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Hot Dog Princess makes her first appearance in "Trouble in Lumpy Space." She is one of five invited to a Mallow Tea Ceremony. She later appears in "Prisoners of Love," in which she is kidnapped by Ice King. She is one of two princesses that help chip the ice off Jake after he was frozen by Ice King. After that, she appears in "Business Time," where she is attacked by Battle Cube. After Finn, Jake, and the Business Men save her, she tries to kiss Finn. However, he doesn't want to get kissed by her because he says that she smells like "old hot dog water."

She also appears in "The Limit," with her Hot Dog Knights. Her kingdom is the Hot Dog Kingdom. Hot Dog Princess is one of many princesses in "Loyalty to the King" who wants to marry Nice King. When Nice King is walking in circles with Skeleton Princess and Purple Princess he stands on top of her. In "Princess Monster Wife," the bottom half of her body was stolen. In "The Lich," the gem from her crown was taken by Finn and Jake as she slept.

Like many other princesses, she appears to harbor a crush on Finn. As shown in "Princess Day" she is considered a registered princess.


She is a hot dog who possesses some canine-like aspects to her look, including a muzzle, fluffed ears, and paws that allow her to walk on all fours. She wears a tiny, golden crown, with a red gem in the front. She also can bark, as shown in "Prisoners of Love." However, she still possesses various aspects that keep to her food origin: her tail is bound and tied like a sausage link and, according to Finn, she "smells of old hot dog water." She is much larger than her Hot Dog Knights, who are regular sized hot dogs (they are also bipedal, unlike her). When standing on her hind legs, she is as tall as Finn. Her voice is also high and squeaky.


She appears to be very peppy and affectionate as she is always trying to kiss Finn whenever he saves her or does something nice for her, much to his chagrin and disgust. She also cares for her Hot Dog Knights and shows great concern for the ones who went missing due to their low intelligence.



Hot Dog Princess seems to have a crush on Finn in "Business Time," "Princess Monster Wife," and "Legends of Ooo," and is always trying to kiss him after he saves her, the hot dog knights, and in other situations Finn helps her. In "Business Time," after saving Hot Dog Princess, Finn is about to get a kiss from her, but is saved by one of the Business Men who gets kissed instead. In Legends of Ooo after saving Hot Dog Princess she offers another kiss, which is prevented by Jake saying that they have to go. She offers to kiss him again in "Princess Monster Wife," attempting to climb his shirt to get to him.

Ice King[]

Hot Dog Princess is usually getting kidnapped by the Ice King.

Lumpy Space Princess[]

Hot Dog Princess may have a friend-enemy type of relationship with Lumpy Space Princess as seen in "It Came from the Nightosphere," where Lumpy Space Princess got jealous of her.

Princess Bubblegum[]

Hot Dog Princess appears to be friends with Princess Bubblegum as seen in "Trouble in Lumpy Space" when she is seen participating in Mallow Tea Ceremony. In the episode "Ricardio the Heart Guy" she was seen at the party Princess Bubblegum was holding for Finn and Jake after saving her from the Ice King so she must have been invited. In the episode "Princess Potluck" she was one of the people invited to her potluck.

Slime Princess[]

It may be possible that Hot Dog Princess is friends with Slime Princess because in "Princess Potluck" she was seen talking to her.

Other princesses[]

Hot Dog Princess may be friends with the other princesses as they share a hatred and annoyance towards the Ice King.


Oh, help me, please!

—"Business Time"

Oh! Thank you, Finn and Jake!
Especially you, Finn.

—"Business Time"

That's a distress flare from my other Hot Dog Knights. I sent them to rescue my other other Hot Dog Knights who got trapped in the Labyrinth!
Their message says, Baby... Us... Trouble... Time.
Oh, they must be in grave danger! Hot dog knights are... slow.

—"The Limit"

Thank you so much, Finn!
I should give you a kiss!

—"Princess Monster Wife"


  • She appeared in a secret level in Righteous Quest 2. The level involves Finn and Jake having to save her in Lumpy Space. The player is awarded the Hot Dog Princess badge for retrieving her.
  • She has four cell phones, all of which she can use at the same time with her paws.
  • She is immune to poison due to being a Hotdog Person.
  • She is one of the princesses that Ice King finds to be his favorite as shown in "Princess Monster Wife."
  • Her "castle" is a fenced in area with a dog house.
  • She is based off a Dachshund/Cocker Spaniel mix, and her body is shaped like a sausage.

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