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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Hoots" from season 6, which aired on May 14, 2015.

Egg Song
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[Cosmic Owl flies through space as he arrives at his cosmic motel.]
Cosmic Owl: I'm home! [does some stuff and opens a closet full of games] Who's going to have dinner with me tonight? Sorry fellas, i gotta go make some dreams come true. Where are we headed, dream token? Aha, ah Finn again.
[Finn's dream is shown in which Martin and Sweet P hug him..]
Finn: Ahahahaha!
Dream Jake: Say Cheese!
Finn: Cheese!
Cosmic Owl: Hoo! Hoo!
Dream Jake (slowly): Ah, ungus!
Finn: Hello! Huh? Wait! Wait!
[A bird woman walks in with a ladder]
Cosmic Owl: Who's that? (pause) She's so beautiful! Buttfeathers!
Finn: Huh! The cosmic owl? Does that mean this dream is important? Is this a prophetic dream? And is this stuff all symbolic or literal?
Cosmic Owl: Huh? Sorry, but...
Finn: What does it all mean, boy?
Cosmic Owl: Dang she's gone...wait, what are you asking me? I can't tell you that? Hoo!
Jake: (in real word) I don't know, Shelby. I think it's too dark in there!
Finn: AHH!
Jake: Pull 'im up, pull 'im up!
[BMO pulls Shelby out of Finn's mouth.]
Finn: I think I just had a prophetic dream. Cosmic Owl was in it, he was acting all choco-loco.
Jake: Finn, you gotta go back to sleep!
Finn: Huh?
Jake: Cosmic owl dreams are important always! You gotta Go Back and find them again.
Finn: Yeah but last time I chased a cosmic owl dream I got dumped.
Jake: Get back in there! It's too important! You don't got time on my class ring, or bets with Shelby, or Stomach fishing! Oop!
Finn: What?
Jake: (shushes Finn)
Finn: (snoring)
Jake: Alright let's do it! (Finn arrives back in his dream)
Finn: Hey! Cosmic Owl, you still here? Whoop!
Bear in Dream: (gibberish bear noises)
Cosmic Owl: Buttfeathers! (scene changes to Prismo's time room) Love is weird, man! It really does come when you least expect it!
Prismo: Dude, you've been working on that since you got here! Take a break! You haven't even asked me about my banjo lessons. There going great! Dude?
Cosmic Owl: Sorry, I just can't stop thinking about her.
Prismo: Ah, you really are in love, huh! Alright, tell me more about her! Where'dya'meet?
Cosmic Owl: In a dream.
Prismo: What! Who's?
Cosmic Owl: Finn the human.
Prismo: What? Who's that! Oh, wait, I know that guy. Look, I don't think you're put in charge of prophetic dreams so you could meet ladies.
Cosmic Owl: "Hoo" cares. I'm in love!
Prismo: Oh, what am I even worried about. How will you ever even find her again? Do you have any idea how many people are dreaming every night?
Cosmic Owl: Yes, I do.
Prismo: Dude, it could take you a million years
Cosmic Owl: Then it would be worth it! For love! Forgot my sketchbook.
Cosmic Owl: (back at his house after doing stuff again, looking at dreams.) Looks like it's gonna be a long night. Ehh. (looking at a dream, he sees the bird woman and reacts)
Cosmic Owl: Excuse me, are these weenies?
Waiter: Shrimp puffs, m'azheer.
Cosmic Owl: Oh.
Bird Woman: *sighs*
Cosmic Owl: Hi.
Bird Woman: Oh, is that a weenie?
Cosmic Owl: It's a shrimp puff.
Bird Woman: Oh I love shrimp puffs!
Cosmic Owl: Here.
Bird Woman: This is a dream come true!
Cosmic Owl: (laughs)
Bird Woman: Do I know you?
Cosmic Owl: I'm crashing.
Bird Woman: Oh!
Cosmic Owl: I saw you in a dream and I had to see you again, even though just by me being here, events in this dream will come true.
