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The Ice King's crown is the source of the wizard's Ice Powers. The crown is golden, topped with three points and adorned with three red rubies. The crown's jewels are from Magwood, and are the source of the object's magic. Along with this, one of the gems within the crown protects Ice King from the evil brainwashing spells of the Lich.


In "Evergreen," it's shown that the crown was created by an ice elemental named Urgence Evergreen during the Mesozioc Era in an attempt to stop the deadly Lich catalyst comet from destroying life on Earth by giving its first user their deepest wish. Evergreen slayed the lava dog, Magwood, for his ruby eyes to use as a power source for the crown. Unfortunately, Evergreen's assistant, Gunther, was forced to try to use the crown, and, because his wish was to be like his master Evergreen, it transformed him into his own, twisted perception of Evergreen; a man who is constantly firing ice magic and ordering people around. This resulted in the little dinosaur turning into a miniature version of Evergreen, shouting "Gunther, no!" Evergreen tried to tell him to use a concentration spell or a basic focusing charm to counteract the crown's effects, only to realize he never taught him anything. This permanently set the crown's powers, resulting in the same transformation in Simon Petrikov, along with the comet hitting Earth,

Years before the Mushroom War, Simon Petrikov purchased the crown in Northern Scandinavia from "an old dockworker" as a part of his studies to be an antiquarian of ancient artifacts. He showed it to his fiancée Betty and put it on in an attempt to make her laugh. While wearing it, Simon experienced visions, which he frantically fought with and shouted at. He also underwent a personality change that he apparently couldn't remember afterward. He realized the crown was doing these things to him and took it off quickly, only to find his fiancée terrified and looking at him with "such contempt." He never saw her again. After repeated exposure, Simon Petrikov's body underwent radical changes with subsequent use of the crown. The visions he gained told him that the crown would "protect" Simon "with its frost," though he didn't know what this meant at the time. Simon realized that the crown's effects were becoming permanent, but knew he was "too far gone" to do anything. After the first time he put on the crown he started a series of videos chronicling what had become of him, in hopes that one day someone would help him to free himself from the things the crown was doing to his mind. In the end, the crown turned the calm and intelligent antiquarian into the emotionally confused and madman known as the Ice King.

In "What Have You Done?," Ice King mentions that he did not steal the crown, although he did make it with stolen magic. It is proved that this is untrue, as stated in "Holly Jolly Secrets." Adam Muto commented Ice King is an unreliable narrator and disassociated from the past of Simon Petrikov, so he presumably does not remember where he got the crown and simply made up the fact that he made it himself. Another possibility is that due to long contact with the crown has caused some of its memories to rub off on him; being totally amnesiac, he may have assumed it was one of his own memories, most likely the memory of when Evergreen stole the ruby eyes from Magwood. In the episode "The Lich," Ice King has one of the gems used to unlock the Enchiridion's true power. It is shown that this gem is the source of Ice King's ice powers in the episode "Crossover" in which Farmworld Finn attempts to use his powers against the Lich, but fails due to the main gem of the crown being in the Enchiridion.

In the episode "Finn the Human," Farmworld Finn puts on the crown, causing him to go insane and have a desire to freeze everything he can, all under the crown's sentient influence. It also causes his hair to grow rapidly, as it did to Ice King, and his hair is used to fly by flapping like wings, similar to the Ice King's beard. It is shown again in this episode that the crown is fully sentient, as it becomes grieved by Simon's death and retaliates by freezing the planet for 400 years.

In the episode "King's Ransom," Ice King was forced to give the crown away as ransom for the kidnapped Gunter, the foxes who stole the crown then gave it to an unknown employer, later revealed to be Betty Grof who saught to upload an A.I. of herself to deactivate the crown from the inside in an attempt to make her fiancé sane again. In a cave the crown floated and turned neon blue, with many polygons and lines almost resembling circuits. Betty tampering with this circuitry. In a later scene, Betty held Gunter up with a device on his head that had a wire running to the crown, apparently using Gunter to temporarily absorb the crowns energy, likely to make tampering easier. Betty then pressed Gunter on the stomach and her eyes glowed with the image of Orgalorg's face. The crown stopped glowing and Betty held up their finger and a shining orb of light flew into the crown from their finger and the crown began to glow once more. When the Ice King donned the crown again, it briefly flashed and the Ice King stated, "Feels kinda... different."

