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Hug Wolves are a sub-species of Wolf Men in the Land of Ooo. Finn and Jake encounter an Alpha Hug Wolf in the episode "Hug Wolf." According to Bestiarium Vocabulum, Hug Wolves must hug people every night to satisfy their insatiable craving for hugs.


Hug Wolves look much like werewolves in that they are large bipedal wolves. The distinguishing characteristic of the wolves is their heart-shaped hands and feet, both of which are completely covered in fur.


Hug Wolves are physically strong and are capable of moving quickly and jumping high. Their hugs vary in strength; when Finn is transformed the alpha Hug Wolf hugs him "gently," but Finn as a beta hug wolf makes Cinnamon Bun's love handles sore by squeezing him so hard.

Hug Wolves are capable of speech while transformed, most of which involves the word "hug." Their voices resemble growls and usually intimidate those around them despite only wanting to give a hug.

The wolves have the unique ability to turn others into their own kind. For this to occur, an alpha Hug Wolf must hug someone under a full moon. Individuals that are transformed are known as beta Hug Wolves. However, if two Hug Wolves embrace each other for a extended amount of time, both will revert back into their original forms.


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