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Ice Elementals are beings that embody ice and snow, one of the four elemental forces in Adventure Time, the other three being fire, candy, and slime. Patience St. Pim is the current Ice Elemental.

Those who wear the Ice King's magic crown are bestowed ice-powers similar to that of an Ice Elemental. This is due to the dinosaur Gunther's wish to be more like his master, Urgence Evergreen.


Cretaceous Period

The ice elemental named Urgence Evergreen created a magical crown that will grant his inner wish to destroy an incoming comet. Evergreen calls a meeting with his fellow elementals (the other three representing candy, fire, and slime) to discuss his need for them to activate the crown's power. The three other magical beings refuse as they see a flaw in Evergreen's plan if his true wish is not the destruction of the comet. This forces Evergreen to freeze his fellow elementals before seeking out three magical rubies which happen to be the eyes of a fearsome magma beast in order to power the crown. Evergreen is joined in his quest by his hopeful apprentice Gunther, a mutated therapod dinosaur who is more like a slave than an assistant.

During the fight between the magma beast, Evergreen is nearly killed, but Gunther manages to distract the creature, allowing Evergreen to defeat it and secure the rubies. Despite this victory, he berates Gunther for not staying outside as instructed. In Evergreen's lab, the crown is completed with Evergreen adding a bonding spell so that the mind of the first possessor would be forever imprinted on the crown. But before he could use it, the blinded magma beast bursts into the room and Evergreen ends being incapacitated from part of the structure collapsing as the comet approaches. Evergreen is left with no choice but to have Gunther use the crown in his place and have him wish for the comet's destruction. But once the crown is placed on Gunther's head, it reacts to his desire to be like Evergreen. Gunther turns into a miniature version of Evergreen, and begins shouting, "Gunther, no!" This is due to the crown reacting to how he perceived Evergreen to be: a man who is constantly firing ice magic and ordering people around. Evergreen tries in vain to tell Gunther how to block the magic of the crown, but realizes too late that he never bothered to teach his mistreated apprentice any magic. The comet impacts the world, presumably killing both Gunther and Evergreen.

Before the Mushroom War

Patience St. Pim, the most recent incarnation of the Ice Elemental, was an average woman living in an era before the Great Mushroom War. She met up with her fellow elementals, representing candy; slime and fire, where they discovered that the world was going to be destroyed. While her fellow elementals were willing to die to let their essence live on, Patience chose to freeze herself and thus survived.

The Land of Ooo

Years later, she was found by Ice King, Finn and Jake and upon learning that her fellow elementals have reincarnated as princesses, set out to capture and empower them. She was defeated in her attampt to reunite the elementals, but took up residence in Ice King's basement.

In "Jelly Beans Have Power", Patience sets in motion Princess Bubblegum's conversion into the candy elemental by sending a large crystal fortune teller to attack her kingdom, something at which she is successful.

During the events of "Elements", Patience succeeds in empowering Princess Bubblegum, Slime Princess and Flame Princess; each taking over a section of Ooo. However, she comes to regret it as the other elementals want nothing to do with her and she is noticeably more reserved and calm as opposed to her usual eccentric and erratic self. Unwilling to stick around to watch her plans crumble, Patience froze herself yet again to escape her failure.


Ice Elementals have blue-colored skin, and the power to command and create ice and snow. In "Evergreen," it was revealed that Ice Elementals require ambient moisture in the air to create their ice constructs.

Known Ice Elementals