"I Just Can't Get Over You" is a song Finn sings in "Love Games," expressing his lingering emotions and inability to get over his breakup with Flame Princess. It wins him and Slime Princess the "Crooning" part of the Trials of Glarb.


When I'm heating up my lunch, 
Or delivering a dungeon punch, 
I can't
Get over you.
Your kiss is burned into my brain.
Simon's hair is clogging up my drain.
I just can't
Get over you.
See your face all over Ooo.
Sticks to me like a coat of glue.
I can't
Get over you.


  • Finn refers to the Ice King as Simon in this song.
  • In this song, Finn references the fact that the Ice King is part of the reason why Flame Princess broke up with him.
  • An instrumental version is heard in "Ring of Fire"


These four chords are repeated with each verse: D F G D

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