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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Hug Wolf" from season 4, which aired on May 14, 2012.

Hug Wolf
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[The episode begins showing a black tree. It turns to show its face.]
Finn: The Tree of Blight.
[The tree roars in the center of a dark forest; the camera pans out to show Finn and Jake.]
Finn: Every hundred years, it spews evil spores across the land.
Jake: Then let's burn its butt down to the root rubbin's. [The duo walks forward.] Finn, I can feel a bunch of eyeballs peepin' us from the woods.
[The Alpha Hug Wolf suddenly lunges out and Finn and Jake gasp. She lands next to the duo and punches Finn rather softly.]
Alpha Hug Wolf: Huuugs!
Finn: What the—?! Is this an extra butt?! [Pushes her away.] Quick, Jake! Burn the tree!
[Jake runs off.]
Alpha Hug Wolf: Huuuugs! [Finn grunts and they begin circling each other] Gonna hug you up, boy! I'm gonna snuggle you to pieces!
Jake: Dude! The tree's about to 'splode its evil juice all over!
Finn: No! [Gasps as the ‎Alpha Hug Wolf makes a roaring charge at him. The ‎Alpha Hug Wolf embraces Finn and howls.] Jake, hurry!
Jake: Is he crushin' you, man?!
Finn: [Lowering his voice slightly] No, he's just... hugging me gently!
Jake: Oh...! [Turns and talks to tree] When you see the wicker devil in tree afterlife, tell 'im Jake says, "Hello."
[Jake sets the tree on fire which makes it explode; a piece of the tree lands on the ‎Alpha Hug Wolf and she runs off screaming. Finn is violently coughing.]
Jake: Hey, buddy, you okay?
Finn: Didn't even tell me its name...
Jake: Wha..,?
Finn: [Noticing the tree is burned down] Oh, sweet! Ha-ha-ha!
Finn and Jake: [In unison] Hot to the touch!
[Scene cuts to Finn and Jake's Tree Fort. Jake is whistling and playing Portender Defender on BMO. He notices Finn is hugging BMO and stops playing.]
Jake: Hmmmm... Dude, why're you so huggy?
Finn: I just feel affectionate, I guess. Hugging helps.
Jake: Hmm... [Feels Finn's forehead] You've got a fever, man.
Finn: I feel hot. [Holds BMO tighter]
BMO: Finn, you're hurting me.
Jake: I think you need a good night's sleep.
[Scene transition to Finn and Jake's bedroom. Finn is seen hugging a pillow and Jake blows out a candle. Finn whines like a dog in his sleep. Cut to the next day; Finn and Jake are picking up litter in the Candy Kingdom.]
Jake: You feelin' better today?
Finn: Yeah. I feel like a million clams.
Jake: Good. Hey, you think we have enough candy litter? [Eats some of it] Litter for lunch! Mmm!
[Finn continues picking it up and Cinnamon Bun enters and runs into Finn.]
Cinnamon Bun: Huh? Not again!
Finn: What's the matter, Cinnamon Bun?
Cinnamon Bun: Please, Finn. If you're gonna hug me again, don't make it as hard as you hugged me last night.
Finn: Uh... I didn't hug you last night.
Cinnamon Bun: Yes, you did! My love handles still hurt! You came into my room around midnight and gave me a squeeze—a really strong one! [Groans in pain]
[Jake joins in.]
Finn: CB says I hugged 'im. Haha. Cinnamon Bun, you got some crazy notions. I tell ya. [Laughs; Cinnamon Bun also starts to laugh. Jake just makes a worried face. Cinnamon Bun exits as his laugh fades. Finn and Jake sit down.] Oh, Cinnamon Bun. [Eats some candy litter] [Muffled] What a crazy story, buddy.
Jake: Yeah, buddy, but you were pretty huggy last night... buddy.
Finn: Wait. You don't think I actually snuck into Cinnamon Bun's room and hugged him, do you?
Jake: I'm just sayin' you were really clingy.
Finn: [Eats more litter] [Muffled] But no. Why would I? And don't tell me it's because I have repressed emotional feelings for Cinnamon Bun.