Waiter: (panics as he trips over the ground)
Restaurant Customers: (laughs)
Cosmic Owl: Oh geez, that poor guy.
Bird Woman: Whose dream?
Cosmic Owl: Hm?
Bird Woman: Whose dream did you se me in?
Cosmic Owl: Um, Finn the Human.
Bird Woman: Hm.
Cosmic Owl: I shouldn't be here.
Bird Woman: No, you intrigue me! So powerful! Wha? What's happening?
Cosmic Owl: You're waking up.
Bird Woman: Oh no!
Cosmic Owl: Can't you go back to sleep?
Bird Woman: No, once I'm up, I'm up!
Cosmic Owl: But I wanna see you again!
Bird Woman: I'd like that.
Cosmic Owl: Okay, I'll bookmark your dream coordinates and come to you tomorrow night!
Bird Woman: What do I do with the toothpick?
Cosmic Owl: I'll take it.
Prismo: (on TV, back at Cosmic Owl's motel.) and so then she's like, "I really like you" and I said "I really like you too" and then she said "I don't wanna hold hands until I'm in love" and I'm like "that's great, I'm all about going slow" and then she's like "what? You don't wanna hold my hand?." Ha ha! Okay, what is going on with that toothpick?
Cosmic Owl: Huh?
Prismo: I can get you a new toothpick.
Cosmic Owl: No, I don't want a new one! I gotta go!
Prismo: No wait, there's one m—
Cosmic Owl: (flies into a dream with the bird woman on a floating piece of ice) Hi.
Bird Woman: Hi!
Cosmic Owl: Are there any appetizers?
Bird Woman: No, I think it's just ice in this dream. Oh I wish I could dream another place!
Cosmic Owl: I have an idea. (flies bird woman to his motel) My apartment.
Bird Woman: Oh.
Cosmic Owl: It's a bit of a mess. I'm not used to having company.
Bird Woman: No, it's got personality.
Cosmic Owl: I know right! Hey, do you like board games?
Bird Woman: Tell me about this.
Cosmic Owl: Oh, I use that for work.
Bird Woman: It's interesting.
Cosmic Owl: Hey, you wanna, spy on people's dreams?
Bird Woman: Can we?
Cosmic Owl: Sure! Hehehe.
Bird Woman: What's it like to have all this fingertips?
Cosmic Owl: I guess I just don't even think of it.
Bird Woman: But you're not powerful enough to see everyone's dreams, are you?
Cosmic Owl: I'm totally that powerful.
Bird Woman: Even royalty?
Cosmic Owl: Like Ice King or something? His dreams are so sad.
Bird Woman: Like Princess Bubblegum? Oh, surely she has some dream security system in place.
Cosmic Owl: Ha ha ha, we can go right now. Is that what this is about?
Bird Woman: Yes, let's go right now.
Cosmic Owl: Ahahaha this feels weird, it seemed like you really wanna go. It's okay to feel manipulated, right? (the two go)
Candy People: (cheering)
Princess Bubblegum: Oh thank you, thank you!
Candy People: Yay!!! Boooo!!!
Princess Bubblegum: After all I've done for you?
Cosmic Owl: Huh? Something's wrong. Does this dream seem weird to you? Hoo!
Princess Bubblegum: No. I worked so hard! Ahhhhh!
Cosmic Owl: Hey, hey you!
Bird Woman: Huh?
Cosmic Owl: no. What have you done? (flies back to motel) You interfered with a dream! Oh man, a dream I was in! Why did you do it?
Bird Woman: I just can't really explain. It felt like the right thing to do!
Cosmic Owl: You, you ruined everything! We would've been so perfect together. A— who am I kidding, it's over.
Bird Woman: It doesn't have to be over, we can run away, together!
Cosmic Owl: Your dreamin' kid, and it's time to wake up.
Bird Woman: No!
Cosmic Owl: Hoo!
Gunter: (wakes up) Wenk!
Ice King: Gunter? Aw, did baby have a bad dream? Let me get you a bottle.
Penguins: Wenk!
Gunter: Wenk!
Ice King: Huh? What's heatin' him?