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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "I Remember You" from season 4, which aired on October 15, 2012.

This transcript is complete.


[The episode begins in the Ice Kingdom.]
Ice King: [Off-screen] Okay, Gunter! You ready for the show to begin?!
Gunter: Wenk! [Sips drink]
Ice King: One, two, three... [He comes out, revealing he's wearing a Marceline wig.] [Singing] Gunter! [Sings the Gunter version of the Fry song] [Gunter stares lovingly at Ice King.] [Speaking] It's rhetorical, Gunter. Marceline's songs are so good! Mmm... Maybe I can get Marceline to write a song with me! [The penguin pulls off Ice King's wig.] Man, if she helped me write a song like that, I'd be crushin' it nonstop with the princesses! Ooh, yeah! [The Ice King notices that the penguin is chewing on the wig.] Heh! Gunter, you cute little dummy. You know, Gunter, my song is gonna need some dope lyrics to lure the honeys in. Hmm.
[Walks to a bookshelf and pulls out a book]
Ice King: Jay T. Doggzone always says, "Ladies are drawn to bros with tortured pasts." And I've got a way tortured past! ...I think. I don't really... re... [Unsure] Hmm. [Flies up and grabs the penguin] Quickly, Gunter! To the "The Past" room!
[Carrying the penguin, he flies down to the depths of his lair and arrives in a room full of various items.] Ah, yes. [He opens a drawer and takes out his scrapbook.]
Ice King: Lot of emotional, powerful stuff in here. [Sniffs it] Still wet with tears... I'll take some-a' these for lyrical inspiration. [Throws scrapbook on pile of junk] So where's Marceline living these days?
Penguin: Wenk.
Ice King: A cave?? [Blows a small raspberry]
[Ice King flies out of his lair, carrying the penguin, an Omnichord, and a drumset. He's being viewed through binoculars.]
Finn: [Viewing Ice King] Well, well, well. Looks like the Ice King is up to bad biscuits, brotha.
Jake: Bad biscuits make the baker broke, bro.
Finn: Ice King, you make our job too easy. You ready to roll on this fool?
Jake: Dinner roll!
[Scene transition to Marceline's cave. Marceline is strumming her ax bass. She notices Ice King coming in the cave through her window.]
Ice King: Hello? Anybody home?
Marceline: [To herself] No... [She goes outside her house.] What are you doing here? I told you not to come around me!
Ice King: [Laughs] Uh, yeah, I know, but... I was hoping you could help me write a song—one that could help me get some princess action.
Marceline: I'm not gonna help you pick up on chicks!
Ice King: [Desperate] Come on! We could be a prog rock duo! I'll even split the fans with you. I get the princesses, and you get... whatever it is you're into. Sounds good, yeah, I think it does! [Beat; Marceline is scowling.] Ee-yoop!
[He laughs as he flies into her house. Marceline waves Gunter goodbye and follows Ice King. Gunter looks down in disappointment and walks away.]
Marceline: [Landing on porch; to Ice King] Hey!!
Ice King: Eh...
Marceline: Get outta here!!
Ice King: Wait! Just let me play you what I've written so far! [He unties his equipment and it falls to the ground.] [To himself] Oh. Dang it. Tangles in the cord. Sometimes this happens when you fly with it... Tangles are hard... [He grunts as he tries to untangle it. Marceline just stares.] Oh. Aw, aw, geez, no... Oh, no. [He lays on the ground, trapped in the tangled cord.] Ice King's in trouble. [She looks at him awkwardly.] [Grunts] [To Marceline] Hey, you know what? I'll just hum it for ya. [Hums a tune] Is that good?
[The door opens.]
Finn & Jake: Ice King!
Finn: ...Wha?
Jake: Oh... You got 'im.
Finn: Nice job, Marceline.
[Jake walks up to Ice King.]
Jake: [Talking like Batman] Your constant harassment of the female gender makes me sick.
[Jake picks up Ice King. He and Finn start to walk off with him.]
Marceline: No, he can stay.
Finn & Jake: Wha?!
Ice King: Yeah, "Wha?!"
Marceline: It's alright. We're working on a song together. [She takes Ice King.]
Finn: You don't want us to... [Connects palm with fist] ...for you?
Marceline: No, it's okay. You guys can go.
[Finn and Jake begin to exit, confused.]
Finn: ...Okay... Well... I guess we'll see ya, then...
[They look around awkwardly.]
Finn & Jake: Bye... [They exit.]
Ice King: [To Marceline] You know, I kinda like bein' tied up in these cords. Kinda freak-aaaayyy!
[She immediately drops him.]
[Scene transition. Marceline plugs in and turns on the Omnichord.]
Marceline: So what kinda song're we playing?
Ice King: Ooh. I brought these [the scrapbook pages] for some inspiration. Just use these to work off of. Y'know, a template.
[She grabs a page. It's drenched in tears.]
Marceline: Oookaaaay...
[She plays the Omnichord.]
Ice King: Yeah. Yeah, that's good! Keep doin' that! [Ice King snaps to the music.] [Singing] Slime Princess, you're alright. Flame Princess, you're okay. Wildberry Princess could be better. All of the princesses are pretty alright, but... Oh, Bubblegum! You look like a lot of fun! I'm right outside, and that is how I know! Hey, princess, did you get my text with a picture of my awesome gun show? I'm also workin' on my pecs! If you like, I'll send a picture of that, too! Oh, Bubblegum! [Marceline looks uncomfortable.] I really need someone. [She sadly looks down.] Or anyone! [Saddening] ...Pretty much anyone. I'm so alone! [Activating ice magic] Won't somebody tell me what's wrong with me?! [Shooting frozen lightning bolts] Anybody! [Tearing up] Anybody! [Marceline turns at the sound of his distress.] [Speaking] Anybody!!! [Practically sobbing] Grod in the sky, please tell me why!!!