Jake: No. I have a theory, ...but I don't like it.
[Scene cuts to a library.]
Jake: Your questionable behavior started about an hour or so after you got hugged by that wolf man, right?
Finn: ...So...?
[Jake pulls out a book and drops it on the ground. Jake opens it.]
Jake: Well, I've been thinkin' that maybe that wolf man wasn't what he seemed. Maybe he was some sort of hug wolf. Yeah, here it is. [Reading book] "Hug wolves—a subset of wolf men which roam the countryside with a fervid hug lust. Every night, hug wolves must go out and hug people to satisfy their insatiable craving for hugs. To become a hug wolf, one must be hugged by an alpha hug wolf on the night of a full moon."!
Finn: Like last night!
Jake: Yes. So you must be a beta hug wolf. A lower-level creature.
Finn: Well, how can I get uncursed?
Jake: Lemme, um... read the book a little more. Says there's no known cure.
Finn: Uh... I'm scared, Jake... [Attempts to hug Jake but he slaps him away]
Jake: No hugs!!
Finn: I'm sorry! [Grunts] I feel hot! Rrrrr!!
[Jake looks worried. Cut back to the Tree Fort where Jake is covering Finn with bags of frozen peas. BMO is whimpering.]
Jake: What's wrong, BMO?
BMO: I am terrified of Finn.
Jake: Hmm. Well, that plant's not gonna protect you. [BMO stops shielding himself in disbelief] You can get this under control, buddy. ARE YOU READY TO OVERCOME THIS THING??
Finn: I think so.
Finn: Yeah. I heard you. I said I think so.
Jake: I'm tryin'a' getcha to shout.
Finn: Oh. Okay. IS THIS GOOD?!?
Jake: Never mind. Now. I want you to think about hugging a cactus. How would that feel?
Finn: Prickly and painful.
Jake: Good, good, you're doin' great!
Finn: Cool. So, can I hug the cactus now?
Jake: No, you can't hug anything.
Finn: But that poor cactus! It... it... NEEDS ME! [Stands up and knocks bags of peas off body, knocking Jake down. He pants heavily then growls.]
Jake: Oh, no, the hug lust is already takin' over your brain!
Finn: [Growling fiercely] I want to hug you, Jake! Close!
[Jake ties Finn up with rope then chains him down.]
Jake: Finn... say something to reassure me.
[Jake makes a frightened noise and backs away quickly.]
BMO: Jake! We need the silver baseball!
[The full moon outside is shown and shines from behind the clouds. Finn completes his transformation.]
Finn: Hrrugs!! HUGS FOR BUDDIES! [Howls]
BMO: Oh, Glob! Oh, my Glob, Jake! Mama!
Finn: Bring it in, guys!
BMO: Screamoooo!
Jake: BMO! Strobe light mode! [BMO activates his strobe lights.]
Finn: Not cool!
Jake: Back, beast!
Finn: Hug wolf, away!
[Finn busts out of a window howling and runs to the Candy Kingdom. The scene cuts there.]
Mr. Cupcake: Surely this frosted drink will soothe my fevered tempers. [Finn pants heavily and his POV is viewed as he watches Mr. Cupcake and goes towards him.] Hellooo? Good heavens! A lycanthrope! AAAAH!!
Finn: [Hugs him] Hug you up, bro! [Grunts and roars as Mr. Cupcake groans]
[Finn jumps to the Gumdrop teenager's balcony and enters her room and creeps towards her in bed]
Gumdrop teenager: Dracula? AAAAH!! Eeee!!
Finn: [Roaring] HUUUUGS!!
[The Gumdrop Dad bursts in holding a Candy cane shotgun.]
Gumdrop dad: Get away from my daughter, ya hairy teenager! [Mimicking the sound a shotgun makes when one cocks it] Ch-ch... [Mimics a gunshot noise and shoots the teenager's mirror.]
Gumdrop teenager: Aaah!!
Gumdrop dad: Ch-ch. [Fake gunshot noise; repeats a couple of times as Finn runs away] Ch-ch. [Goes towards window] Eh... eh... SHE'LL NEVER MARRY! [Chases Finn away with more gunfire]
[Transition to the next day; Jake is walking with BMO in the Candy Kingdom.]
