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Humantown is a city located somewhere near the Candy Kingdom and Lemongrab's Earldom in the Land of Ooo. The city is led by Leader Malloy and a Minerva-bot; it is only seen in the comic Adventure Time Season 11.


The town is covered by a hemispherical force field. The inside is very similar to the Founders Island with humans volunteers residing in it.


The town's citizens are Humans and a Minerva-bot who came from Founders Island. The leader, Malloy seems nice, however it turns out he purposely had a robot attack the city to see if Finn was on the Humans side.

The citizens seems passive when it comes to interacting with any other kingdoms and only invites humans to stay. While currently having pretty advanced technology, people in Humantown plan to downgrade the way they live just like their ancestors, as well as an isolated, independent place.

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