Hot Dog People are a possible sub-species of Dog. Their ruler, Hot Dog Princess, is much larger than her Hot Dog Knights who are about the size of actual hot dogs. They look exactly how they sound: they are hot dogs with canine facial features. The only notable Hot Dog People are Hot Dog Princess and Hot Dog Knights, as no others have been seen. The only territory known to be controlled by Hot Dog People is Hot Dog Kingdom, a small pen of stained grass with a doghouse. Though not especially strong, fast, intelligent or numerous, Hot Dog People are shown to be immune to poison. They are also cowardly, revealed by their initial reaction to seeing Finn and Jake in "The Limit." As Finn and Jake approach them, they start screaming and run into walls causing them to fall down. They then flop helplessly like fish out of water, and one yells "Don't eat me man!" The one arguably useful thing they do in the episode is push Jake to his stretching limits, which ultimately earns the whole group a wish each. In pushing Jake, they demonstrated that they don't care for his safety, or were simply too stupid to realize he was putting his life at risk.

A message used to communicate the danger some Hot Dog Knights were in was a flare reading B.U.T.T., which Hot Dog Princess interpreted as "baby... us... trouble... time." This indicates that though their word choice and grammar isn't good, they can at least communicate messages when their lives depend on it.

Though not necessarily a Hot Dog Person, the Hot Dog Monster is also a hot dog based character.

Notable Hot Dog People


  • In "The Jiggler," Finn draws a picture of various foods, including a hot dog with a face. This is likely a Hot Dog Person.


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