"Hot Diggity Doom" is the forty-second episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It is the one hundred ninety-eighth episode overall.[2]


On the inevitable election day, Princess Bubblegum's attention is diverted by a catalyst comet in the sky. [3]


Princess Bubblegum's distraction by the catalyst comet causes her Candy People to vote for a new "princess" to overthrow Princess Bubblegum's throne. Her "opponent" is the King of Ooo who is being helped by his secretary, Toronto and their mysterious benefactor, Mr. X. PB is very positive that her people will vote for her to remain as she is their creator and everything she does is for the good of her people in her mind. Peppermint Butler urges her to campaign but she remains sure that her citizens are smart enough to know who the true bad leader is. After the votes are tallied, it is realized that her people did not want her to continue leading. After a furious tantrum from losing the election to the King of Ooo, and realizing she created the Candy People with too little intelligence to know the difference between a good and bad leader, PB throws down her crown, runs away from the Candy Kingdom and moves to her Uncle Gumball’s cabin in the country with Peppermint Butler. Finn and Jake follow her and try to join her as they claim their loyalty to her, but she insists that they are loyal to the kingdom and tells them to watch over her people. The Candy Kingdom is redecorated after the elections and the Candy People are extremely enthusiastic over their new "princess." Princess Bubblegum retreats to a cabin which is completely run down. Peppermint Butler voices his dislike of the rundown place while PB mentions it was built by her Uncle Gumbald and she used to spend summers there when she was younger.

Starchy in the Candy Kingdom is unexpectedly getting more work from the new King. When affronted with Finn and Jake, who notices a purple glow casting over the Candy Kingdom caused by the Catalyst Comet nearing the earth, Starchy gets spooked and runs to Mrs. Gumdrop to tell her about it.

Finn and Jake enter the Candy Kingdom to search for the King of Ooo. They hear humming coming from below the palace and go there to see where the King of Ooo is. They enter a huge aircraft garage room to find the mysterious Mr. X working on Princess Bubblegum's spaceship. After ordering him to stop, Mr. X shoots a laser gun toward Finn and Jake which hits Finn. Finn gets up and leaves Jake to go after him. A punch to the face from Jake reveals that Mr. X is actually Gunter in disguise. The green Orgalorg brain has grown considerably in size out of Gunter and he steals Princess Bubblegum's ship.

Outside, The Candy Kingdom is in crisis situations as the Candy People are overcome with panic over the catalyst comet and it's pink glow. Toronto and the King of Ooo have a talk about whether the King of Ooo is a good "princess" as he is not controlling the situation very well. Toronto assures him that he will be a hero throughout history as the King of Ooo gets up and is about to blame everything on PB. Before going on, the ground starts to rumble.

At the cabin, Peppermint Butler is painting the interior while Princess Bubblegum goes outside for a while. She notices the sky is very purple. Suddenly, a huge explosion is seen coming from the Candy Kingdom in the distance.


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  • Finn and Jake return from their absence since "You Forgot Your Floaties." It is unknown how they got their bodies back, although it is very likely that they did through magic since they flew towards Wizard City.
  • This is the second time Uncle Gumbald is mentioned in an episode, the first being "Susan Strong."
  • Gunter distracted the Gumball Guardians using the Squirrel from The Duke so that he could enter the Candy Kingdom and use Princess Bubblegum's spaceship in the end of the episode/beginning of "The Comet" without being noticed as a possible threat to the kingdom.
  • This episode marks the first time Gunter appears in an episode without Ice King (not counting Orgalorg's cameo in "Gold Stars").
  • This episode is the first time Orgalorg speaks.
  • Starchy is shown attempting to loot during the comet falling by throwing a trashcan at a window (shown in many shows and media as a way to break through windows during riots). However the trashcan bounces off the window and hits him instead.

Cultural references

  • Sweet P (a baby) holds and kisses King of Ooo on the cheek. This is a reversal of what is normally seen when candidates running for office are the ones holding and giving a kiss to the baby.
  • Princess Bubblegum states "It's not even...I mean, it's barely even legal." and King of Ooo continues with "A barely and yet fully legal election." This along with King of Ooo on stage and the pins/pennants saying "KOO" (which is also an acronym for King of Ooo) , could be a play on the phrase "Coup d'état."
  • During the scene where Orgalorg is modifying Princess Bubblegum's space ship, a N.A.S.A reusable space shuttle is seen in the background.
    • It is possible that the engines added onto PB's ship were taken from the space shuttle.
      • This also gives a time line before "The Great Mushroom War" as the space shuttle was in use between 1981 and 2011.
  • The King's election is a nod to the film "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", as a peasant woman exclaimed "Well, I didn't vote for you" at King Arthur.

Episode connections

  • When convincing the Candy People to vote for him, the King of Ooo references the time he threatened to burn down Sweet P's orchard in "Gold Stars." He later apologizes for it.
  • James' mother speaks about the Jameses, who fused and were sent to guard the wastelands in "James II."
  • When Jake asks Finn if he should try to calm the candy people down, Finn mentions knocking his tower over onto the Candy Kingdom from "The Tower" and states that he squished some people.
  • The ship Orgalorg modified is the same one used by Princess Bubblegum in "The Tower."
  • Gunter's true identity, Orgalorg, and the recurring comet storyline are both a major part of this episode and the next one. This continuing storyline was important in "Evergreen," "Astral Plane," "The Visitor," "Be Sweet," and "Orgalorg."
  • Starchy is shown to still reside in the Candy Kingdom, suggesting that either the Grayble depicting Starchy in "Graybles 1000+" has not happened in this timeline yet, or Princess Bubblegum already made a clone of him.
  • Princess Bubblegum's prophetic dream from "Hoots" that Gunter interfered with was fulfilled with her losing the election.
    • In the dream, the Bird Woman, an alternate form of Gunter, causes the Candy People to turn on Bubblegum, despite them all being her creations. An evil spirit emerges from the Bird Woman, melting all of the candy people into a golden liquid that fills the Candy Kingdom, and pushes Princess Bubblegum in it. In the real events, the candy people elected King of Ooo as their new princess, despite all that PB has done for them. Orgalorg/Gunter interfered with the election by being King of Ooo's campaign manager, "Mr. X". The golden liquid that filled the kingdom in her dream matches the golden color of the King of Ooo as well.


  • This episode, along with "The Comet," is the season 6 finale.

Storyline analysis

  • As of the episode, Princess Bubblegum is no longer the ruler of the Candy Kingdom, as she loses by a landslide during the Candy Kingdom's first election and is replaced by the King of Ooo as the new monarch of the Candy Kingdom.
  • When Princess Bubblegum is complaining to her citizens about them voting for King of Ooo, she comes to the horrifying realization that she made the Candy People too stupid, enough that they are unable to recognize a bad leader.


  • When Sweet P gives the King of Ooo a kiss, a circle appears on Sweet P's cheek for one frame



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