frequently tries to be friends with Finn and Jake in his own misguided way and has willingly made alliances with them.

In "Hitman," the Ice King makes it clear that he does not want to kill Finn or Jake—the most he would do is "punch [them] in the gut and make [them] spit up [their] lunch." This episode for the first time suggests that Ice King has a mixed view on Finn and Jake. The three are essentially friends, but since Ice King constantly kidnaps princesses and the two would have to save them, Ice King gets frustrated that Finn and Jake stopped him from his motives, and Finn and Jake would consider Ice King as a foe and believes that every motive he does is evil, since this is what they always see from him. This is one of the main reasons Ice King usually has negative feelings towards Finn and Jake. Though Ice King's actions rarely have malicious intent, Finn and Jake must often step in to stop him from kidnapping princesses.

In the episode "Still," the Ice King freezes Finn and Jake so they can have "bonding time." He forces them to spend time with him also in "Fionna and Cake," and "Beyond this Earthly Realm."

Finn and Jake often misinterpret Ice King's actions as being part of some evil plan, such as his throwing out his "evil" collection of tapes in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part I" and going to see Marceline about writing a song in "I Remember You." In "The Chamber of Frozen Blades," they sneak into his house and wind up breaking most of his stuff in their effort to find out about Ice King's plan to kidnap a princess, wherein in actuality, he had only just taken a pregnant Gunter to the hospital, though he does wind up kidnapping Doctor Princess while there.

S3e20 FinnJakeandIceKingWatchingBeemo

Ice King bonding with Finn & Jake

In "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II," the Ice King is shown to have a locket with the pictures of Finn and Jake. Near the end of the episode, the three are shown snuggled up side-by-side by a roaring fire, wearing big Christmas sweaters. In the same episode, Finn and Jake learn of Ice King's tragic backstory and begin to have a better understanding of him.

In the episode "All the Little People," Finn does not put Ice King in the "C-lister" category, that characters such as Xergiok and Donny are in. Finn also mentions that Donny is "alright," which implies that Ice King is more than "alright" to Finn. In "Princess Potluck," Ice King seems to think that Finn and Jake are his "BFs," though this is most likely the result of his skewed view of the world.

In "Earth & Water," after his kingdom was destroyed by Flame Princess in "Frost & Fire" and while his penguins rebuild, Ice King stays with Finn and Jake. In "Play Date," Finn is shown to have a great deal of empathy for Ice King, even to the point of enjoying his company. While Finn finds Ice King to be an interesting companion, Jake has no tolerance for his antics. Jake has to go as far as outright demanding Finn to get rid of Ice King. He has disdain for all of Ice King's oddities, even his attempts of affection. Finn, on the other hand, finds his efforts endearing and does not mind his presence in their house.

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Ice King with Finn & Jake in Elements

In later seasons, Finn and Jake later come to be more patient and accepting of Ice King. Ice King himself changes, transitioning away from kidnapping princesses and fighting with Finn and Jake. Jake says in "Elemental" that he's "semi-reformed." Ice King simply wanted Finn and Jake's friend and they do for the most part.

Though it is shown sparsely, Simon has shown to take on a slightly comforting role with Finn somewhat similar to with Marceline, shown in Come Along With Me when he comforts Finn about how no one gets to chose how they die. 

Decades later, Finn and Simon are on much better terms, with Finn even joking about their past rivalry. Simon seems to view Finn as a friend, even accepting going on adventure with him when depressed about living in a strange world.

Flame Princess[]

S5e30 FP vs Ice King and Gunter

Flame Princess and Ice King Fighting

During his song "Oh, Bubblegum," the Ice King showed that he knew who Flame Princess was, and calls her "okay," though it was not clear if he had any affection on her and if they had met before.

In "Frost & Fire," when he taunts (which is an unlike thing he does with princesses) Flame Princess for hugging a log, she beats him up and kicks him back into the Ice Kingdom. Since then, Ice King developed a fear on her and is willing to give anything to her to placate her. Later in the episode, Finn forged an insulting letter to make the two fight again. Enraged, they had their final battle in the Ice Kingdom, which causes the destruction of it when Flame Princess effortlessly throws the Ice King down. After that fight, Ice King started to think that she is crazy and his fear surged, even cowering in fear when it was not even hinted that she was around him when he thought that she was in "Earth & Water."

In "The Cooler," he was seen to be helping Bubblegum in freezing the Fire Kingdom's core, indicating that he might have held hatred for her for destroying his Kingdom.


Hunson frightens the Ice King in his monstrous form, causing the Ice King to soil himself "by choice" and fly away.

It is currently unknown whether he is aware that Simon Petrikov took care of Marceline after the Mushroom War. It is also unknown whether he is aware of the Ice King's past as Simon.

