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Hub Island is a location seen in the episodes "Hide and Seek" and "Min and Marty". It is where Minerva Campbell and Martin Mertens fell in love, and where Finn was born. Any hiders were prevented from leaving the island by either the seekers or The Guardian.


The humans on Hub Island are assigned a function from early childhood and train for most of their lives. Some of these careers include helpers (doctors and nurses), seekers (people who would prevent people from leaving the island), and experimenters (people who make gadgets and toys). Most humans chose to follow the Founders' plan, which meant staying on the islands away from the danger of the outside world. Those who didn't were known as "hiders."

It was revealed in "Hide and Seek" that Kara Strong was a seeker raised on Hub Island. Her best friend was Frieda, an experimenter who turned out to be a hider. Kara tried to help her escape, but Dr. Gross used Kara's implant to control her mind and force her to capture Frieda.

It was revealed in "Min and Marty" that 12 years before the start of the series, Finn was born on Hub Island to his father Martin Mertens and his mother Minerva Campbell. Martin was a con-artist while Minerva was a helper, but the unlikely couple fell in love after Minerva helped Martin escape re-education when he was mistaken for a hider.

One night when Minerva was at work and Martin was left alone with baby Finn, an old foe of Martin, Widow, broke into their home and forced Martin and Finn to escape onto a raft in the ocean. Martin only intended to circle around the island and return, but the Guardian mistakenly believed that they were trying to escape, and attacked their raft. Finn and his father were separated but did make it alive past the Guardian, possibly becoming the first to do so. After this, Dr. Gross dispatched Kara, her most powerful seeker, on a transport ship to go to Ooo and find them both, but she wouldn't return until the events of the "Islands" mini-series.

As seen in "Helpers," at some point after Martin and Finn disappeared, Dr. Gross accidentally released a deadly virus on Hub Island by a Rat-reptile. 62% of the population died from it, including nearly 100% of the helpers who were regularly exposed to the disease. Minerva (who was possibly the last helper) gave up on resisting the disease in her body and uploaded her consciousness to the web, becoming an A.I. With this, she had the power to be hundred of helpers in robotic bodies. Through quarantine and treatment, she saved the remaining humans on the island. The survivors were quarantined on Founders' Island, leaving Hub Island abandoned. Dr. Gross fled the islands in her mobile laboratory and would not be seen again until the events of "Preboot."


The island was originally a barren red mountain, but after colonization, many buildings and tubes were made, establishing a full colony. It is surrounded by a beach that is mostly used by hiders trying to escape. There is a hospital, schoolhouse, park, restaurant, and many other buildings that aren't officially seen.


  • The only person to successfully escape the island was Martin.
    • However, Susan was authorized to leave to find Finn.
    • After the events of the Islands miniseries, everybody is allowed to leave the island.
      • In the Season 11 comic, the majority of humans come back to Ooo.
  • There is a MO Co. blimp shown during the Founder's Song, which may explain why BMO is so compatible with the Island technology.
  • There is a statue of Two Bread Tom in the park seen in "Min and Marty".