Huntress Wizard's house is Huntress Wizard's home. The house itself is a living tree upon which listens to Huntress Wizard's commands. It is located at the edge off a cliff and connected between a thin river and waterfall.


  • In "Flute Spell," it is revealed that Huntress Wizard owns a broken console which was a gift.
  • Inside the tree, one could see all the dead animals being stored inside, referencing Huntress Wizard's status as a huntress.
  • The house's interior lighting appears to come from bioluminescent mushrooms growing on the walls.
  • Some fans have noted that the location of Huntress Wizard's home is literally "a cliff under a tree" where one can "gaze upon the waters," as in the lyrics of the series ending theme Island Song; it is unknown whether this was intentional on the part of the writers and storyboard artists, or merely a coincidence. Further evidence for this possibly being intentional, however, is that Huntress Wizard's typical behavior involves her wandering through the forest and doing as she pleases, again mirroring the lyrics of the ending theme.

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