This may be the case as he chose to spare Ice King by frightening him away instead of sucking his soul, whereas he did not make this distinction for any others except Finn and Jake. In addition, "Everything Stays," Simon, who has almost transformed into the Ice King permanently and is thus leaving to isolate himself, assures a young Marceline that he has arranged for someone else to take care of her. In "Marcy & Hunson," this person is revealed to be Hunson where he announced to Marceline  that he was summoned by "someone with glasses"


There is no direct relationship between The Ice King and BMO, although in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part I" he recognizes BMO's alarm. In "All the Little People," tiny BMO and tiny Ice King appear to have a relationship. Though, due to the random jokes often found in the series, this may not prove anything. The Ice King knows BMO's abilities as a computer, and confuses BMO with Neptr in "Mystery Dungeon." In "President Porpoise is Missing!", they are seen playing submarines together. They became doormen together in "Always BMO Closing".

Tree Trunks[]

S5e8 snail

The crew in "Mystery Dungeon"

Ice King and Tree Trunks never interacted with each other until "Mystery Dungeon" where they work together, along with Neptr, Earl of Lemongrab, and Shelby.


Ice King and Shelby never interacted with each other until "Mystery Dungeon" where they work together, along with Neptr, Earl of Lemongrab, and Tree Trunks.

Earl of Lemongrab[]

Ice King and Lemongrab never interacted with each other until "Mystery Dungeon" where they work together, along with Neptr, Shelby, and Tree Trunks. Lemongrab attempts to eat the Ice King twice over the duration of the episode, and attempts to kill him once for "having no purpose."

People from his Past as Simon Petrikov[]


Simon consoling little Marceline

Marceline and Simon in the past

In "I Remember You," Ice King is revealed to have known Marceline in the past during the aftermath of the Mushroom War. He is also the one who gave Marceline her old toy, Hambo. Although as much as Marceline remembers Ice King as Simon, he does not seem to remember her as much as she explains to him. It is implied through Marceline's dialogue that Ice King has repeatedly sought her out at her different residences over the years, (This alludes back to "Evicted!" where it is revealed that Marceline switched back and forth with her many homes to hide from Ice King when she did not want to deal with him) but does not remember their past relationship or his life as Simon, something that angers Marceline and sometimes even drives her to tears.

"Simon & Marcy," depicts this period of their lives, where Simon worked hard to keep young Marceline safe and happy in the devastated post-Mushroom War world. In the flashback, Simon is shown to look for food for Marceline, entertain her with jokes, plays, and songs (possibly inspiring her own interest in music) and risking his life to find her some chicken soup when she is sick. However, it is also shown that Simon occasionally needed to put the ice crown on his head to access its powers to protect Marceline, and each time he did so accelerated his transformation into the Ice King, with longer hair and a longer nose, and a crazed, nonsensical personality. Marceline was aware of the crown's effect on him and made him promise not to put it on, but Simon was forced to in order to save them from some the Oozers and was only barely able to get the crown off. The two then share a hug, but he refers to her as "Gunther," indicating his transformation had continued.

S5 e14 Hugs and feels

Simon and Marceline hugging

A letter he wrote for her in the past indicates that Simon stayed away from Marceline because he was aware the crown's powers were sapping his sanity (and keeping him alive) as he turned into the Ice King, and that he was afraid of saying or doing something harmful to her based on recent events. He remains a fan of her music even as the Ice King, and irritates her by showing up at her doorstep to write a song to help him get princesses. However, despite her frustration with Ice King's behavior, Marceline maintains some affection for him, turning away Finn and Jake when they offer to wallop him for her, and eventually performing the duet "Remember You" with Ice King based on their past relationship. She also admits in her song "Nuts" that while she is deeply annoyed with Ice King, she is always glad to see him when he shows up. In addition, the Ice King seems to still hold some concern for Marceline, immediately apologizing for shoving her and then hides on top of the refrigerator, showing more guilt than he does when doing much worse things against Finn or the other people of Ooo.

In "Everything Stays" it is revealed in a flashback that Simon decided to leave Marceline knowing the crown was going to fully corrupt him. Marceline pleaded for Simon to stay, but he knew for the best that he had to leave but said he'd arrange for someone to take care of her (who in "Marcy & Hunson" is revealed to be Marceline's father Hunson Abadeer).

Since the events of "I Remember You," Marceline has visited Ice King in his castle at least once, as shown in "Bad Little Boy." She also appears to be more tolerant of Ice King in this episode, showing that she forgives him for not remembering her. In "Simon & Marcy," a more 'in-depth' relationship between them is explored. For example, Marceline invites him to play basketball. He is shown to have been like a father to her, being very protective of her, keeping his promises to her, and showing visible concern when she was ill. In the present, Marceline tells Finn and Jake that she loves him.

