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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

Hunter is a character introduced in the first episode of the Fionna and Cake spinoff, "Fionna Campbell". In the episode, Fionna mistakes him for a corpse, as he is first seen lying underneath a bush, with only his legs sticking out. He is the male counterpart of Huntress Wizard, living in Fionna-world, being turned into a human (off-screen) during the events of "Come Along With Me". He is a kind and calm soul who is often seen tending to gardens and the plants within them, and he probably has an extensive knowledge of all the different kinds of flora.

In "Casper & Nova" he appears as Hunter Wizard during Fionna's nightmare about how her world turning back to magical might go wrong.


Hunter first appears as a muscular, stocky young adult (unlike his female counterpart, who is much slimmer than he is) in a light blue button-down shirt, blue denim shorts, brown boots and crew-length white socks. He has tan skin and long, red hair, tied up in a ponytail. His eyes are green with vertical, cat-like pupils; a reference to his female counterpart, Huntress Wizard. Also like Huntress, he wears a single glove on his right hand. He has thick eyebrows, similar to Prince Gumball.

He is one of the few characters who doesn't appear to be disfigured in Fionna's nightmare. Instead, he looks as he likely would have before the magic disappeared from Fionna-world. His outfit is nearly identical to that of his female counterpart; yellow leggings, a dark blue tunic with matching thigh-high boots, a dark green cape, a black mask over his eyes, antlers made of tree branches, hair made of leaves, and a yellow stocking cap. The only apparent differences are his longer cape and his "hair," which he wears in a ponytail.


Hunter is very charming and friendly, showing Fionna his hidden paradise full of plants. Like his female counterpart, he cares deeply about nature; he considers all plants to be herbs and sweet outcasts, and professes a love from animals. He is very chivalrous to Fionna; he shows her his garden, offers his help in locating portals, and later jumps in to defend her from Scarab. He is calm and coordinated in dangerous or stressful situations, another trait he shares with Huntress Wizard.


  • He is one of the few genderbent characters who was not introduced prior to the Fionna and Cake series.
    • As such, he is also one of the few major genderbent characters who has never been drawn by Natasha Allegri.
  • In the episode, "Cheers", he says "que linda", which is Spanish for "how cute" before receiving one of the dandelion seeds, which means that Hunter might be latino. It's worth noting that his voice actor, Vico Ortiz, is Puerto Rican.
  • It is not entirely clear if Hunter and Fionna have feelings for each other (as do Finn and the Huntress Wizard) or if they are just friends.
    • They are shown working together in the park at the end of season one. It is unknown if this is just a hobby for Fionna, or if she got a job as a groundskeeper.

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