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The House People are characters that appear in the episode "Donny." They are first seen in a cluster and not moving, which makes Finn think that they are a deserted miniature town. As Finn approaches they reveal that they are actually box-shaped people who wear tiny houses like clothing or a shell. Their natural predators are the Why-Wolves, and they are constantly harassed by Donny, a grass ogre. They are also called "Housies."

List of Known House People[]

  • Bank - He gets cracks in his shell after being bitten by a Why-Wolf. He says he'll spackle them up later, and that his assets are insured. He uses money as a towel. He is currently the only House Person to reveal his inner skin. Finn calls him "Mr. Bank."
  • Jail - He tries to stop Donny from harassing the House People and asks him to get in his tiny cell, but Donny responded by kicking him away. Jail also tries to arrest the Why-Wolves but fails again and almost gets killed trying.
  • Girl with Glasses House
  • The Old Well - He is used by Finn to trap two of the Why-Wolves. He claims he is "not old." He cannot walk due to the fact that his body goes deep underground.
  • Barn - He takes care of the chicken but he says they are "rentals."
  • Silo
  • Dog House - This house is shaped like a typical dog-house but instead of a "person" inside it, a brown furred dog lives in it.
  • Girl House
  • Clock Tower - Finn uses her to push a Why-Wolf in The Old Well.
  • Zoo - Used to live in the town but moved back east, according to the Jail house person.
  • Log Cabin Boy-
  • Bounce House Princess (Possible)
  • The Farm (Possible)
Bankhouse Girlwithglasseshouse Jail House Farmhouse (Female) Farm House (Male)
Dog House Boy House Girl House



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