Jake: Finn? Finn?
BMO: There he is!
[Finn is in a river. Jake shakes him awake.]
Finn: Huh? Huh? [Princess Bubblegum chases a cat in the background] What... What happened? Jake... what happened to me last night?
Jake: You hugged... everyone.
Finn: NO!
[Candy People appear and shout angrily]
Upside-Down Ice Cream Cone: We're mad, but we're not gonna go down there.
Finn: People of the Candy Kingdom, all I've ever wanted was to keep you all safe, ...and because I can't undo the hugs I've caused, my sole wish is to be locked up forever in the Candy Dungeon.
[Scene cuts to the Candy Dungeon.]
Candy Baby: Why's Finn in the cage, Mama? Isn't hugs nice?
Candy Mother: Oh, baby... [Hugs him in concern]
Jake: Candy People, let's make sure that Alpha Hug Wolf pays for what he's done!!
Candy Person #29: Yeah!
Candy Person #33: Yeah, I agree with the last guy!
Jake: Cinnamon Bun, you watch over Finn!
Cinnamon Bun: Uuuuuhhhh...
Jake: Let's go, boys!!
Cinnamon Bun: Uh... bu-, bububut...
Crowd: No more hugs! No more hugs! No more hugs!
Random Candy Person: Without consent!!
Cinnamon Bun: Uh...
Finn: Huh? [Watches full moon appear from behind clouds and gasps] HUUUGS!! [Growls]
Cinnamon Bun: Finn? [Finn keeps growling as he transforms.] Uh...
Finn [Fully transformed]: Cinnamon Bun... let me out...
Cinnamon Bun: I-I-I-I'm not supposed to.
Finn: Don't you want a hug?
Cinnamon Bun: I can't, man!
Finn: Not even a little one?
Cinnamon Bun: Uuuuhhh...
Finn: You want a hug?
Cinnamon Bun: [Mutters] YES!! HUG ME!!!! [To himself] C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon... [Unlocking door] Which way does this turn?!? [Finn lunges out with a roar and tackles Cinnamon Bun.] Owww! Ow, my sides.
[Scene cuts to the forest from the beginning of the episode.]
Candy crowd: SAY NO TO HUGS!
Jake: I smell someone bein' hugged right now! [Spots ‎Alpha Hug Wolf hugging an antelope.]
Antelope: Uh... I have a wife.
Jake: That hug be your last, demon!
[Jake stretches his arms and repeatedly punches the ‎Alpha Hug Wolf]
Alpha Hug Wolf: Rrr...still love you! [Attempts to embrace Jake's arms but misses] Raaah! Come here, baby!
Jake: No huggies! [‎Alpha Hug Wolf lands in front of Jake and the crowd. The crowd mutters, frightened.] Eh... Finn... I've failed you.
[Suddenly, Finn lunges out in the same way the Alpha Hug Wolf did at the beginning of the episode and tackles her. They commence their "hug battle."]
Alpha Hug Wolf: I'm gonna hug you up.
Finn: You call that a hug?
[They continue their battle.]
Jake: This is the biggest hug that's ever existed!
[Finn and the wolf begin sparking as they battle. The ‎Alpha Hug Wolf forces Finn near a cliff, but Finn gets a hold of her before she can push him off. They both start glowing; they howl as soon an explosion occurs and forms a heart-shaped cloud that blows several mountain goats away. The smoke clears.]
Finn [Back to normal]: Uuuugghhh... Huh? [Finn notices that the ‎Beautiful Lady is also back to normal; she lets out tired groans] You... You stopped hugging me.
Beautiful Lady: Yeah... You stopped, too.
Finn: I just... didn't feel like I needed any more hugs.
Beautiful Lady: Me neither.
Candy Person #29: The curse is broken!
Jake: [Runs up to her] Can I get a hug?
Finn: [disgusted] JAKE!!!!!
[Suddenly, the girl turns into another screeching Tree of Blight]
Jake: AAAH—!
[The episode ends]