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Ice King's instruments include three different instruments that Ice King has played in Adventure Time.



Ice King's drums look like any ordinary drum set. The set has 2 cymbals, a hi-hat, a snare drum, a bass drum, and a floor tom-tom. The drums are light green, and "#1 BABE" is written in a peach color on the bass drum. The drum set made one major appearance, which was in the episode "Prisoners of Love." He was trying to have fun with the princesses he had captured by playing his drums and forcing the princesses to accompany him on other instruments. This plan failed. In "The Chamber of Frozen Blades," the drums are shown lying by the wall in the background, destroyed. In "I Remember You," Ice King brings his drums to Marceline's house.

In "Prisoners of Love," the drums are green, but when they are in the background in "The Chamber of Frozen Blades," they are red. In the animated short, they are black, and lack the "#1 BABE" inscription.

In "Love Games," is revealed they survived the destruction of the Ice Kingdom in "Frost & Fire."

In the episode "Friends Forever," Ice King tricks the Life Giving Magus into turning the drum set into a living being. After being angered by it and all of the other living furniture, he freezes them and dumps them out of the castle.



The keyboard looks like a basic electric keyboard. It is in mild disrepair, as some parts are held together with tape. A fake green frog is climbing on its corner. A green plastic cup is taped to the other corner. A few buttons offer different features, and it has a sheet music stand and a microphone on it. Its only appearance is in "Prisoners of Love," when Ice King forces Wildberry Princess to play it in an attempt to show the princesses that he was fun. Other princesses played instruments while the Ice King played his drums.

Outside the series, the keyboard is seen in Legends of Ooo, where Finn and Jake need to play it with sheet music to unlock the cage to Ice King's spellbook.

Ice King


Simon and Marcy playing

The Omnichord is a keyboard-like harp that was made popular in the 80's. This is also what Rebecca Sugar uses to play the background melody for "Oh, Bubblegum," "Nuts," and "Remember You."

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