In the episode "Broke His Crown," it is revealed that Simon's quote about a labyrinth was not just allegorical. It appears that whomever wears the crown, not only gets manipulated by its power, but its personality is uploaded into it. Anyone that has ever worn the crown is stored inside the crown's close circuitry system, while they remain sane and their actual body influenced. These victims include Gunther, Sveinn, "the first Santa Claus," and Simon. Betty had uploaded an A.I. of herself to fix the crown, that would in addition "fix" Simon. She was cured of her madness after Simon reminded of the memories he had of her. Ice King's mind, however, still remains senile after the crown is stabilized.

In the episode "Skyhooks II," The Crown jumps onto Lumpy Space Princess's head along with the three elemental jewels. This suggests that the ruby jewels are the elemental jewel of ice.

In the series finale, "Come Along With Me," after Betty, King Man, and Maja summon GOLB to Ooo, GOLB attempts to consume Betty, Ice King, and Finn. Inside GOLB, Betty and Ice King are reset to their "essential forms," thus Ice King becomes Simon Petrikov and Betty loses her magic powers. In addition, the crown was reset to its essential form, thus granting its wearer their deepest, truest wish. Betty attempted to wish GOLB out of existence, but it did not work, so instead she wished for the power to protect Simon. She is then fused with GOLB, combining the two into a single being. The new Betty-GOLB left through a portal, but left the crown behind once again in its essential form. Simon remained in his essential state and the crown landed next to Gunter, who then grabbed the crown and put it on. Jake feared this, thinking he would wish to turn back into Orgalorg. The crown fused with Gunter and he transformed into a being similar to Ice King (with penguin feet among other differences), as he wish was to be like him (similarly to Gunther with Evergreen) and for a drumset like his.

Victims of the crown's influence 

Other wearers



For more details on the Ice King's powers, see Ice Magic.

The Ice King's crown is shown to possess immense magical properties, it was initially created with phantasmal circuitry to bond with its first wearer and grant their deepest desire: for Gunther's wish, he became like his master Urgence Evergreen and as such whomsoever wore the crown afterwards was bestowed powers over ice and snow; for Gunter the penguin, he/she apparently wished to be like Ice King and became Ice Thing.

In addition to ice powers, the crown also gave the wearer "wizard eyes" so that the wearer may see spirits of the Spirit Realm. This is also stated in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II" when Simon said he was starting to see strange visions. The crown also seemed to have the capability to keep the wearer alive regardless of age. This is suggested in the Adventure Time episode "Simon & Marcy," when it is revealed that Ice King is at least a 1,043 years old.

Side effects

Along with the great power that the crown grants, it also has a few noteworthy side effects after prolonged use as it transforms the user into a twisted version of Urgence Evergreen:

  • The wearer's skin turns blue; most likely a physical change of the wearer's body temperature lowering to about 30° C.
  • Their nose grows long and pointed.
  • Their hair turns white and they may grow a long, white beard as well.

The crown also seemed to alter the user's mental state. Initially, the crown has an addictive effect that creates a desire to wear the crown. However, the danger of using the crown and the subsequent powers it bestows is evident when Simon became more and more "weird" after each successive use until he becomes the Ice King.

The rate at which the crown deteriorates its wearer's sanity is proportional to how much resistance is offered to the whispers of power emanating from the crown. In "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II," it is shown that Ice King was using the crown over an extended period of time before the physical changes and control of the crown was initiated. This is likely because Simon Petrikov directly resisted the crown's influence, thus allowing him to retain his sanity for a longer period of time. However, in "Jake the Dog," Farmworld Finn instantly grows paler, and shows rapid hair growth, and immediately shows a decent amount of control over the crown's powers, and turns his voice into a raspy one. Here Farmworld Finn puts the crown on to exact revenge on the Destiny Gang and save his family, making him willingly embrace the powers granted by the crown.


The Ice King's crown on the Shelf of Penitence

..I see the visions always whether or not I wear the crown. They tell me the secrets... the secrets of the ice and snow... that the power of the crown will save me with its frost.

—Simon Petrikov

In "What Have You Done?" the crown is shown to speak and feel regret in the scene where it cries on the Shelf of Penitence. It has a feminine voice. Also, in "Finn the Human", Farmworld Marceline stated that the crown had frozen the world in its grief.

In "Simon & Marcy," Ice King refers to young Marceline as Gunter multiple times, showing another possible effect of wearing the crown: forgetting names, and instead naming people and animals a different name (which in this case is Gunter). This may also be the reason why Ice King's penguins are all (often interchangeably) named Gunter, albeit with several different variations and pronunciations.

