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The Hot Dog Kingdom is a small state that is located in the Land of Ooo. The kingdom is ruled by Hot Dog Princess and is guarded by her Hot Dog Knights. The Hot Dog Kingdom comprises a circular plot of discolored grassland bordered by a simple wooden fence with a small dog house attached.

It is well protected from threats due to the size and structure of its walls. However, the kingdom is still prone to aerial attacks, as seen in "Business Time" when several Battle Cubes attack Hot Dog Princess from above.

Steve Wolfhard confirmed that the Hot Dog Kingdom ends up thriving 1000 years later as shown by the second promo image for Graybles 1000+. Its plot has greatly increased in size along with the walls and the doghouse has been reconstructed into a tower.


  • Though it first appears in "Business Time," the kingdom is not called by name until "The Limit."
  • Despite being called "Hot Dog Kingdom," it is more of a micronation than an actual kingdom. It is about the size of a small backyard.
  • Steve Wolfhard stated that in the future the hot dog kingdom is a thriving kingdom.


  • Even though Hot Dog Princess is shown to live in the Hot Dog Kingdom in more recent episodes, in "Business Time," Finn sets her free by opening the gate as if the Battle Cube imprisoned her in the enclosure.