In "Betty", Bella Noche unleashed a spell of anti-magic in Wizard City which makes all the wizards lose their powers. Ice King's crown is deactivated and he is reverted back to Simon. Simon resumed his research and found out a way to create a time portal to say goodbye to Betty. At this time, Simon found a photo of Marceline and felt inclined to call her for help. He needed an object that has been loved and tended for centuries to make the portal and asked Marceline to sacrifice Hambo. Marceline and Simon were reunited and more than happy to see each other. Simon thanked Marceline for sacrificing Hambo. 

In "The Empress Eyes", Marceline tries to protect Ice King from The Empress, a vampire who had hypnotized Simon and turned him into her thrall sometime before he completely succumbed to the Ice Crown. Marceline also reveals that Simon was the main reason she began hunting Vampires and it is suggested that she fought The Empress in the past in order to free Simon from her control. She is forced to subdue Ice King when he attacks her and Finn under The Empress orders and forces him to freeze The Empress; however, Ice King shields The Empress preventing Marceline from finishing her off. However, despite previously following The Empress' orders and protecting her, Ice King refuses to kill Marceline when The Empress commands him to and it is revealed that Ice King is actually immune to her hypnosis due to his mental state and was simply following The Empress' orders and protecting her due to his infatuation with The Empress. Marceline eventually manages to kill The Empress with help from Princess Bubblegum.

In "The Dark Cloud" Marceline becomes stressed about the Vampire King Cloud Monster and sings "Was it Reality" and Ice King shows up singing along, acknowledging that she remembered the song he wrote. Ice King reassures her that she is making a good choice by sitting out the fight, explaining how they are both "survivors, like cockroaches or rats," and that avoiding the risk of losing or dying makes hiding worth it which ultimately makes Marceline decide to join the fight. Ice King clearly wanted to cheer Marceline up when he noticed she was upset. Although he didn't remember their full history, he still sees Marceline as a friend, and Marceline had come to terms with who Simon had become. 

S07E13 Marceline and Ice King

In "Broke His Crown", Marceline ensures Princess Bubblegum that it will be fun hanging out with Ice King and requests that PB address Ice King as Simon. In this time Ice King was beginning to act crazy due to Betty's altering of the crown in "King's Ransom." Marceline and PB took Ice King to PB's lab and used a VR set to go into the crown's labyrinth. Inside the crown, they met all of the crown's hosts, including Gunther, Sveinn, Santa, and Simon Petrikov himself. Simon was very excited to see Marceline and helped her and Bubblegum fix the crown. Simon apologized to Marceline for the events in "Betty" as he felt that in his short time of being back to normal he spent all his time making amends with Betty and left her out. However, Marceline was very understanding and not upset. Before leaving Marceline expressed a desire to go back to visit Simon but PB stated that the crown's reprogramming would prevent that. Nevertheless, Simon was happy to see Marceline again. 

In "Come Along With Me", after being turned back into Simon in GOLB's maw and Betty merged with GOLB, Simon is devastated but Marceline consoles him and is glad to have him back. In the final montage, Simon is shown making Popcorn in Marceline's house while she and Princess Bubblegum cuddle on the couch showing their relationship is completely restored and that Simon might be living with Marceline.

In the Distant Lands Episode "Obsidian", Simon is shown to continue to prioritize Marceline's safety over his own. When attacked in her home, his fear for his own life quickly turns to laughter after realizing his attackers were after and unable to find Marceline. At the end of the special, he arrives in the Glass Kingdom with reinforcements to try and help Marceline and Bubblegum against the threat.

In the spin off sequel series Adventure time :Fionna and Cake, in the episode "Simon Petrikov" Simon has a one sided phone call with Marceline(in which Marceline talks mostly) in which she is in the middle of getting tattoos with Princess Bubblegum (a task not made easy for the tattoo artist due to her healing powers and P.B.'s gummy skin). Not wishing to depress her, Simon pretends that everything's fine and they make a vague promise to hang out later before ending the call.

The Empress[]


Ice King attempting to please the Empress

The Empress and Ice King apparently used to know each other, and Empress was a sort of twisted love interest. In the Adventure Time eight-part miniseries "Stakes", they show in the episode "The Empress Eyes" that at some point after Simon left Marcy knowing he was going to become too dangerous and messed up to take care of her, he ended up being hypnotized by The Empress and became a slave to her. He was apparently completely in love with her and would do anything for her. The Empress saw him as a pawn, but at least admitted there could be something to like about him by saying he had a "kind of silver fox thing going on." But her opinion of the current Ice King is completely negative. She thinks he's basically an idiotic train-wreck and she especially hates him because at this point he is "too stupid to fall under her spell." But despite Ice King being unable to fall under her spell, he still followed her orders in the hopes of getting in a relationship with the Empress. The Empress also told Marceline while fighting how she thinks he was happier back then when he was with herself, which angered Marcy.