Ice King's computer is a Pear-brand computer utilized by Ice King.


The main computer has the appearance of a gray keyboard with a holographic projector attached to the far end of the keyboard. There is also a small blue trackball at the right end of the device. When on, the projector reflects a holographic monochrome image of green with vector lines making up its display. The screen shows many different file shortcuts marked Princesses, Muscles, Roms, Drawings, Misc., and Gunter's Stuff >:P.

He usually uses the computer on a table, though occasionally will place it on top of the head of a penguin when nowhere near a table to utilize it properly.

Ice King also possesses a second computer: a regular gray laptop he used to hire Blastronaut.


This computer is Ice King's main means of communication and connecting to various communication networks in Ooo. The first time it is shown was in "What is Life?" when the Ice King was playing a game called Battle Babe, using Gunter as a study table. In "Hitman," he utilized it to hire Scorcher during his attempt to attack Finn and Jake while being grounded. Finn and Jake also briefly use the computer to sneak into Ice King's personal files when sneaking through his lair in "The Chamber of Frozen Blades." There were pictures of him kissing princesses within the files, drawn by the Ice King using a program similar to Paint. In "Reign of Gunters," Ice King once again uses his computer to access the Wizard City's website and look at information on a new Demonic Wishing Eye. The computer is destroyed by Princess Bubblegum in "A Glitch is a Glitch."

The computer is also Ice King's main video game device as opposed to a BMO unit, which he uses to play games such as Battle Babe.


  • It has been destroyed at least two times the first is in "What is Life?" and the second is "A Glitch is a Glitch".
  • The computer hologram is similar to the computer used by Finn in "Crystals Have Power.
  • In "The Chamber of Frozen Blades," a receptionist at the hospital in the Rock Kingdom is shown using a very similar computer.
  • The logo for the computer is an allusion to Apple computers. Instead of the bitten apple logo, there is a pear.


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