Marceline: Stop acting like this!!
Ice King: No, it's just startin' to get good!! [Shooting ice beams everywhere, singing] Anybody!! [Speaking] Princesses, I command you, love me!! Love me!! Love me!! [Crying] Love me!!
[She forces him to the ground.]
Marceline: [Direct] STOP ACTING CRAZY.
Ice King: I JUST WANNA BE LOVED!! [Pushes her off forcefully] Uh-oh. I'm sorry I pushed you. [He goes to the kitchen and plants his head against the refrigerator in sadness.] Uh... oh... I'll just stay out of your way. [Climbs on refrigerator] Again, I'm sorry I pushed you.
[Marceline walks to the refrigerator and sighs. She then opens it and takes out an apple. Ice King's beard lightly rubs her head.]
Marceline: Huh?
Ice King: Whatcha got? An apple?
Marceline: [Frustrated] Ugh! [She drops the apple and just drops down, sitting in front of the fridge. She rolls the apple away; the apple reaches the Omnichord and turns it on.] [Singing] You're so annoying, you pitiful old man. I'd like to help you, but I don't know if I can. I thought you were nuts, but you're really really really nuts. [Beat] Every time I move, eventually, you find me, and start hanging around. Just another lame excuse to see me. Man. It's getting me down. You know, I'm actually glad... to see you! [Speaking] Maybe I'm the one who's... [Sighing] nuts.
[The Omnichord switches off.]
Ice King: Hold on! [Drops from fridge] Do you... like me?!
Marceline: ...Of course I do, you old jerk!
Ice King: Really? ...Wow. [Wipes dirt off sleeve] How about... [Spreading arms out] one of these? [Marceline's scowl fades. She consents and hugs him, visibly bittersweet about it.] Ah! [They pull back and look at each other in the eyes. He puckers his lips.] Mwah, mwah, mwah...
Marceline: [Disgusted] AAAAAGH!!! Not like that!! You don't remember anything, do you... SIMON?
Ice King: What-mon?
Marceline: Why do you even come see me when you don't remember me?! You don't even know who you are!
Ice King: Yes, I do! I am a lyricist! [Pulling pages out] It's all here! On the page! The page in song, baby! On this receipt! On this takeout menu! On these newspapers! [Laughs]
[Marceline stares, devastated. A photo lands in her hands.]
Marceline: Huh? Look! This clipping! This was you, Simon! Before the War!
[The picture portrays a human Ice King walking out of a car ready to deliver the Enchiridion to a museum.]
Ice King: Huh? [He can't make heads or tails of it.] Heh?
[Marceline hurries to look for something else. She finds a picture of herself as a child and gasps.]
Marceline: This! You took this picture! Grr, you've scribbled all over it... Huh? [She reads the back of the photo, visibly in great shock.]
Ice King: Ooh, ooh, are they good lyrics? [Grabbing Omnichord] I'll get the keyboard!
Marceline: What? [In desperation] Wait, listen!
Ice King: [Sets Omnichord up] Yeah, let's go! What's it say? Sing out, sister!
[Marceline reads the message again, then stares at Ice King, not sure what to do.]
Marceline: [Singing and reading note] "Marceline, is it just you and me in the wreckage of the world? That must be so confusing for a little girl. And I know you're going to need me here with you... but I'm losing myself, and I'm afraid you're going to lose me, too..."
Ice King: Ooh, yeah! Keep it going! [Goes to drumset]
Marceline: [Looking for another photo] Oh! Um... [Singing and reading note] "This magic keeps me alive, but it's making me [Pulling hair back, stressed out] crazy, and I need to save you, but who's going to save me? Please forgive me for whatever I do [Marceline shrinks in devastation] ...when I don't remember you."
Ice King: [Happy] Wow! I wrote that?! Hot stuff!
Marceline: What?! You don't remember what it means?! [She grabs another photo and shows it to him. She tears up as her voice breaks.] Look!
Ice King: [Reads note while singing] "Marceline, I can feel myself slipping away. I can't remember what it made me say... but I remember that I saw you frown. I swear, it wasn't me. It was the crown. [He frowns and looks confused, but then ignores it.] This magic keeps me—"
Ice King & Marceline: [Singing together] "—alive, but it's making me crazy, [Marceline begins shedding tears.] and I want to save you, but who's going to save me?! Please forgive me for..."
[Finn and Jake are still in the cave. Finn is looking in the house with his binoculars.]
Jake: What is goin' on in there?!
Finn: [Takes binoculars off] ...I have no idea.
Ice King & Marceline: [Singing together] "...Please forgive me for whatever I do... when I don't remember you."
[As the music continues [and Ice King and Marceline sing, "Da da... da da... da da..."], the scene flashes back to just after the apocalypse. It looks dismal and there are ruined buildings everywhere. A child Marceline cries. Simon Petrikov returns to her and wipes her tears in recompense for leaving her alone. He walks to a ruined store and grabs a teddy bear. He goes back and gives the toy to Marceline to make further amends, and she smiles sweetly. The episode ends.]