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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Horse and Ball" from season 8, which aired on January 26, 2017.

James Baxter
Raggedy Princess
Mole People
Elder Rollio
Bears (flashback)
Horses (flashback)
Bat (flashback)
Tree Fort
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Elderolio, why are there onlysix crumb piles?

Mole children, soon, my bodywill explode from exhaustion.

Please place my bits[coughs] in trees,

where they will be reclaimedby nature.

[ Children crying ]


Yes.Cry and hug me.

James Baaxter!

James Baaaxter!

Jaaaames Baaaaxter!


[ Laughter ]

James Baxter!

Yay! He makes meso haaaapppy!

Jaaaammess Baaaxxxteeerrr!

[ Laughter ]

[ Laughs ]

Thank you,James Baxter.

Now I can explodea happy mole man.

James Bax‐‐

[ Pop! ]


[ All crying ]

James Baxter?

Uh...Oh, Jake!

Stretch into a ballso James Baxter can ride you.


What if I...

[ Grunts ]

He's doing it!

BMO: Oh, glob, no!

Finn, this ain't gonna work ‐‐not without this.

James Baxter'san artist.

He needs the proper equipmentto work.

And if we don't help him,no one will ever be happy again!

Oh, no!

We have to savethis precious unicorn.

Come on, BMO.You're going with me.

'Cause your sadnessis not gonna help James Baxter.

Uh, o‐okay.

I'll watch overJames Baxter.

Jake:Try to cheer him up, man.

Cheer him up.

James ‐‐ uh, I mean,Mr. Baxter, can you walk?

Don't worry.I'll help you.

[ All crying ]

Sorry it's so cold in here,Mr. Baxter.

Does that, uh ‐‐Does that feel better?

[ Gasps ]Your hooves are soiled!

I'll be right backwith a washcloth and herbal tea.


Oh, my glob.James Baxter is in my house.

[ Pop! ]Hey, Finn. You ‐‐You look a little nervous.

That's James Baxterout there!

He's an artist.

What if I say something dumband he's like,

"Man, that dude is so dumb.Why am I even here?"

Just treat himlike a normal guy.

That's what people want ‐‐even great artists.

Okay. Yeah.[ Kettle whistling ]

Normal. Normal.

[ Whistling stops ]

Normal, normal.

[ Deep voice ] So, uh,you got any weekend plans?

You doing anything funfor the weekend?

You're really badat this, man.

Surely we'll find a patch here,here in the big trash pile.

Uh, you meanthe Rag‐and‐Bone Kingdom.

[ Singsong voice ] Hi.

Raggedy Princess!

[ Grunting ]

Can you patchthis beach ball?

Looks like that ballrequires a rubber patch,

and rubber is the most difficultmaterial to work with.

Most adhesivesdon't adhere properly.

But in my kingdom,everything can be found

if you poke around enough.[ Chuckles ]

So [chuckles]there's a pristine,

undamaged beach ballhere somewhere.

Here.Have some poking sticks.

Bless you,Raggedy Princess.

Come on, BMO!

For James!

Mmm. Sandwich good.

Would you likeanother one, sir?


[ Gulps ]


[ Coughs ]

Oh, my glob!I am so sorry!

[ Coughs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Horns honking ]

[ Grumbles ]

Neigh, neigh.Neigh, neigh, neigh. Neigh.

[ All neighing ]

Pbbbt. Neigh?

[ Sighs ]

[ Twinkle! ]


[ Whimpering ]Huh?

[ Snorts ]

[ Sobs, squeaks questioningly ]

[ Crying ]

[ Crying ]

[ Snorts ]

[ Squeaks ]

[ Neighs happily ]


[ Neighs happily ]

[ Squeaks ]



[ Chuckles ]



[ Laughs, smooches ]

James Baxter!

[ Muttering ]James...Baaaaaxter.


Beach ball!Beach ball!


What is it?

Beach ball?

[ Both scream ]

Oh, hey, you guys.

I was just working onsome new poems.

They're a little rough,

but as long as you're herejust poking around...

[ Clears throat ]

"A transfixed worldsurrounds me

like a monarchwith her open wings

held in placewith tiny pins.

[ Crying ]A lifeless ‐‐"Uh...

Is it that bad?

No,it's just really sad.

You remind meof James Baxter

because you are likehis opposite.

And since he losthis artist tool, he cannot work.

He will never makeanyone happy again!

[ Crying ]There, there, BMO.

A fellow artistin crisis?

I've beena creative blockhead.

Jake! BMO!


[ Rumble! ]

[ Boom! ]

Both: Hooray!

We are saved!

[ Groans ]

Truly, this isa fine kingdom.

Jaaaames Baxxxxterr!

[ Crowd cheers ]

Yeah! All right!

Jaaames Baxterrr!

James Baxter!

[ Crowd cheering ]

[ Squeaks ]

[ Sobbing ]

[ Squeak‐squeak ]

Want some soooup?

I made itout of ice‐cream sandwich.

You're stillbeing weird.

Well, what am Isupposed to do?

You got to slap him,dude.

Wha?!Slap himwith some real talk.

Oh.Stab him.


With a giant syringe...


...of respect.



[ Breathes deeply ]

Yo! [ Neighing ]Jaaames Baxteeerrrr!

You're a wonderful, genuine,one‐of‐a‐kind hooooooorse!

And you make so many peoplehappy just by being yoouuu!

So let goooof what's loooost, man.

It's timefor Jaaaaaaaaames Baxter

to make James Baxterhappy!

[ Smooches ]

[ Normal voice ]James?

[ Door opens ]

Both: We did it!

All the beach ballsyou'll ever need!

All for you,James!

[ Chanting ]James! James! James!


We're too late!

[ Thud ]

The world is crud.

[ Crying ]

James Baxter:Jaaaaames Baxteeer!

James Baxter?!

Jaaaaaames Baxterrr!


Jaaaaaames Baxterrr!


Jaaames Baxterrr!

Who's hedoing that for?

I think ‐‐ I thinkhe's doing it for himself.

Jaaames Baxterrr!

Jaaaaaaaaaames Baxterrrr!