The transformed Simon, who was partway Ice King, has been heard on multiple occasions calling Betty his 'princess'. He does so in a frantic state while searching for her, and later when recording a video lamenting that he never found her. This may also be a side-effect of the crown, as opposed to a pre-existing nickname he had for Betty, as there is no evidence of him calling her that prior to him wearing the crown.

The consistent occurrence of these two names is that he has called things in a parent-child relationship Gunter, and those he pursues romantically 'Princess'. As the crown has been indicated to feel emotion, speak and communicate in images, these could be involved in the conveyance of these titles.


  • The gender-swapped version of the Ice King's crown is a tiara, as tiaras are worn by female Ooo royalty. Ice Queen referred to it as a tiara when it was knocked off her head in battle in "Fionna and Cake."
    • In "Fionna and Cake," Fionna smacks the tiara off Cake's head, saying "You'll catch her crazy!" Since Ice King wrote this fan-fiction, one can speculate that somewhere deep down in his psyche, the Ice King may know that the crown can drive someone mad.
  • Multiple other characters, including Jake, Gunter, and Abracadaniel, have worn the crown without it having any effect on their sanity.
    • This is most likely either because they hadn't worn it long enough or because the crown already had a living host: the Ice King.
  • In the short "The Wand," Ice King's crown has five points for a brief moment after he sacrifices himself to stop the magic wand.
  • Before he reached the state he is currently in as "Ice King," every time Simon wore the crown, his hair and beard would suddenly grow longer, and his nose would grow long and pointed. However, when he removed the crown, his hair, beard, and nose would revert back to their normal lengths.
  • The crown's only known purpose seems to be to protect whomever wears it. This is implied in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II," where Simon Petrikov says that the voices he hears while wearing the crown tell him that the crown's power will save him. In "Finn the Human," after Farmworld Simon Petrikov was killed by the mushroom bomb, the crown grieved the loss of its master and retaliated by freezing the entire planet. However, this protection is clearly something of a Faustian bargain, as it comes at the cost of the wearer's sanity. Simon still exists inside of the Ice King (otherwise the crown would have failed to protect him) but is incredibly suppressed, almost to the point of non-existence.
  • In the comics, the Ice King also has another spot for another gem on the inside of his crown. It is currently unknown what the purpose of this gem is. Although, given the nature of the comics, this is most likly just for a joke and is not meant to have any significance.

The Ice King placing a mysterious heart-shaped gem into the crown

  • It seems that the crown has a sort of "symbiotic" relation with the host, feeding on its sanity and in exchange giving the control over the ice and snow while protecting the wearer; the physical changes could be a side effect.
  • In "Betty," it is shown that the crown's jewels turn gray when drained of magic.
  • The crown is similar in many ways to the One Ring of Sauron from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings as it grants the wearer magical powers, protects the wearer from aging, warps the wearer’s personality, and its use is addictive.
    • The crown is also similar to many artifacts in the works of author H.P. Lovecraft; being an ancient artifact of technology that grants massive power but also leads to its user's insanity. A gem being associated with the secret power of The Enchiridion may also link the book to the similar powerful Lovecraftian artifact of the Necronomicon.
  • It is interesting to note that when Gunter/Orgalorg puts on the crown in "Come Along With Me," it becomes assimilated with his/her/its form while transforming into Ice Thing.
    • While both Gunther and Gunter wished to be like their respective masters, for some reason Gunter's wish actually fused the crown to his physical being.
  • While Gunter (as Ice Thing) appears sane in "Come Along With Me", the future-Ooo shown in "Graybles 1000+" depicts Ice Thing as a disembodied flying head attempting to devour Cuber, suggesting that the crown's madness does eventually consume Gunter as well..
  • It is also ironic that the original wish by Gunther to be like Evergreen eventually caused Simon to be Ice King, which Gunter (named after Gunther due to the crown's influence) wanted to become and did, leading to a Gunther-Gunter full circle.
  • As all confirmed victims of the crown are male, it is unknown if women and girls can be affected by the crown influence.
    • However, dialogue from Gunther suggests that it might be possible (as well as it being possible for two people to become victims at the same time).
  • Despite driving its users insane, the crown (or rather, the gem set in its center) seems to protect the mind of its bearer from being manipulated by other magical beings, such as the Lich and the Empress.
  • The crown was probably the most ancient object Simon Petrikov had in his collection, as it dates from the Mesozioc era.