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Ice Imp was a character introduced in "Evergreen." The imp was likely made of ice based on its name and how it melted during its encounter with the lava dog Magwood.


The imp had a plump, blue-skinned creature wore a red fez and a leopard print scarf. It was always seen sitting down and never opened its eyes. The Ice Imp also held a simple hand drum which it used when summoned.


The Ice Imp was one of Urgence Evergreen's portable sources of music, likely for his journeys. It was a proficient drummer and it was originally contained in a small bottle that was carried along with the rest of Evergreen's luggage. The imp could be summoned from the bottle by simply opening it. This was seen when Evergreen asked Gunther to find him some chime music but summoned the imp instead. The Ice Imp had a light voice and often exclaimed in a drawn-out "heeey" when disturbed.


  • On Cartoon Network Latin America, the Ice Imp's death was cut, possibly due to gruesome imagery.